17 Daily Consumables That Might Just Be Poison in Disguise

Many things we choose to consume are bad for our health, but some are downright dangerous. A recent online survey asked, “What’s a modern-day poison people willingly ingest?”. Keep reading for the top 17 answers. 


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Vapes are definitely a modern-day poison.”

“They literally made it as easy as pressing a button. Hell, my newest pen doesn’t even have a button. You just put it in your mouth and inhale. When ingesting drugs is that easy, maybe we’ve advanced too far.”


Buying Booze and Beer on Sundays
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Alcohol is by and far the most obvious answer to this question.”

“It’s a class one carcinogen known to cause over 60 different diseases, and just three drinks a week for a woman raises her chance of getting breast cancer by 15%. Not many people are aware of these facts because of booze culture, not to mention the sheer amount of money to be made from it.”


Freshly Brewed Coffee
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I don’t even know with coffee anymore. It seems each month, a  new study comes out either linking it to cardiovascular disease or saying it cuts your risk of heart attack by 30%, that raises your blood pressure, or that it neutralizes free radicals… I just know it gets me through the day without nodding off, so down it goes.”

I’ve never needed coffee or other caffeine sources to get through the day, and there’s far too much contradicting evidence on the effects of it, so I just choose the safe route.”

24-hour news

24-Hour News Cycle
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I no longer watch or read any news. I’ve had people tell me I’m ignorant because of it (fair enough), but constantly hearing about politics, who’s been murdered, where a bomb or natural disaster has killed thousands of innocent people, how screwed the economy is, etc, on a loop just ruined my mental health and self-esteem.”

“’I’m all for being “caught up” on what’s happening, but I have to give myself news diets and breaks just so I can live a productive and peaceful life.”

Social media

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People are shocked that I’m not on social media. Facebook is so toxic. I left a year ago but kept it active because of the chat feature, but I finally completely deleted my account, and it feels so good.”

“Getting off TikTok and Facebook was one of the best things I ever did for my mental health. I know my mental health problems are ramping up if I’m searching for those apps.”


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I call it the “outrage industrial complex.” Someone deliberately says or produces media that they KNOW will get a negative response, someone else on the opposite side defends or attacks the topic/media simply because they feel required to, they rile up their followers to get them invested.”

“I know I seek out negativity for safety and education, and I don’t really know how to reduce that. It’s like an addiction, but I know looking at more positive stuff is going to make me feel way better in the long run.”

Processed sugars

Processed Sugars
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I cut out soda a little while back, and the difference is night and day.”

“I started snacking on fruit more often, and my cravings for sour candy, chocolate, ice cream, and other things I’d binge on and feel rubbish after just simply fell away. It’s weird how that works.”

Energy drinks

Drinking Energy Drinks
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I ordered food from McDonald’s, and the cashier was like “that monster isn’t good for your heart” Oh, is it not? Am I not making healthy choices?”

It’s just an ‘everything in moderation’ thing, really. The occasional energy drink (like one every few days or something) won’t be too bad. Drinking multiple each day might be very bad, though.”


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knew a guy who moved from the city to the suburbs so he could enjoy lounging around his house and playing in the backyard instead of being in an apartment. He spends more than an hour commuting each way, meaning he gets home, does a few chores, watches a show or plays a game, and goes to bed because he has to wake up early. He actually has less leisure time to enjoy life.”

“I work the 9-5, 5 days a week, but since all but getting rid of my commute, I have so much more time when work’s over (and I don’t have to get up nearly as early). It’s been great, and I wish more people had that option or could simply reduce their work hours without reduced pay.”

High fructose corn syrup

High-Fructose Corn Syrup
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I think most Americans only willingly ingest this because they have no other choice.”

“The place I work at has started selling imported American soda, and the high fructose corn syrup makes my stomach hurt.”


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Ah, the new lead paint. I’m sure we will find a correlation 10+ years down the road to microplastic ingestion and so many mental/physical ailments.”

“We’ve been ingesting microplastics since the ’70s, some people more than others, but it’s not a particularly new thing.”


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“Since it doesn’t really have negative health effects, I don’t really consider it a poison beyond the technical fact that it is a poison. But, the use of it is certainly a negative aspect of modern-day life. The fact that 18-year-old girls are starting on Botox now because they can’t live with a single forehead wrinkle is insane. It’s starting to get popular with men too.”

Injected Botox also saves lives because people can be relieved from muscle spasms or migraine pain that can lead to suicides. But I’m with you on injecting it without a medical reason.”

Overly processed food

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“I went through some dietary changes the last few years, and it is wild how much of a difference it makes. I cut back on junk food. I didn’t cut out all junk food, just consumed it in much smaller quantities. Now things like carrots taste incredibly sweet to me.”


Negativity and Drama
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No, not being angry or sad for legit reasons, but just choosing to look at everything in a negative light.”

I’m not an optimist at all, but I think you have to carefully cultivate your perspective. If you only look for negative things, you will always find them — there’s nothing perfect in this world, certainly not your family, relationships, employers, life, whatever. It’s OK to find things to improve. But you have to look for the good and keep yourself from falling into a “grass is greener” kind of comparison that involves entirely unrealistic expectations.”


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We removed the dangerous chemical, but it is still dangerous if you heat it over 500 degrees.” Hahahahaha! This works on the general public!”

“Your pots are safe for your health as long as you don’t use them. I would replace them if I were you.”

Vegetable oils

Steady Consumption of Harmful Seed Oils
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Vegetable oils (they’re made from industrially treated seeds, not vegetables) were invented less than 150 years ago and started becoming wildly popular after 1910 or so because of the cheap price and lots of marketing to make people think they’re healthier than lard, butter and other animal fats. Many people believe these oils have played a role in metabolic diseases we see running rampant these days.”

“Canola and seed oils are the worst, In EVERYTHING, and people are mainly unaware.”


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More people I know are addicted to Diet Coke than any other soda. Increased risk of thyroid cancer, weight gain, disruptions to gut health, cardiovascular problems, and increased cravings for sweets.”

It’s absurd to see so many replies of people denying or getting angry because someone says coke is terrible for your health, haha. They make themselves look like addicts.”


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