Her Husband’s Sister Kept Critizising Her Children and Said They Weren’t as Smart as Her Kids, but She Knew the Sister-In-Law Was Lying so She Decided to Call Her Out

A woman recently shared a story online about how she got revenge on her sister-in-law, who persistently criticized her children’s well-being. Here’s what she had to say. 

Her Sister-In-Law Was a Funny One

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She was the type that always had to ‘one-up’ other children. 

She would literally brag about her children peeing more than her friends’ kids when they were babies!

Her Kids Were Always Better than Others

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The woman said it was worse when she and her husband had twins. “Suddenly, everything was a competition (that her kids always won).” 

For example, one of the woman’s girls rolled over at four months, and the sister-in-law told her that her son had rolled over when he was just a week old. 

She Exaggerated All the Time

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The twins took both of their first steps around 13 months? Her sister-in-law’s son was apparently running at four months. 

The SIL even changed the weight of her kids’ birth weights, making them heavier than the current heaviest newborn in America!

The Woman Thinks Her Behavior Is Odd

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“It’s so weird that she feels the need to tell such obvious lies, especially to people who know she’s lying because they were there when her kids were small,” the woman said. 

But Then the Sister-In-Law Took It Too Far

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The woman didn’t mind so much, but she started to get annoyed when she went from lying about her own children to telling the woman that something was wrong with hers. 

Her twins are a few months shy of 2, and they are both healthy, on track, and hitting their milestones. 

She Insists Something Is Not Right

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The sister-in-law is obsessed with the idea that something is wrong with them because they’re not speaking in long sentences. 

“Of course, they’re not. They’re not even two,” the woman said. 

The Kids Are Fine, the Woman Said

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They are both developmentally on track, but the sister-in-law said that her children were speaking in 5 to 6-word phrases by 18 months. 

The woman says, “They were not. Honestly, her son is almost 7, and I can still barely understand a word the kid says.” 

One Day, the Woman Got a Phone Call

Your call is very important to us. Please continue to hold
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The woman and her husband ignored the sister-in-law, but it became too much when one day, the woman got a call from her friend who works in early intervention. 

She was under the impression that the woman was very concerned about her children. They talked, and the friend confirmed that, yes, the children are on track and there is nothing to worry about. 

The Woman Was Fuming and Finally Lost Her Patience

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So she decided to plan petty revenge. 

“Hey, her kids are breaking almost every record there is, and that should be celebrated!” she said.

So they had dinner with her husband’s family one evening, and the kids were in the other room. The woman then decided to give her sister-in-law a present. A booklet that she printed out and laminated called the ‘White Claw Book of World Records.’ 

She Decided to Put Her Plan Into Action

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She printed out all the supposed milestones of her children, complete with photos and information of the ACTUAL world record holders, seeing as they had now been pushed to second place. 

The Sister-In-Law Was Furious

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“She flipped through the first couple of pages, went beet red, and called me all sorts of names. Her husband took it from her and got through the first page before laughing hysterically and asking her why she was still lying?” 

Apparently, it wasn’t the first time they talked about her lying about her kids. 

The Sister-In-Law Stormed out

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However, she later texted the woman that night and asked why she had humiliated her when all she ever tried was to help her children get the help they needed. She said that if this was how she was being treated, then she would stop. 

The woman said, “So I guess it’s a win for me!” 

People Responded

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One user said, “Tell her the only one who needs help is her. Perhaps you have a friend who works in Late Intervention who can give her a call to help her grow out of her middle school age of development.”

Another wrote, “In all seriousness, this is some genuinely troubling behavior on the part of the SIL, and it sounds like it might be impacting her son’s development.”


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