He Angrily Lashed Out at His Wife After She Wouldn’t Stop Humiliating Their Son at the Dinner Table

A dad caused a major scene at last year’s Christmas family dinner because of how his wife spoke to their 15-year-old son.

Now he’s in the doghouse and wonders if he did the right thing.

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This guy loves his wife very much. However, he admits she can be a bit inconsiderate sometimes. He knows she only wants the best for their son, but her parenting style can be a little overbearing. 

For example, she thinks their 15-year-old son doesn’t show enough enthusiasm when he speaks. She says his monotone voice and one-word answers make him come across as bored, disinterested in everything, and even a little rude.

At first, she just kept telling him to “speak up” or “say it with enthusiasm.”

When that didn’t work, she took a more direct approach. 

She started speaking to her son in the way she wanted him to speak to everyone else. Although she clearly overdid it. 

She started addressing him in a super enthusiastic way, like a kindergarten teacher who had just mainlined ten cups worth of coffee.

She spoke to him in the most exaggerated, energetic, and happy voice she could muster, saying things like, “How was school today? Tell me all about it! Speak LOUDLY and with ENTHUSIASM!”

And it gets worse. To really get her point across, she started adding some gestures, like waving her arms and even clapping loudly.

And you can imagine how a fifteen-year-old boy would react to this. 

He just stared at Mum as if she’d lost her last marble. 

The dad then saw that his son was getting annoyed.

So he spoke to his wife privately, explaining what teenage boys can be like and how they all grow out of this moody phase, eventually!

But she wasn’t content to let time or nature take its course. She insisted their son needs to become more outgoing and that speaking to him like this is the way to do it. 

Dad wasn’t happy. But he kept quiet, biting his tongue every time his wife started doing her best impression of a deranged kid’s TV presenter.

Then things finally came to a head around Christmas. The family was enjoying a festive dinner at the wife’s sister’s house. 

It was going well until the son asked his dad to pass the gravy. The mom thought he sounded more monotone than usual and told him, “Say it with feeling, honey! Can you ask for the gravy with enthusiasm?!”

The kid turned beet red. The mom had humiliated him in front of the whole table.

The dad knew how his son was feeling. He couldn’t take it anymore. So he snapped.

He shouted at his wife, saying she was way out of line for talking down to their son in front of others. Then he got up, took his son, and spent the rest of the day at the movies.

When they got back, the wife pulled her husband aside. She said he’d ruined the dinner, caused a scene, and embarrassed her in front of her family. 

The man stood up for himself, repeating how he was sick of seeing his wife try to ‘fix’ their son’s personality.

“Just leave the kid alone,” he said.

But she refuses to see his side and continues to speak to the son in the same way. Plus, the dad keeps getting dirty looks from her family whenever they visit, as if he’s the jerk in this situation.

How would you have handled it?

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