Her Neighbor Wouldn’t Stop Cursing Her for Using Her Own Backyard so She Got Petty And Started Using It Every Day

A woman recently shared her experience of getting petty revenge against her next-door neighbor, who verbally lashed out at her for using her own backyard. Here’s what the woman had to say.

The Woman Did Not Like Dogs

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She used to have a real issue with dogs. They made her nervous and anxious. So living next to someone with five very loud and reactive dogs was far from ideal. When the woman came out into her backyard, the five terrors would run up to the fence and start yapping and barking.

It Affected Her Daily Life

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It meant she couldn’t enjoy her backyard during the summer. She couldn’t go on like this, so she booked some therapy sessions to work through her fear of dogs. And they worked. She even has two little dogs of her own now.

The Neighbor’s Dogs Are a Problem

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Now she loves spending weekends hanging out in the yard with the rest of her family and her dogs. The only problem is the animals next door. They clearly haven’t been trained or socialized properly. They go crazy every time they see the woman’s dogs.

She Changed Her Routine

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So she compromised. She’d only bring her dogs out if their neighbor’s dogs were inside. Or if the neighbor brings their dogs out, she’ll take hers back inside until the others have calmed down.

The Neighbor Was Unhappy

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This happened again one Sunday. It wasn’t a big issue for the woman, but her neighbor reacted very differently. She cursed the woman out. “The neighbors let their dogs out; they react, so I bring my dogs in,” shared the woman. “Except now my neighbor curses me under her breath.”

The Woman Was Not Pleased

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The woman was annoyed and angry. She’s gone out of her way for the neighbor. Plus, this wasn’t the first time they’d been rude or used foul language toward her. “It really got under my skin,” the woman said. So she decided it was time for some petty revenge.

She Ignored the Neighbor’s Dogs

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“I’ve started to be a bit petty,” confessed the woman. “Now, when the neighbor lets their dogs out, I stay out and play fetch with my dogs while her animals are going crazy.”

Her Dogs Are Happy, but The Neighbor Isn’t

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Her dogs love all this extra playtime outdoors. Plus, by the third day, her neighbor was getting super annoyed. Then they snapped.

They Tried to Confront Her

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“They cussed me out again,” said the woman. “They shouted at me, and one told me to ‘meet them out front.’ I said, ‘No if you want something from me, climb over this fence yourself.’ They yelled a bit more. I didn’t respond, and they went inside after a minute. The neighbors have finally cracked, and it’s only week one.”

She Did Nothing Wrong

Ignoring Boundaries
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But this woman wasn’t doing anything wrong. She’s simply hanging out with her dogs in her backyard. Whatever happens after that is not her problem.

She’s Going to Continue Enjoying Her Yard

Lack Of Appreciation
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And she isn’t finished yet. She ordered some new patio furniture and planned to spend even more time in the yard. She knows it’s a petty thing to do, but she also doesn’t care. “Don’t appreciate my courtesy, then I won’t give it,” said the woman.

She Posted the Story Online to See What Other People Thought

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“Nothing petty about it,” said one person. “You have every right to use your property as you see fit.”

“This isn’t revenge or petty,” said another. “You are just enjoying your property and dogs in a reasonable manner, like any good neighbor. Don’t feel one bit of guilt.”


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