Her Brother Remarried His Ex-Wife so She Could Get Health Insurance but Now She’s Getting Married and Won’t Let Them Sit Next to Each Other

A bride-to-be recently refused to sit her brother next to his ex-wife because she didn’t want people to gossip about it on her wedding day. Here’s what the 25-year-old woman had to say.

The Wedding Has A Seating Plan

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The woman said, “My wedding is in a month. I recently sent out the prospective seating chart to my bridal party, including my bridesmaids and immediate family. The bride and groom’s parties are seated at the front at long tables for both the ceremony and reception.”

Her Brother Had Complaints

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This makes things easier, given that there are a lot of moving parts at a ceremony. The remaining guests have been seated at tables that are small and circular.

The woman’s brother Noah, 28, was upset when he found out that his ex-wife, Flora (31), was not seated near him, like the other spouses of close family members.

Her Family Loved Flora

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The bride-to-be continued, “They got divorced two years ago after Noah said that Flora was an ’emotionless mannequin’ who had no time or energy for him. Our family was stunned because Flora always seemed loving, though her calmness is sometimes a little too stoic.”

“I think his friends are to blame. My mom loved Flora,” the woman added.

Flora Has A Health Condition

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Around a year ago, Flora passed out behind the wheel of her car and got into an accident where she drove into a tree in her own front yard.

It transpired that she had a disease that affected her heart and body, and it was nothing short of a miracle that she had functioned so well for as long as she had.

The Bride-to-be’s Family Ralied Round

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Though Flora seemed a tad underweight, she looked fine and nothing at all like she was close to death. However, both Noah and the woman’s mother threw themselves into helping her after her accident and diagnosis. 

Her Brother Is An Excellent Carer

Never Being The Victim
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Noah drives Flora everywhere, does all of the chores, and makes her the specialized meals she needs. He also ensures she attends her doctor’s appointments. The woman feels that her brother “really stepped up” regarding the care he provides for Flora.

The Couple Got Remarried

Medical Insurance Not Covering Dental or Vision
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Recently, Noah and Flora got remarried so she could be on his health insurance. The woman’s mother is still upset about this because she strongly wishes they would get back together. On paper, however, it is just a standard marriage.

She Made Sure To Meet Flora’s Needs

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The bride-to-be said, “I made sure that the venue was aware of Flora’s needs, so she’s seated close to an exit for fresh air, has the right dietary food, and a nurse there to help her if need be. Flora herself hasn’t asked for anything.”

Meanwhile, Noah feels that he needs to be seated next to her to properly take care of her needs.

She Wants The Focus On Her

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The woman feels that she has already taken care of these needs, and she does not want any gossip on the day of the wedding based on why they are sitting together.

When she told her brother he couldn’t sit with Flora, he threw a fit and told her that neither of them would be coming to the wedding.

Is She Being Selfish?

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The bride’s mother is begging her to reconsider her position, however, only because she wants Noah and Flora to get back together. The woman has turned to the internet to ask whether she is wrong for insisting the two sit apart to keep the focus of the wedding on her and her husband-to-be.

People Responded

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One commenter wrote, “YTA. He’s now her main caregiver. Who cares what other people think?”

Another agreed, “Okay, it’s on paper. But he’s her carer. As you say, he wants to be with her, and they are technically married.”


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