Road Rage Triggered: 28 Driving Pet Peeves That’ll Make You Want to Ditch Your Car

Exceeding the speed limit or tailgating: which driving behavior annoys you the most? A recent online survey shed light on the top 28 irritating actions committed by drivers, and the results were filled with passionate opinions from respondents.

Not Signaling

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“How hard is it to use the turn signal, and if you haven’t mastered that, should you really be going on to more complex things?”

“ I really think that it’s the mark of a selfish person that doesn’t use a turn signal. It’s not for you. It’s for everyone else, so I know what you’re doing and can react.”

People Who Speed Up When You’re Trying To Pass

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“ They don’t want to be going as fast as you. They just don’t want you to be in front of them.”

Stopping at Intersections

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“In my city, people will stop at random intersections without any traffic signals signs to let cars from side streets through.”

Not Adhering To Speed Limits

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“People who aren’t 100% sure of the speed limit but pick a random speed to go that is usually dangerously slow. I’ve been the passenger a few times at 30 in a 70, begging the driver to speed up because it’s terrifying. If everyone else is going ‘ridiculously fast,’ maybe you are going ‘ridiculously slow.’

In the Wrong Lane For Turning

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“Left swing right.” Turn your compact car like it’s a semi. Swerve to the left, into the next lane, to make a right turn.”

“When people realize their exit/turn is coming up so they swerve across multiple lanes to get to it. Plan ahead; it’s not that hard.”


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“My thought is that I’d you’re going to tailgate me, then I am going to reduce my risk of severe injury by reducing the speed with which they’ll rear-end me if I have to stomp on my brakes in an emergency.”

“Vehicle in the right or center lane being followed dangerously close by the car behind it, with no other cars around. What is the tailgater thinking? Either back off a bit or pass them if you want to. There’s plenty of room!”

Cruising In The Left Lane

cruising Shutterstock
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“Even better is when you are passing them on the right they all of a sudden decide to speed up.”

“As soon as you get back behind them, they slow down again.”

“Left lane campers. Hands down number 1.”

Stopping in Roundabouts

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“My husband’s ex-wife stopped to let a car in and was rear-ended by a bus.”

“Even when I’m walking, I’ve had cars stop in the middle of a roundabout just to let me across. Why would anyone think that’s a good idea? It’s not even polite at that point, because it’s inconsiderate to the other road users.”

Not Maintaining a Constant Speed

constant speed
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“My brother has no clue how to just drive at speed, he’ll drive as close as he can to the car in front of him and just stay there a car length away at best. not in a hurry, not annoyed or anything, it’s just how he drives.”

Moving Past the Red Light at a Stop

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 “People that start creeping forward at a red light until they’re practically in the intersection, only to drive slow AF once it actually turns green.”

Not Paying Attention

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“People just generally being unaware of the world around them while they attempt to drive.”

Not Entering Roundabouts

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“I have a roundabout right next to my house and I’ve lost count of the people who come to a complete stop and stare in befuddlement at the empty roundabout.”

Cut You Off

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 “People who cut you off when there’s nobody behind you for miles.”

Block Your Vision

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“People in the left lane at an intersection that inch up when you (in the right) do.”

Block Exits

block exit
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“People who block an exit or a turn in traffic so no one can enter or turn or go through the light and block the rest of the intersection cause they didn’t want to wait”.

People Using Their Phones While Driving 

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“People seem to think they’re so slick when they do it too, keeping it in their lap, or like right on the steering wheel.”

“I remember this one lady who was on her phone non-stop for the 30 minutes we were on the highway together. She would be going 10mph UNDER the speed limit and then zoom past me going 20 OVER a few minutes later.”

Being Too Nice in Traffic

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“Randomly stopping to let someone in oncoming traffic turning left in front of them. They think they are being nice, but not following the signage makes them unpredictable and super dangerous.”

Not Accelerating up the On-Ramp

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“Gotta love getting stuck behind someone going 45 while merging with a freeway where the traffic is going 80.”

“People who stop on on-ramps. Alternatively, people who cut out in front of you / are blatantly at fault but proceed to blame you for their fault.”

Tailgating in the Slow Lane

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“If I’m being tailgated in the slow lane, I’ve got nowhere to be. I may have been running errands, I may have been trying to beat rush hour, but the moment someone starts sitting on my ass instead of passing, I no longer know what it is to be in a hurry.”

People Driving the Same Speed Side by Side and Creating a Slow Road Block no One Can Pass

side by side
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“Bad drivers move in herds.”

“Had a coworker who would do this on purpose. She would get in the far left lane and cruise at her own pace, blocking traffic. When I asked her about it she said “people shouldn’t be speeding it’s stupid”.”

People Driving With Their High Beams on in Traffic

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“If the driver can’t see that the blue indicator light is on, it’s on them. It’s something they should have been taught in driver’s ed.”

People Not Driving With Their Lights on in Weather

car lights rain Shutterstock
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“When it’s monsoon, and I can’t see the car in front of me because they don’t have their lights on, that’s a problem. Nothing pets my peeve more.”

“Drove home behind my father once in drenching rain. I almost hit him because I could not see his car until I was right up on it. He said his running lights were on. Cool, but your other lights weren’t. After that, he always turned his lights on with his wipers.”

People Who Drive With Their Pets on Their Laps

pet Shutterstock
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“Those people are idiots, and unnecessarily endangering the animals.”

People Who Hesitate

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“If you’re going to do something illegal or stupid, just do it fast and get it over with. The people who hesitate are the ones who cause accidents.”

People Who Pull Out in Front of You When There are no Cars Behind You

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“If I had a nickel for every time someone has just flown out into the road from there without even the slightest of looks to check to see if it is clear.”

People Who Throw Trash Out the Window

trash Shutterstock
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“It’s so classless!”

“Banana peels in rural areas. They also lure wildlife out into the road. Not cool.”

People Going the Wrong Way Down a 1 Way Parking Lot Just so They Can Get the Closest Parking Spot

car one way Shutterstock
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“They have to squeeze by me to get to the spot and do a 3 or 4-point turn just to get into the angled spot making everyone else wait.”

Switching Lanes, Almost Hitting You

car switching lanes Zoltan Tarlacz Shutterstock
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When you’re in a double-turn lane, and someone switches lanes mid-turn almost hits you. Happens all the time on my way home. I do not move. I stay in my lane and complete the turn appropriately in hopes they will hit me.”

“When people realize their exit/turn is coming up so they swerve across multiple lanes to get to it. Plan ahead. It’s not that hard.”


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