19 Things People Say Are Completely Overrated

Annoyingly, are many things that exist that just don’t deserve the hype they get. A recent internet survey asked, “What’s the most overrated thing?”. Here are the top 19 answers.

News about the royal family

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“Especially the royal family and its associated ‘news’. I, and most people, don’t care about William or Harry, their kids and wives, yet it’s CONSTANTLY in the headlines. Americans are messed up with their priorities.”

“Like two mass school shootings would happen in the same day and the top headline would be ‘PRINCE HARRY CONSIDERS HAIRCUT.’”

The rise of unworthy influencers

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“I figure with most celebrities, they have actually done something that made them famous. Music, acting, or something they probably dedicated a lot of time into, and it’s paying off. But Instagram celebrities literally just post pictures of themselves, and that’s their job. Mind-boggling.”

Constant social media

The Number Of Followers We Had On Social Media
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“I don’t need a bunch of randos that I barely know from life seeing my photos.”

“Gave up social media like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, and it was the best decision ever. I found myself living more in the moment and focusing on what was right in front of me! Still makes me cringe when I see a table full of a family and they’re all on their phones scrolling.”

Going to nightclubs

Nightclubs (2)
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“I feel like a place where you need to be drunk or drugged to enjoy.”

“Being there throughout college and early 20s in a work capacity (I was a bouncer) totally killed that whole environment for me.”

Showering together

A Decent Showerhead
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“One of you isn’t under the water (me) and spend it standing there getting pelted with the water bouncing off of you.”

“Plus, the air is gonna be cold for the one not under the water, but they aren’t used to the water temperature yet, so that will be too hot.”

Endless consumerism

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“So many people live their lives obsessed with whatever advertising tells them to be obsessed about.”

“When you think about it, it’s actually pretty demeaning to be referred to as a “consumer”. Like we’re nothing better than wallets with legs.”

 ‘Perfect’ weddings

“Perfect” Weddings
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“What’s the point in stressing everyone, including yourself, out and spending a ton of money on something that should be about love and family?”

“The bigger the wedding, the higher chance of divorce. I know it’s not causation, but it’s pretty obvious when you think about it.”

The TV show ‘Friends’

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“Yes, so much. I understand people like the cast, I also get attached to people in series, the jokes were on average, just simple and not funny to me.”

“I was always more of a Fraiser kind of 90s kid.”

Basically every Apple product

Every Apple Product
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“Best description I’ve ever heard of Apple products is that it’s “fashion tech.” Like, haute couture for technology.”

“I’ve had both Android and Apple (now), and I can say the iPhone, at least, is pretty nice. However, my one thing that I always hated about Apple is the exclusivity. I had to buy all new chargers, headphones, etc… Like, I get, you want money, but every other phone company shares the mini USB.”

Celebrating New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve (2)
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“Especially in Times Square.”

“Yeah, it’s like, ‘YAY, the planet is back in the same place as 365.25 days ago!’”

The Disney film ‘Frozen’

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“I heard that the ‘let it go’ song was written independently of the plot of the film, and the script was reworked to make the song make more sense. Which I totally believe because still half of the message of the song doesn’t really make sense with what has been going on in the movie.”

“Frozen 2 is out this Friday! Prepare to suffer.”

Videoing yourself helping homeless people

Posting Videos on the Internet of You Helping Homeless People
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“Imagine being at the lowest point in your life, and someone decides to stick a camera in your face.”

“Isn’t it just enough to help people/animals and do the right thing these days? Why do people need a pat on the head and a gold star?”

Having to eat food all the time

Excessive Eating
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“Food is the worst. I have to eat multiple times, every day. I have to plan what I’m going to eat, spend time making the food, spend time and money buying the food, and spend time eating. All the time. Sure there are things you can do to minimize the inconvenience but you still have to eat, and you always will.”

“I totally agree. Food is great and all, but it is wildly inconvenient that I have to set aside time 2-3 times a day to eat stuff, it’s time-consuming (lol) and expensive.”

Adulthood in general

Dressing Kids Like Adults
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“Honestly, Pre-K school was the absolute best. You just sleep and do actually entertaining stuff.”

“There was a period of a few years between 18 and 25 when being an adult was great. Then responsibilities kicked in…”

Overpriced designer clothing

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“You can buy high quality and fashionable clothing that isn’t absurdly expensive. I don’t understand how anyone can justify spending 200+ dollars on a regular t-shirt just because it says Bape or Gucci or whatever the kids are rocking now.”

“I don’t get it either. I like to find a deal and shop at cheaper stores like Ross or Marshall’s. I’d rather pay $40 for 4 shirts than $40 for one.”

Macarons as a sweet treat

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“Way overpriced and too much work to make on one’s own for just an okay cookie. A good warm chocolate chip is easier, cheaper, and WAY better.”

“All macarons. Give me a macaroon over a macaron any day of the week.”

Going to Coachella festival

Huge Music Festivals
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“Camped at Coachella in 2016. It was not that cool. Haha.”

“I feel like going to coachella is more about saying you were at Coachella than actually being at Coachella.”

The food at Chick Fil A

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“It’s just bland to me. I also find the service overrated. I don’t want you to be my friend, know my name, and check up on me. I’d rather just push buttons and interface with a faceless robot-like at McDonald’s.”

“Agree. It does not taste good to me; the chicken tastes weird. I never eat there.”


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