His Son Got Injured After His Girlfriend Secretly Bought Him a Skateboard and The Dad Thinks She Was out Of Line

A dad recently had a falling out with his girlfriend after their son got injured during a secret skateboarding session. The girlfriend had purchased a skateboard for their son, even though both parents agreed it was unsafe. Here’s what the upset father had to say.

The Boy’s Parents Were Separated

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The man, in his early thirties, had a 9-year-old son with his ex-girlfriend. They had split six years ago but shared custody with a one-week-on, one-week-off arrangement. The man had been in a relationship with his current girlfriend for four years, and she got along with his son amazingly well.

The Son Had A New Passion For Skateboarding

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The father continued, “Last year, my son suddenly became obsessed with skateboarding; he would talk nonstop about it and kept asking if he could get a skateboard. 

They Said No

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My ex and I discussed and mutually decided against letting him skateboard because he’s still very young. Obviously, there is also always a risk of injury.”

The Boy Had Been Injured

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Naturally, the boy was very upset when they said no, but he eventually got over it.

One afternoon, the man left the house for an hour to run some errands. While he was out, he received a call from his girlfriend, telling him that she had to take his son to the emergency department and asked him to meet them there. 

The Dad Drove to the Hospital

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The boy had suffered a dislocated shoulder. Confused and unsure of what had happened, the man immediately drove to the hospital.

The Girlfriend Had Lied

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“I asked her how it happened, and she admitted that she bought him a skateboard three months ago, and he had a nasty fall while riding it at the skatepark she had taken him to while I was out,” the man recounted.

The man was angry but didn’t want to start an argument in the middle of the hospital, so he gave her the silent treatment until they returned home.

Both Parents Were Furious

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Once home, the man called his ex to inform her about the incident, and she was furious. Although the girlfriend apologized to the ex when she arrived at the hospital, the ex did not accept her apology.

The Girlfriend Made The Boy Lie

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“So basically, my girlfriend made my son promise her not to say anything about the skateboard to his mother or me, and they’ve been hiding the skateboard from me for months. I asked my girlfriend why did she think that would be okay, and she simply said she just wanted to make my son happy,” the father said.

They Were Skateboarding In Secret

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The girlfriend insisted that she never let him skate alone; she was always with him. Apparently, she would take the boy to the skatepark whenever the man was out of the house, which wasn’t often, but he hadn’t wanted his son at the skatepark at all.

The Dad Got Angry

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The man swore at his girlfriend and called her an “idiot,” blaming her for his son’s injury. She responded that he was being unreasonable and that she didn’t mean for it to happen; she was just trying to do something nice. 

The Couple Isn’t Speaking

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Now, the couple is barely talking to each other. The father of the injured boy took to the internet to ask whether others agreed with him that his girlfriend was stupid and wrong to do what she did, knowing that both parents were against skateboarding.

People Responded

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One internet user said, “She over-stepped. I’d talk to your son to see if there are any other secrets she had him keep from you and explain if an adult wants them to keep a secret from their parents, 9 out of 10, they are not good adults.”

Another agreed, “It is not about whether skateboard access at 9 is reasonable or unreasonable. That is a parenting decision for parents. The GF is not a parent. She knew what the parents had decided, directly defied their wishes, and told the son to lie about it. For MONTHS. That’s such a huge betrayal of trust that if I were the mother of this child, I would never want this woman to have access to my kid again.”


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