A Man Refused to Give up The Empty Plane Seat Next to Him For a Baby Because He Wanted to Lie Down

A tired airplane passenger recently shared his experience of a mother requesting him to vacate an empty seat next to him. Why? She wanted the man seated next to her to shift so that her baby could have a full seat.

The Man Went Traveling

Putting Yourself First
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The man began, “My best friend and I spent a month backpacking around Europe. By the time we were going to head home, we were exhausted. To make our flight, we took a 4 AM shuttle to the airport and could barely think/keep our eyes open.”

Their First Flight Was Uncomfortable

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The seats that they had on their first flight were nothing special; they were pushed right up against a wall at the end of the plane, and rather than reclining backward, they pushed forward a little bit as the people in front of them reclined completely back.

He Got No Sleep

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The man and his friend got no sleep, but luckily it was a short flight with a quick layover. They were praying that on their flight home, which was six-and-a-half hours, they got some decent seats so that they could sleep.

Their Row Had A Spare Seat

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“We are in a three-person row, but the aisle seat remains empty as the plane gets close to finishing boarding,” the man said.

He added, “We are so excited at this point, thinking we can stretch out and share the spare seat (we’d move and make the middle seat the spare and take turns lying down or stretch out a bit further and sleep back to back… I was so exhausted this was all I could imagine).”

A Mother Wanted The Seat

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When the seat remained empty, they were both excited about getting some sleep.

However, a woman from a few rows down then asked if she could switch seats with them after noticing the spare seat. They were confused until she explained that she would ask the person sitting next to her to fill their seat so that she could have a full seat for her baby.

They Delayed

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The two were visibly disappointed, and the man was nauseous at this stage, just wanting to sleep for a moment.

They asked her if they could switch in a couple of hours as they were shattered from their long travels, and she understood.

The Woman Couldn’t Wait

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“45 minutes later, we were served a snack. The woman couldn’t manage her baby and asked a flight attendant to hold it so that she could eat. Shortly after, she came over and said that’s it, the man is coming to fill the empty seat; we have to move back to our assigned seats and let her have an extra for her baby.”

The Baby Was Loud

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The man gave her a rude look and said nothing more. She put her baby in the seat, and that was that.

“The baby was very loud, always whining and crying, but that’s nothing you can blame a baby for. She then gave the baby a rattle toy which was constantly being shaken and really loud, on top of the whining and crying,” the man complained.

The Noise Was Continual

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The traveler added, “The mom also shook the rattle toy for the baby to try to get it to quiet down, which didn’t work, but made additional noise.”

This happened throughout most of the flight, not just once or twice. The noise was ongoing during the allocated sleeping time of the journey.

His Friend Called Him Unkind

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After disembarking, the man complained to his friend. She told him that he was being a jerk for being so irritated at the woman while she was struggling with her baby.

She told him that he should have been kinder but did not bring this up at the time due to his being irritable from lack of sleep.

Was His Annoyance Justified?

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Unsure about his actions, the man has taken to Reddit to ask the community if he was indeed in the wrong for being so grumpy throughout the flight. Fortunately for him, many people sympathized with him and felt that he had done little wrong.

People Responded

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One commenter wrote, “The mother absolutely is a jerk. Her baby, her problem.”

A second posted, “She chose not to purchase a seat for her baby. As such, she gets to deal with holding the baby and not having a separate seat for it.”


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