He Ignored His Dad’s Financial Advice and Didn’t Save Any Money and Now His Dad Refuses to Cover the Cost of His College Education

A father who earns a high income recently decided not to fully pay for his son’s college tuition. This decision was made because the son disregarded his father’s financial advice and didn’t save money as recommended. Here’s what the 36-year-old father had to say:

The Man is Divorced

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The man and his ex-wife have been divorced for seven years. They have two children, a boy and a girl, who are both 17 years old and twins.

The man said, “My wife and I are the stereotype of high school sweethearts. I’m more of a geek. She was a cheerleader. My son takes after my wife, and my daughter takes after me. My daughter is more studious, whereas my son is popular and materialistic.”

He Taught Them the Value of Saving

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When his children were younger, the man offered them the choice of receiving an allowance. He gave them the option to either spend the money as they wished or engage in discussions with him about saving and investing. At that time, his wife was supportive of this approach.

He Wanted Them to Invest in Their Future

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“We explained that they each have a set amount of money that we have put away for future schooling as well as a car fund,” the father said. “At first, both of my kids decided to invest in it, and I started to show them how to and the risk involved.”

Soon enough, the man’s son decided to put his funds in a risky investment, which the man advised him not to do.

He Lost His Money

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The boy ended up losing his money and quickly decided that it was not something he would be doing anymore.

The man’s daughter’s life in investing started off quite rough, but she quickly got the hang of what she was doing.

The Girl Was Smarter

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His daughter started to play with different investments and companies; most weeks, she makes a profit from it.

The issue stems from this. Due to her investments, the man’s daughter has far more money saved up than her brother, even though both children were always given the same allowance.

He Has More In Common With His Daughter

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His daughter also prefers spending most of her time with her father at his house, whereas his son prefers to spend most of his time with the man’s ex-wife at his mother’s home.

Regarding interests, those of the man’s daughter are far more minimalistic than those of his son. She does not really spend a lot of money, but she will spend it on something if she finds something she likes.

The Daughter Is Level-headed

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The man’s daughter is not really into fashion, and she rarely puts on makeup. Whenever she wears it, it’s very light. She has also bought a used car which, despite being owned by someone in the past, is quite a nice vehicle.

The Son Is More Careless

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The father continued, “My son, on the other hand, spends most of his money when he gets it. Always has new clothes constantly (he owns a whole bunch of shoes), bought a new, very expensive car with payments, goes out all the time, and spends everything he gets.”

Both Twins Want To Go To College

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The man’s children recently got their acceptance letters for college. Due to her grades, her savings, and her parents’ contribution, the girl can pick any of her choices.

The man’s son is upset that he can’t go to the college he wants to attend. He would need to get a loan, and (due to his father’s high income) he would not qualify for the amount needed.

The Father Was Accused Of Favoritism

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The father’s ex-wife has told him he must stop favoring his daughter and pay for his son’s college. She told him he must stop “financially hurting” his son.

She and other family members are calling the man a jerk for not paying, particularly as his income means that he could ‘easily’ cover the costs.

The Man Refused

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In response, the man told his ex-wife that the children had a choice when they were younger and that the boy just didn’t listen.

The man also pointed out that their son would have been able to go where he wanted if he had saved his money. Instead, the young man would need to get a job if he wanted to cover college costs. He argued that “Life was about choices.”

Should He Pay?

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The man turned to the Reddit community to ask if he was in the wrong for refusing to pay so that his son would learn a valuable lesson about finances. The general response was mixed, with some feeling that he could be doing more for his son.

People Responded

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One person suggested, “To make things fair, you could fund his education and put aside the same amount for your daughter.”

Another posted, “I agree. It’s unfair that she saved up all her life only to have to use all the money on college… when her brother spent his on fun stuff and still gets college paid for.”


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