“Americans Hate Traitors Who Serve Only The Wealthy”: Efforts to Bar Trump from Presidential Ballot Begins

The campaign to stop former President Donald Trump from another White House bid by invoking the Constitution’s “insurrection” clause advances this week with hearings commencing in Colorado and Minnesota.

The hearing

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Starting Monday, a weeklong hearing in Colorado will determine Trump’s eligibility for the state’s ballot. Similarly, the Minnesota Supreme Court will hear oral arguments regarding the same matter on Thursday.

Right to free speech

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Trump criticized these lawsuits as a form of “election interference.” His legal team underscores that the “insurrection” clause, seldom used since the Civil War, wasn’t designed for the presidential role. Further, they argue that Trump was merely exercising his free speech rights, raising concerns about election results he believed were flawed. His team stated, “Trump’s comments did not come close to ‘incitement,’ let alone ‘engagement’ in an insurrection.”

Not the first time

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This isn’t the first time presidential candidates faced debates regarding their eligibility. In the past, candidates like Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, and John McCain had their “natural born citizen” status examined.

This case is different

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However, the Trump cases differ. “These cases… are different, using an obscure clause of the Constitution with the ‘incendiary’ bar against insurrection,” remarked Derek T. Muller, a law professor at Notre Dame.

People reacted online

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A Trump supporter online noted, “All attempts to disqualify Trump from the 2024 Presidential Election using the 14th Amendment are unconstitutional. Trump was acquitted by the Senate of incitement of insurrection and is not disqualified per the plain language of Article I Section 3 Paragraph 7 of the United States Constitution.”

He was never charged

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Another commenter supported this sentiment, stating, “Not a single person involved with Jan 6 was charged with an insurrection.  So, they want to bar him for something that he has not been charged with, let alone convicted of.”

Why not just let him run

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Another person didn’t understand why people wouldn’t let him run if they thought he couldn’t win, saying, “So if you are not afraid of Trump, and you KNOW he is going lose, why not let him run so you can laugh later?  IF he loses.”

Traitor Trump

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Discussing Trump’s chances, someone said, “The Republican Party has been given a lot of time to distance themselves from traitor Trump but refused to do it. Come the next election cycle with the weak clown show of a congress and election denier as speaker Trump puppet, they will lose the House Senate, and the White House[…]. Americans hate traitors who serve only the wealthy.

It should never have happened

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One person said the whole thing was a farce, noting, “Yes, they want to keep him in court over fake cases that he was never convicted of in a court of law. No matter what any of these cases say, they will all end up in the Supreme Court where they will be thrown out. Most of them should not have happened in the first place.”

It’s illegal

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Someone else pointed out that what the court was trying to do was not legal, stating, “Whoever is nominated as the National Republican candidate has a right to be listed on all ballots in all states.  This effort to restrict anyone who is nominated is nothing but illegal.”

It’s a farce

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Another angry Trump supporter said, “Just like the stolen election….. and this farce of a worthless administration, Biden and these trolls should have never been allowed in the White House… it’s all just a political scam.”

Banana republic

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A person commented on the methods of the democratic party, stating, “I don’t care if you dislike Trump, but we are becoming a banana republic when the opposing side is using politically motivated democrat DAs and a questionable DOJ to take out the top republican candidate, fact.”

You’re not immune

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Discussing the legal case, someone wrote, “As Bill Barr pointed out, announcing that you are a candidate does not provide immunity from the law. Amendment 14’s language is crystal clear; Trump cannot hold any elected office, not now, not ever.”

Attack on our rights

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Someone else thought it was worth warning fellow Americans: “Beware of those trying this barring. You’ll be falling for the worst attack on individual rights in this country. We have some very evil people pulling some very evil strings. It is a time when “evil will be called good, and good will be called evil.”

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