19 Misconceptions About America that The Rest of The World Believe

America is a land of many misconceptions. From the way people dress to the way they eat, there are a lot of things that people from other countries believe about America that are simply not true. An internet survey recently asked, “Are there any myths about America that you’d like to debunk? Here are the 19 best responses:

We Do Travel, but It’s More Affordable to Go to Another State

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“Yes. I’ve been to 45 of the 48 Continental states.”

“It’s easy to go from London to Lisbon, and you’ve visited another country, and it’s still easier than going from New York to London.”

You Can’t Take a “Quick Day Trip” from New York to The Grand Canyon

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“It isn’t possible to properly visit and enjoy LA, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite all in a single day.”

“A friend of a friend from Spain was landing in Vancouver, Canada. She wanted my friend to pick her up since he was “not too far away.” He lives in Tijuana, Mexico, and she thought it was just a couple of hours away.”

We Have Programs Aplenty to Ease the Suffering: Wic, Medicaid, Snap, Free School Lunches, Tanf

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“Some programs (e.g., Medicaid) are very state dependent. Some states have great Medicaid programs, others not so much.”

“I need to point out that you must be absolutely desperately poor and meet further criteria like having kids to qualify. I am disabled and homeless, yet I don’t qualify for Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, SSDI (yet), or unemployment (yet). I haven’t waited long enough for housing assistance to be a priority. None of this was available before I got so sick I couldn’t work either – nor was healthcare to prevent me from getting so incredibly sick.”

The Accents from The Southern Us Are Actually the Closest American Accent to An English Accent

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“And having a southern accent doesn’t make you stupid, either. That’s one popular culture loves to include in any movie or TV show, and it’s just how we talk.”

Fried Foods Are a Melding of Scottish and Western African Foods

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“Scottish immigrants regularly fried meat but did not bread it. Western African cultures would bread foods but not fry them. When enslaved people were brought to America, they would fry their breaded foods in the leftover oil of the homes of the Scottish enslavers. After the Civil War, the practice spread because it was a cheap way to use all the food they had and was more filling.”

Paul Bunyan Was a Marketing Campaign that Blew up To Become Something Bigger than Originally Intended

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“The logging camp legends were collected and applied to a singular character by the marketing campaign.”

Every Major Market in The United States Has a Bakery Section and A Cheese Section with A Wide Variety of Different Styles of Bread and Cheeses

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“Food-related ones like this always annoy me. I can go to an Italian specialty market and get high-quality food. Most grocery stores have a selection of higher-end stuff usually made in-house.”

“I will hard disagree with the cheese one. American cheeses are trash in the cheese community because Americans have to use pasteurized milk to make it.”

Just Because Something Isn’t Federally Mandated Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Have It

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“We have maternity and increasingly paternity leave, even though the Feds don’t legally require it.”

“Along the same lines, we have “federal holidays,” but many people don’t necessarily get those days off work. I always see that with the “Why don’t we make election day a federal holiday?” argument.”

We Have an Ultra-Nationalistic Rally in Our Classrooms Every Morning

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“In reality, the pledge of allegiance is entirely mundane and something I didn’t consider. I don’t say it once in my entire time in middle or high school. Most kids just stood up, maybe a couple of kids in each class would mumble it, some wouldn’t stand, and it was never a big deal.”

“Yeah, it’s the type of thing where I can see the idea of it being weird, but the actual practice isn’t.”

Health Care Is Not Totally Privatized

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“There is a public sector of it, and it’s just restricted to specific people in specific conditions.”

“Essentially, the elderly and those who can’t care for themselves.”

Mass Shootings Happen Everyday

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“Shootings happen daily, but indiscriminate shootings, not so much.”

“Most of the so-called “mass shootings” are gang-related shootings. Most of these shootings happen in crime-ridden areas. Literally don’t impact 99.9% of the population. In 2018 approx, 380 people died in “mass shootings,” more have died due to car accidents/homicides and choking on their own food.”

You Can Be Rejected for An Urgent Medical Need in The Us Because You Can’t Afford It

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“Depends on what you mean by ‘urgent.’ Hospitals with ERs must stabilize you so you’re not immediately dying, whether you pay or not. So they’ll have to stitch up that gunshot wound or take care of that heart attack. But they do not have to provide care to anyone who’s not immediately at risk of dying. Which means they don’t have to do anything about your cancer or diabetes until you’re at death’s door … at which point, it’s probably too late to save you.”

“Correct, but after you are treated for that urgent medical need, you will get slapped with an insanely large bill regardless of whether you can pay it. Medical debt is a leading case of bankruptcy.”

We’re All Fat

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“Lots of people are huge, but not everyone.”

“No, not everyone. A whole third of the country is a normal weight!”

Most of Us Don’t Even Own Guns

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“I was just in “gun crazy” Texas. Didn’t see a single person carrying a gun.”

“It depends on where you live and what you mean by armed. I’ve always carried a knife, as do my girlfriends, and everyone I know does have at least one gun. Now that you can conceal carry, about 50% of the people I know carry a gun daily.”

It’s Dangerous to Visit Due to Gun Violence

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“That stuff doesn’t normally happen in tourist areas, and many of its criminals fighting each other.”

“If we eliminated gang-on-gang violence in the handful of bad neighborhoods in a few cities, the violent gun death rates would plummet.”

We only Drink Bud Light

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“Europeans just need to understand it’s not all Bud Light. Just like how Americans know not all European beer is Heineken.”

“The American beer market is the best in the world. Yes, even better than Belgium’s. In 30 years, we have gone from worst to first.”

We Understand the Metric System

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“Not only do we understand it, but it is widely used. For example, food products typically have both ounces and grams on the label. A standard ruler will usually have both inches and millimeters. It’s not feasible to avoid having metric tools, and you’ll need a 9 mm socket wrench at some point.

“I learned metric in school and was told we’d be converting at some point, and it never happened.”

Universities in The Us Are for Profit

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“Yes, they exist, but they have a bad reputation and are very rare. Like hospitals, most universities in the US are run by the government, churches, and charities.”

The Minimum Wage in The US Is Universally Low

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“In fact, a lot of the US has, or is moving towards, a $15 / hour minimum wage which, to my understanding, is higher than anywhere in Europe.”


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