“She claims I abandoned her”: Man Leaves House to Get New PS5 without His Girlfriend and She Says He Cares More About Videogames than Her

A man recently faced his girlfriend’s wrath after heading to Walmart to collect his new PS5 without his girlfriend who was in the shower. She was taking a long time to get ready, and the store was closing in 90 minutes. Did he make a wrong move?

She Spends Ages On Her Appearance

Beauty Standards
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“I love my girlfriend, she is amazing, but she is the type that refuses to leave the house without at least some makeup. Personally, I find it completely ridiculous. Maybe I’m biased, but I think she’s gorgeous in any state, but if it helps her feel as beautiful as she is, more power to her,” the man said.

He Badly Wanted A PS5 

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Since they were released a few years ago, it has been quite hard for people to be able to get their hands on a PS5. The man had been saving money for a while in the hopes that he would get himself one for Christmas, but this did not work out.

He Finally Bought One

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One day, he decided to check online on a whim, finding out that the Wal-Mart just down the street from him had one in stock. The man eagerly ordered the console and got himself ready to go out and pick it up.

She Wanted To Come Along

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The man’s girlfriend saw that he was getting excited and asked him where he was going. He explained and asked her if she needed him to pick anything up at the shop while he was there. She said no, but instead told him that she wanted to go with him.

She Wanted To Get Ready

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She said that she would need some time to get ready, which the man did not understand as there was no scenario where she would be the worst-looking person in a Walmart.

He said, “So I told her it was already paid for; I just had to run in and grab it. She didn’t even need to get out of the car, and they closed in 90 minutes.”

She Got In The Shower

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The man continued, “She scoffs at me, tells me it won’t take her that long and goes to the bathroom. Then I hear the shower turn on.”

He had wanted a PS5 for longer than he had actually known the woman, and he was now so close to getting one.

He Went Alone

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He texted his girlfriend to tell her that he would be right back. He left, picked up the PS5, and made it back within half an hour.

The man was so quick that his girlfriend did not even notice he had left. By the time she exited the bathroom, he was halfway through setting up the console.

She Was Furious

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From then on, the man’s girlfriend has been mad at him and claims he abandoned her at her own apartment. She also felt he cared more about a video game than he did about her, which he thought was unfair. 

By the same logic, she cares about her makeup far more than she cares about him getting something he wants, although he quickly learns that it is not the right thing to say.

Should He Have Waited?

Never Apologizing
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So, the man turned to the internet and asked the community if he was wrong. He argued that he would have waited so long for his girlfriend to get ready that he would’ve potentially missed out on the store’s opening hours. 

People Responded

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One commenter posted, “The sheer fact that you left and came back before she even noticed clearly shows NTA.”

Another opinionated, “She was being passive-aggressive by taking her sweet time when she knew the store was closing. She played silly games and won silly prizes.”


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