“It’s not okay for a grown man to enter our space”: A Man Let Himself Into an Apartment While the Women Were Sleeping

A woman was recently outraged when the maintenance worker of her apartment complex entered her residence without prior permission. She decided to take the matter up with the building management. Here’s what she had to say.

The woman lived with three other young women

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The group was very conscious and wary of ensuring the doors to their apartment stayed locked for their safety.

One of the women was terrified of intruders

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One of them had an intense fear of intruders, so she didn’t even let the other women keep their bedroom windows open at night, just in case somebody entered their home.

One of them had to get a flight

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One of the woman’s roommates overslept when she was supposed to get a flight to visit her parents. She didn’t answer her phone to her mother’s calls, so her mother rang the building manager.

The manager emailed the women to let them know

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Nobody saw the email until later, but around an hour after it was sent, the woman’s mother called again, asking for somebody to knock on their door to check she was okay.

The manager sent maintenance to check on them

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“He knocked on our front door while two of my roommates, and I were sleeping,” she said. “He honestly banged so hard it woke me up and then proceeded to let himself inside when we didn’t answer, only to knock on my bedroom door.”

He was inside the apartment

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“I was sleeping and partially unclothed, so I did not answer the door for him,” she explained. From there, the maintenance man knocked on her roommate’s bedroom door.

The women were scared

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Her roommate said that she yelled multiple times, asking who was at her door, but he didn’t answer her, so she eventually opened the door for him.

He helped her get to the airport on time

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In one sense, the maintenance man did help the woman’s roommate, as he ensured she was awake and could catch her flight. Regardless, the woman said there was a good chance that she would have caught it anyway. Her mother was overreacting as she still had hours to get to their airport on time.

They weren’t happy with the maintenance man

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“I think the maintenance man really overstepped by entering our unit without our permission and that if it was truly an urgent matter, the building manager should have at least tried calling us first,” she said.

They thought he violated their space

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“It is not okay for a grown man to enter our space unannounced and knock on our bedroom doors.” In the past, the woman and her friends had been civil with their maintenance man when he fixed things.

They thought he had overstepped

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She felt he may have thought the women would be okay with him consistently overstepping boundaries as they were young and friendly. In the past, the man had used several items that belonged to the women without asking and continued to use them even after being asked to stop.

She had had enough

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The man was kind, and the woman thought he meant well, but she also thought entering the apartment was a step too far.

She emailed the building manager

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The manager was receptive to what had happened and stressed that she had no idea he had let himself in and that he had since been told he was not allowed to do this. The maintenance man was not asked to do this; in the state they live in, it is illegal to do this without prior notice.

People have defended the maintenance man

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Since the event, she has told others about the incident and found several people defending the maintenance man.

She asked the internet for advice

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Worried that she might have been overreacting, she asked people on Reddit about the incident, as she didn’t want to cause a fuss when one wasn’t necessary.

People responded

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One person said, “A man entered your apartment without permission because the building manager got a call from a stranger?”

Someone else said, “You are not required to answer the door when someone is pounding on it.”


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