“If you leave you are fired”: His Company Wouldn’t Let Him Have Time Off to Care for His Family so He Quit and They Lost All Their Clients

A man recently left his job because his boss wouldn’t let him go home to take care of his kids. Not too long after, the company started having big problems. Here’s his story of how things turned out.

He worked for a security company

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He explained that the company hired “the least competent supervisors possible” for the roles. The supervisor that hired the man initially made a mistake when creating his payroll, giving him K as a middle initial, which wrongly appeared on every wage and tax statement he got from them.

His pay depended on where he worked

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The man was first stationed at a site that paid him $12 per hour. After two weeks on that post, they reassigned him somewhere else, and this new place only paid him minimum wage. “I was the only person drug tested since no one else could pass from my work site.”

He worked there for six months

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He had children who went to school, so he needed to be working in the mornings, except they made him work the graveyard shift. However, all of his workplace’s morning shifts were allocated to the newer workers instead of him.

He was stuck working for less money

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The man thought this could have been because he had agreed to work at the new site at a lower pay rate when others likely didn’t.

He got a new boss

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An incompetent coworker of his was promoted to supervisor, which frustrated him as this coworker was useless at his job.

He was reassigned

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After six months at this $10 per hour work site, he was reassigned to a site that paid even less. This was so his shift could be given to the wife of the boss’s new assistant.

The company was struggling

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Just two months later, the assistant and his wife quit their positions, leading to the man’s workplace losing their highest paying site. 

He got frustrated

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On his job, relief workers were supposed to arrive so he could have a break, but they were unreliable. They were often between one and four hours late. There were six instances that nobody on relief showed up until well after the end of the man’s shift.

He was a single parent

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His kids got home two hours after the man’s shift at work finished, and if he didn’t get home on time, his kids would be stuck at home alone. His children were six and four, so they were too young for that.

His boss didn’t care about his family

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When he told his bosses that he needed to leave to get home to his children, they replied that it was not their problem and that if the man left, he would be fired. His immediate family managed to be there on time for his children, but only just. It was then that the man started to apply for any positions he could find.

He complained about his boss

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To get back at his boss, he sent an email to corporate, outlining everything his boss did wrong. He forwarded his boss the email he had sent and then resigned. 

He got a phone call from corporate

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At seven o’clock that morning, the man was en route to his new job when the corporate division called him, asking him to reconsider. Ten minutes after he had hung up on corporate, his former boss phoned him.

His old boss pleaded with him

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The man’s ex-boss begged him to cover his shift for at least two more weeks so that he could find someone else to replace him. The man laughed and said, “How’s that my problem? if you don’t find someone fast, you’re fired!” He also threatened to sue his old boss for harassment if he ever called him again.

The company fell apart

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The client only kept his contract for a week after this because they couldn’t replace the man. Then, within five months, the company lost all contracts in the region.

Did he do the right thing?

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He told this story on Reddit to show how his small act of petty revenge led to the downfall of the security company that had treated him so poorly.

People responded

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Someone said, “So the higher pay rate was the bait. They switched it up once they found someone competent that needed the pay to support their family. Once that happened, how could you ever expect to be treated with dignity by those people?”


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