19 Hobbies Women Wish Men Would Keep Away From

As a guy, you may think you have it all figured out when it comes to impressing the ladies with your hobbies. However, some may not go over as well as you think! In this post, we’ll look at 19 hobbies women secretly dislike in men.

The Obsession with Fantasy Football

American Football
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Hello gentlemen, turns out the ladies aren’t as thrilled about your fantasy football league as you might think! Sure, friendly competition is great, but when you’re spending more time drafting imaginary players than having real conversations, it’s time for a reality check.

Video Game Marathons

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Now, we aren’t the ones to deny people the pleasures of life, but when your console starts to receive more attention than your lady, you might have a problem. Balance, my friend, is key. Power off the PlayStation occasionally and power up some romance instead.

Endless Tinkering in the Garage

Garage Door Springs
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The garage can be a man’s castle, however, hours of incessant tinkering might have ladies questioning your priorities. So, why not make it a shared space? It’s time to invite her in, and who knows, she might even find a new hobby too.

Never-ending Drone Flying

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Flying drones can be a thrilling hobby, and sure, aerial photography is cool. Your lady might just be wishing for a drone-free zone when every single outing turns into a drone-flying session, though.  Consider it food for thought for your next date!

An Overwhelming Comic Book Collection

Comic Book Collecting/Reading
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Obviously, comics are entertaining, and who doesn’t enjoy a good superhero saga now and then? Let’s just make sure the comics don’t take over every spare inch of your shared living space. A tidy space leaves room for romance, and isn’t that the ultimate superpower?

Constant Conspiracy Theories

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We all love a good mystery, but if your man sees a conspiracy in everything, it can become exhausting. It’s probably time to put down the tin foil hat and enjoy the simple things in life.

Excessive Sneaker Collecting

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Collecting sneakers might be a passion for some men, but a lady might not see the charm in a living room filled with shoe boxes. It might be time to kick the habit. Trust us, your relationship (and your bank account) will thank you!

Affection for Home Brewing

Craft Beers
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Making your own beer can be a fun project, but when the time comes that every corner of the house smells like a brewery, it’s probably time for a cleanup. Keeping things neat will help keep the hops in your relationship!

Enthusiasm for Bitcoin

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The world of cryptocurrency is undeniably captivating. Nonetheless, if every conversation turns into a financial podcast, who wouldn’t find themselves bored and lost in a sea of unfamiliar terms? Why not put crypto chatter on hold occasionally and relish in the pleasure of casual, lighthearted banter?

The Odd Love for Taxidermy

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Fellas, here’s a shocker – not every woman shares your fascination with stuffing and mounting deceased creatures. Perhaps, swapping those mounted deer heads for some appealing art could be a breath of fresh air in your living room!

Mysterious Metal Detecting Excursions

Metal Detecting
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Hunting for hidden treasure can be fun, but when your metal-detecting hobby turns every beach day into a quest for the lost coin, your lady might start wishing for some simple sunbathing. Consider this your buried message in a bottle.

Reptile Collecting

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A guy who loves his pets is great, right? Well, I guess that depends on how cute and fluffy they are. Reptiles might be fascinating, but they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If your man has more cold-blooded friends than warm-hearted ones, it could be a turn-off.

Competitive Eating

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Believe it or not, witnessing a man stuff his face with 50 hot dogs doesn’t necessarily scream attractiveness. Women do value a man who enjoys his food, but guys, don’t forget the golden rule of dining – moderation is indeed the key!

All-Day Fishing Trips

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Sure, fishing is a peaceful pastime, but remember that not all women share your dream of whileing away an entire day hoping for a nibble. Blend those fishing excursions with activities she adores to keep the joy balanced and reciprocal!

Magic Tricks

Magic Cards
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Magic is enchanting, although if your man’s pulling rabbits out of hats at every date, it might quickly start to lose its charm. Keep some tricks up your sleeve for special occasions, fellas.

​​Remote Control Car Racing

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While remote control car racing can be fun, it might get old when your dinner table turns into a perpetual race track. Consider taking those exhilarating races outside to keep everyone’s enjoyment on track.

The Habit of Collecting Random Gadgets

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In this digital age, new gadgets emerge daily. While it’s cool to stay updated,  if your man’s place looks like a tech warehouse, it might not scream ‘home sweet home’ to you! Remember, it’s the quality of gadgets, not the quantity, that counts!

Fascination with Building Models

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Model airplanes and train construction can indeed be a relaxing hobby. However, if every nook and cranny of your home turns into an impromptu runway or railway, your lady could find herself longing for open space. Please, guys, clear the tracks for some romance!

Incessant Guitar Shredding

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Guitar heroes, we salute you! Please remember though, guys, the non-stop riffing can turn from cool to annoying quicker than you can say “Freebird”. Mixing up your playlist might just be music to her ears.


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