Selfie Rejection: 15 Celebrities Who Will Not Pose for Fan Photos

In today’s world where social media is a big deal, taking a selfie with your favorite celebrity is seen as a great achievement. But not all stars are willing to go along with it. Here, we’re sharing 15 celebrities who, for different reasons, have decided to go against the selfie trend and say no to posing for those highly desired fan photos.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz - Featureflash Photo Agency _
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Cameron Diaz is known for a lot of things, her accomplishments as an actress not the least of them. However she doesn’t like fans walking up to her out of nowhere looking to take a selfie.

Though she hasn’t been in the public limelight as an actress for a while, it is not recommended that anyone approach her looking to take pictures if she’s seen out in public.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry - LINGTREN.COM _
Photo Credit: LINGTREN.COM _

The Prince of England is no stranger to cameras due to his very public and high-profile life. However, it is no secret that Prince Harry doesn’t like being photographed when out and about and there was also an actual royal protocol that prohibited Prince Harry from taking selfies with fans.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson - Denis Makarenko _
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Lovers of the “Harry Potter” films must be saddened to learn that Emma Watson doesn’t like taking selfies with fans. She has been a star since childhood, and although the camera is probably no stranger to her, she does feel that photographs taken of her when she’s not working invade her privacy.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence - BAKOUNINE _
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Jennifer Lawrence is a highly funny and talented actress. However, if you’ve seen her play Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games,” you know she can also put on a pretty fierce face when she needs to.

Jennifer Lawrence does not like fans coming to her to take selfies. Though she isn’t rude, she won’t shy away from declining selfie requests.

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer - Tinseltown _
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Actress and comedian Amy Schumer may have, at one time, been comfortable with taking selfies with fans. However, after one experience where a fan refused to stop taking pictures of her even after she requested he leave her alone, she won’t take a selfie with anyone.

Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler - DFree _
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After her roles as Joy in “Inside Out” and Leslie Knope in “Parks and Recreation,” most fans of Amy Poehler would assume that she’d be a perfectly happy candidate for selfies. However, the opposite is actually the case. Amy Poehler is not only not a fan of ruining moments with photographs, she’s actually down on selfies in general.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber - DFree _
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This one should come as little to no surprise: Justin Bieber has been hounded to take photos with everyone who sees him since he was 13 years old, so he has pretty much declined to take any more selfies with anyone. Interviews record Bieber as complaining that fans don’t even greet him anymore before they start trying to snap pictures.

Kit Harington

Kit Harington - lev radin _
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The star of “Game of Thrones,” Kit Harington, has asked fans to not approach him for selfies. According to an interview with The Guardian, he loves his work but hates being famous. Being the center of others’ attention (or selfie camera) makes Harington an irritable, rude version of himself, so he avoids ever taking a selfie with anyone.

Zoe Saldana

 Zoe Saldana - Tinseltown _
Photo Credit: Tinseltown _

It is no surprise that an actress as lauded and famous as Zoe Saldana would want her privacy. With not only three major film franchises to her name but also three children, Zoe Saldana prefers to avoid selfies with fans. Though she understands the urge to capture a moment with a celebrity, she prefers to teach her children to avoid talking to strangers by leading by example.

Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown - Andrea Raffin _
Photo Credit: Andrea Raffin _

If you’ve been on this “Stranger Things” and “Godzilla” star’s social media, you know that she absolutely does take selfies of herself and her friends. However, recently, the young actress has been exposed to the dark side of pushy fans looking to take a selfie.

In the name of establishing boundaries after being harassed on a shopping trip with her mother, Brown is less likely to pose for a selfie with eager fans.

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt - Tinseltown _
Photo Credit: Tinseltown _

Like his “Guardians of the Galaxy” co-star, Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt is a celebrity who understands the need for privacy and a lack of selfies.

The reasoning behind this is that Chris Pratt prefers to talk to his fans in person rather than taking photos when acting as a private person. He is however more than happy to take selfies when he is at movie premieres.

Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson - Denis Makarenko _
Photo Credit: Denis Makarenko _

Emma Thompson is a queen of the screen, having absolutely captured audiences in roles like “Matilda: The Musical” and “Saving Mr. Banks.” However talented she is on the big screen, Emma Thompson markedly refuses to display that talent on small screens in the form of selfies. In fact, during the Empire Awards, she denounced selfies as narcissistic!

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour - lev radin _
Photo Credit: lev radin _

Vogue Magazine’s Anna Wintour might be easy to recognize thanks to her presence in fashion, but don’t try taking any selfies with her. She is definitely not a fan of selfies, and has even been published on Vogue’s website as claiming to have never taken one.


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