17 Things Biden Needs To Change If Elected President in 2024

As the 2024 election approaches, it’s no secret that the stakes are high and the need for change is undeniable. This article delves into 17 critical areas where Biden must pivot to meet the evolving challenges of our times if he is re-elected, from revamping economic strategies to redefining healthcare policies.

Photo Credit: Gints Ivuskans/Shutterstock.

If Biden wins the election later this year, he should focus on nurturing relationships with key political figures like Joe Manchin and Mitt Romney. He should also seek support from Republican leaders opposed to Trump, such as Liz Cheney. The president can utilize these prominent figures for public endorsements and to articulate the risks of opposing views.

The president needs to acknowledge and address public concerns about inflation and the cost of living. He should shift his focus from job growth to more immediate economic challenges and utilize executive actions to directly impact issues like housing and gas prices.

Biden will need to address increasing concerns about data privacy and security. He should make it his goal to foster innovation while regulating tech giants and enhance cybersecurity measures and infrastructure, following his executive order on artificial intelligence.

Biden needs to continue with his efforts to make Medicare more affordable, especially when it comes to drug pricing. If elected, he should clarify his positions on healthcare in contrast to Republican proposals and highlight his past achievements and future plans for healthcare reform.

President Biden, if re-elected, should reassess his commitments to not drilling on federal lands and develop a clear and sustainable environmental policy that aligns with his campaign promises. He needs to balance the country’s energy needs with environmental protection initiatives.

Biden has been engaged in disputes over his management of the U.S. border, so if elected, he must make an effort to improve his management of migrant encounters at the border. He should expand the legal pathways for immigration to reduce illegal entries and address humanitarian and security concerns in immigration policies.

If the president remains in office, he must work to strengthen global alliances and diplomatic efforts. He should address all conflicts and tensions with a focus on peaceful resolutions and aim to enhance America’s role and reputation on the international stage.

As shared by Forbes, Biden has been making remarkable efforts to enact student loan forgiveness, but he needs to continue to address the student loan crisis and higher education costs. He should focus on accessibility, the quality of education, and promoting vocational training and alternative education pathways.

The president needs to promote fair labor practices and address wage gaps. He should also show support for job creation in emerging sectors and make it a goal to strengthen worker protections and benefits. As reported by the Center for American Progress Action, Biden has been “fighting for reforms to help working people exercise their rights on the job,” but it is an uphill battle.

If re-elected, Biden needs to address systemic inequalities and promote social justice across the nation. He should further enhance policies on civil rights and minority protections and place a focus on criminal justice reform and policing practices to ensure people are treated as they should be.

It’s no secret that healthcare can be incredibly expensive in the United States, so Biden needs to improve access to affordable healthcare services for everyone. He should work on expanding coverage and reducing healthcare disparities. A focus on mental health and preventive care would also earn him praise.

As stated by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, President Biden has already signed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) into law. “The BIL directs $1.2 trillion of federal funds towards transportation, energy, and climate infrastructure projects.” Despite this, he needs to continue to work on infrastructure renewal and modernization. He should focus on sustainable and smart infrastructure solutions and enhance public transportation and urban development.

Many people feel that veterans don’t have the support they deserve, so if Biden is to remain president, he needs to improve services and support for those who have served. He should also address issues in VA healthcare and benefits and enhance programs for veteran reintegration and employment.

The City of Chicago and the U.S. EPA state that “by 2100, the average U.S. temperature is projected to increase by about 3°F to 12°F.” It’s more important than ever to implement aggressive policies to combat climate change, promote renewable energy, and reduce carbon emissions. Biden needs to focus on sustainability in all areas of policy and governance.

If he remains in office following the 2024 election, Biden needs to address income inequality and economic disparities across the United States. He should promote inclusive economic growth and opportunities and place a focus on small business support and entrepreneurship.

Though he has done a good job so far, it is of utmost importance that Biden continues to strengthen the United States’s national defense and security strategies. The president needs to address emerging threats in cybersecurity and global conflicts, balancing defense needs with diplomatic solutions.

After the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic, Biden must enhance public health systems and ensure readiness for possible future pandemics. He also needs to focus on global health security and cooperation and invest in research and development for healthcare innovations.