“The food looks like sick”: He Called His Roommate Racist for Making Rude Comments About His Food – Did He Go Too Far?

A man recently called out his new roommate for being racist because she wouldn’t stop complaining about the Indian food he cooked. Both of them are white. Here’s the young man’s side of the story.

The Man Lives With Friends

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The man, aged 23, lives in a property with five other people. He is good friends with three of his roommates, who are all in their mid-twenties. The newest person that started living with them is a girl called Jess, who is 20.

Jess moved into the house when the man was out of town for two weeks, so the man did not meet her for a while after she arrived.

Jess Disliked Him Before They Met

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The man recalled, “During my absence, I started getting texts from my other roommates warning me that she seemed hostile towards me, making assumptions that I was inconsiderate and bad-mothing me before we even met.”

He Loves Cooking

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The man was taught to cook by his father, who was a chef. His father also spent a few years living in India. Because of this, the man grew up eating a lot of authentic Indian dishes and was taught to make them himself. He now cooks Indian food quite frequently.

In the house that he lives in, the man does the bulk of the cooking and often feeds his roommates. 

Jess Was Rude About His Food

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“Apparently, straight away after seeing my ingredients, she began making comments about how weird they are and how it’s rude they all have to deal with my smelly food,” the cook said.

The other people in the house love the smells, and even then, the man ensures that the house is well-ventilated when he cooks so the smell of food doesn’t linger.

Jess Only Ate Western Food

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Jess also said that she would not eat anything that he made because she prefers to eat “normal” things, which was something that she said completely unprompted and surprised the other people living in the house.

They Finally Met

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When Jess finally met the man, she seemed a bit surprised, noting that he was not at all what she was expecting. Her attitude towards him mellowed considerably, and for the last few weeks, they had been friendly enough to one another.

Recently, however, the situation blew up.

Jess Insulted His Food

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The man cooked dhansak for everybody, but when one of his roommates invited Jess to join them, she refused and said the food “looked like vomit.”

He and his roommates told her that she was being rude, but she persisted and began to complain about how off-putting she found the smell.

He Tried To Reason With Her

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In response, the man pointed out that she often cooked food that he hated the smell of, such as eggs and fish, without even opening the windows.

He told her that he just goes elsewhere in the building so that it does not bother him and that she could do the same thing.

Jess insisted that it was not the same, but she could not explain why.

The Disagreement Escalated

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“I told Jess I knew she was hostile to me about it before she’d ever smelt my cooking, and given she doesn’t mind smelly Western foods, it seems like she just hates it because it’s foreign.”

She got incredibly angry at the man for “pulling the race card,” telling him that he was making out she was racist towards him, which she couldn’t be because they were both white.

The House Is Conflicted

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Everybody in the house is torn regarding the situation. The man thinks that, while she is not being racist towards him specifically, she is still prejudiced, though he appreciates that it may not be his place to say.

Two of his roommates think the situation is hilarious, while the other is convinced that Jess assumed the man was Indian at the start and has hated him since then because of that.

Is Jess Racist?

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Jess herself, meanwhile, has stormed off, and the man is not sure where she has gone.

Because of the uncertainty, the man decided to ask the online community if he was wrong for calling Jess racist after hearing her opinions.

Fortunately for the man, the overwhelming majority of people felt that he was right about his new roommate.

The Internet Responded

One commenter stated, “This girl is one hundred percent racist,”

Another pointed out, “She started bad-mouthing you before she even met you! Even if she can’t technically be racist towards you, she makes assumptions about people.” 


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