Her Neighbor Refused to Pay Her for Dog Walking Services so She Retaliated by Letting Feral Cat to Enter His House

A woman recently admitted that she found it hilarious when she saw a cat invade her rude neighbor’s home. The neighbor hated cats but the woman said he deserved it.

The Woman Was A Teenager

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The woman explained, “The events of this story take place during my teen years (13-17 years old) when my mother and I moved into a new rental property. The details might be a bit patchy here, as I don’t have a lot of good memories associated with this house, and I’ve done my best to forget about many of these times.”

Her Family Was Poor

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The woman’s family had limited funds, using what little spare money they had to fund moving expenses. When they moved in, they discovered that their radiators could not be turned on. Their landlord knew this but would not fix it, telling them to buy a space heater instead.

The Landlord Was Horrible

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The landlord once came by without permission and let their sick cat outside without informing them. Thankfully, the cat was found later that day, but the woman and her mother were still angry.

It soon transpired that their landlord was friends with their neighbors, Karen and Ken. The neighbors implied they would ensure that the landlord heard about anything the family did that they did not like.

The Neighbors Were Out To Get Them

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“It was hard to avoid Karen and Ken since we shared a front porch with them (rowhouse), and they were true to their word,” she said. “If our lawn got too shabby, they let him know. If our trash cans didn’t have lids, they called the county to put violation stickers on our cans. If the rat inspector was in the neighborhood, they sent the inspector under our back porch.”

They Tried To Be Accommodating

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In spite of all this, the family tried their best to stay on good terms with the neighbors for the first couple of years. When Ken would enter their backyard looking for dandelion greens for his pet iguana without asking for permission, they would not say anything.

Ken Hired her

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When the woman was 15, Ken asked to hire her for a job. His family would be going on vacation, and he needed a dog walker for his daughter’s dog. 

Ken Wouldn’t Pay

They Get Offended at Everything
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After completing the work, she left without pay and was too shy to ask. The next time she saw him, he told her to ask his daughter for pay. She referred the woman back to Ken, who repeated what he’d said before. The woman was never paid, and they did not want to ask again.

The Neighbor Hated Cats

Black Cats
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Soon after this, Karen had a conversation with the woman’s mother and spent a period of time being quite friendly. She took a photo of their cat and gave it to them since she thought it looked pretty. The woman and her mother found the interaction strange, as Karen had admitted to hating cats in the past.

They Were Over-Charged

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Karen pointed out that she’d noticed a tree that may spread and told them her brother could take it down for $100, to which the woman’s mother agreed. When the tree was cut, they got the bill which asked for $300 as the job was bigger than he expected. After this, the family stopped playing nice with their neighbors.

One Cat Went Inside

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The woman’s neighborhood had a bit of a feral cat problem, and one cat, in particular, was called Jillian.

The woman explained, “Jillian was a feral cat who had never been in a house in her whole life, so I was shocked to see her sniffing around Ken’s open front door. I didn’t expect her to go into their house, but I didn’t discourage her. And inside she went. I started laughing, picturing the look on Karen’s face when she saw a cat in her house.”

Revenge Was Sweet

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Then came the screams and footsteps from Karen, and the woman had to stifle her laughter, knowing what was going on. Her horrible neighbor was facing her worst nightmare; a small kitten. She eventually managed to get Jillian out of the house, elated that she had seen Karen react as she did.

She Kept The Cat

Cuddling My Cat
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The woman later adopted Jillian, and the cat still lives with her today. She is no longer feral and a great reminder of her perfect revenge on an unpleasant neighbor. The woman decided to share her past story of petty revenge online.

The Internet Reacted

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One user said, “Jillian knew what she was doing. She scared a nasty piece of work and got a new home in the bargain.”

Another posted, “You should have sent them an invoice. $400 for removing a feral animal from the premises.”


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