Her Sister Said that Her Son Will End up A Criminal Because His Mom Works Full Time and Doesn’t Have Any Real Rolemodels

A woman was recently confronted by her sister, who claimed that her son would become a criminal due to the woman working full-time and the absence of male role models in his life. Here’s what the woman had to say:

The sister has an old-fashion relationship with her husband

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The woman’s sister and her husband have a marriage where the sister raises their children, and the husband takes care of everything financially. Their relationship has always been built on this agreement.

The relationship between the sisters began to change

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The woman and her sister were always close growing up, and they still are now. 

However, starting around last year, Stella became very critical of the fact the woman was unmarried and working full-time. 

Her sister criticized the way the woman raised her son

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The woman said her son “has several positive fatherly figures in his life, such as his grandfather, uncles, and scoutmaster.” But her sister has made snide comments implying that the boy’s fatherly figures don’t count because they don’t live in the same house as them.

Her sister accused her of not loving her son

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“She has very heavily implied that my working full-time means that I care more about my job than my son. She has made backhanded comments implying that a mother does not truly love her children unless she stays home,” the woman said.

Her sister thought the boy would end up in jail

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Recently, her sister commented that she expected the woman’s son to become a criminal when he grows up because he has “no father figures” and a mother who “would rather work than do what’s best for him.”

The woman confronted her sister

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In the past, the woman has tried to react to her sister’s comments without showing any anger. However, for the first time, she raised their voice at Stella and told her, “Not to take out the fact that she regrets marrying for money on me and my son.”

Since this incident, the sister has ignored the woman’s calls and texts. 

She asked her friend about the situation

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The woman spoke to her friend about the situation, who pointed out that both of them were in the wrong. 

Her friend agreed that the sister likely regrets agreeing to the type of marriage she has and that seeing the woman confident and happy without a partner makes her feel insecure.

Her friend sat on the fence and didn’t pick a side

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The friend also agreed that the sister’s comments about the woman and her son were not okay, but she said that the woman should be more empathetic towards her sister.  

“She told me that I should be the one to apologize first and to not pressure Stella for an apology until she says she’s ready,” the woman said.

Was she wrong?

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Although the woman agreed with her friend and thought her words may have been too harsh, she still felt her sister needed to hear them. 

“Her emotions are not an excuse for her comments, and I believe she should be the one to apologize first,” she said.

Unsure whether she should apologize to her sister first, the woman turned to the internet for advice.

People Responded

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One person replied, “Passive-aggressive behavior like that has no place around healthy children. If she’s insecure or jealous, she can take advantage of her situation to get therapy. She’s trying to tear you (and your child) down to make herself feel better.”

Someone else said, “What does your friend know? Don’t listen to her. I don’t know her, but she already annoys me.”


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