“I’m going to sue for everything”: His Dad’s Friend Died and Left Him a Fortune but The Family Demands He Give up The Money

A man is wondering if he’s done something wrong by taking money left to him in a will, especially because the person who left the money didn’t leave anything to their own kid.

His Dad Had a Friend

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The 27-year-old man’s father, who is 61 years old, had a friend called Jay, who was like an uncle and a mentor to the man when he was growing up, teaching him a lot of things about the world.

Jay Was Married

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Jay was married to 51-year-old May for 30 years, but he had an affair 21 years ago, resulting in a son, Kay.

Jay and May solved their issues, however, and remained happily married. He paid child support for Kay for 18 years but wanted nothing else to do with him.

He Got Sick

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Three years ago, Jay was diagnosed with cancer. Upon receiving the news, he tried to contact Kay, but at that point, he refused his efforts.

Jay also had a brother who had two sons with his wife. Though he never overly approved of his sister-in-law, the two got along fine.

Jay Passed Away

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Jay recently passed away due to his illness after fighting it for three years. The man was the one who convinced Jay to finally see a doctor prior to his diagnosis, and through his work at the hospital, the man used his connections to help find Jay the best treatment he could.

They Had a Funeral

Funerals – Hardly A Cheery First Date

“A lot of people showed up to the funeral, including Kay and Jay’s affair partner,” he said.

“Seeing so many people pay their respects was heartwarming, but May was displeased seeing Kay and the affair partner there.

The Will

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“After the funeral, as Jay’s executor, May told everyone what was in his will.”

May announced that 40 percent of his estate would go to her, 20 percent would go to his two nephews, aged 16 and 19, five percent would go to his friends, and the rest would go to the man.

Kay Was Furious

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This caused outrage from Kay, Jay’s affair partner, and his sister-in-law.

“The sister-in-law said her nephews should get more,” he said.

Jay’s Brother Argued Back

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“Her eldest and Jay’s brother quickly shut her down, though. From what Jay had told me about her, she’s the kind of person to go to court over this, but his brother seemed reasonable and understanding, so hopefully, nothing happens.”

Kay Wanted More

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Kay, meanwhile, was furious, wondering how Jay could dare leave him out of the will after he could not be a father during his life.

His tirade extended to criticizing Jay at his own funeral while threatening to sue everyone there.

The Man Made an Offer

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The man then stepped in with an offer for Kay. He would give him around five percent in cash, there and then, so long as he left everyone alone and the family did not see him again.

Kay was angered at the suggestion, accusing the man of being an entitled jerk and emphasizing that he was going to sue for everything.

The Man Thought He Was Right in His Decision

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The man told his friends this story several days after the event, thinking that it would be funny or entertaining.

But Not All Agreed

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Some of his friends, however, disagreed, saying he was in the wrong for fighting for money he did not need and that Jay was wrong for having such little contact with his child.

So the man turned to the internet, asking if he should give the money away or if he had a right to keep it.

People Responded

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“Kay deserves every bit of their anger,” said one commenter.

Another disagreed, saying, “Jay is entitled to split his money however he pleases. Kay doesn’t really have a leg to stand on legally.”


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