18 Jobs Women Think are Grossly Overpaid

It seems hardly fair that while some key workers are severely underpaid, other people’s high wages don’t match the difficulty of their job. A recent online survey asked women, “Which job is definitely overpaid?” Here are the top 18 responses.


Following Influencers Like Sheep
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“Most of the time, they aren’t even influential in any way. I just refer to them as content creators.”

“They influence people to buy the clothes they wear and products they use. Their content is oftentimes just a means to serve you an advertisement or, better phrased, ‘A message from today’s sponsor.’”


Worshipping Politicians
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“People always say this, but if I had the level of stress and abuse that seemingly all politicians tolerate, I too would want to be well paid for it.”

“Let’s not forget that they can vote for their own pay raises.”

Professional athletes

American Football
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“Let’s face it- these people do what they love to do… play football, baseball, and basketball, etc., and they all get ungodly amounts of money for doing it. Why?”

“I agree that athletes have tough jobs and short careers and deserve fair compensation, but it depends on the athletics in question. Olympic athletes, for example, practically live hand to mouth. Pro sports players vary from ‘liveable wage’ to ‘obscenely overpaid.’”


CEO_President of a Large Company
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“Exactly. Nobody needs multiple million-dollar bonuses.”

“Agree! My ex was paid a couple million a year, and he would do MAYBE one work call on a good day.”


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“Yes, yes, yes! I recently saw a news report saying a footballer was fined “half a week’s wages,” equalling £30,000. All of this while the UK has healthcare, emergency services, and teacher strikes because the government can’t afford to pay them anymore (among other things).”

“I’m not saying it doesn’t take a lot of training and talent for them to be that good and on that paycheck, but they are in no way more important to society than doctors, nurses, and carers. To me, it just doesn’t make sense.”

Hospital managers

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“As a healthcare worker not at the bedside (the real underpaid heroes), I agree.”

“The CEO of my “nonprofit” hospital made $3.5 million dollars this year. And it’s running on a half-a-billion dollar annual loss.”

Actors and movie executives

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“As someone who has worked in the lower levels of the entertainment industry, I wholeheartedly agree. Thousands of crew working 12+ hour days, being treated like absolute garbage, and doing all the heavy lifting literally both literally and figuratively to make a movie happen, and they do not make enough to live on while a handful of actors and executives on any given picture are making millions upon millions upon millions of dollars.”

“I have to disagree. Depending on what form of entertainment, I’d say famous musicians and actors deserve their pay because they hustle all year round and won’t be guaranteed a big paycheck until their movie drops or their album and tour sales start racking in money.”


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“It definitely varies by location, but where I am: Cops, hands down. They make $100,000 and don’t do much of anything, not even traffic enforcement. They don’t help in petty crime situations, and we have very little serious crime here, so what are they doing for that salary?”

“I don’t know where that person lives, but the cops in Suffolk County, NY, make 100k or more to terrorize innocent people and take hours to respond to calls for actual crime.”

Real estate agents

Real Estate Agent
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“A seller and I both disliked our agents and fired ours. This was for my first home purchase, and he gave me a discount cheaper than if we had to pay the commission. I just found a real estate attorney who handled everything with my broker, and then I realized how much of a rip-off having an agent is.”

University administrators

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“Meanwhile, some teaching staff are so underpaid they have to work at multiple campuses to make a living. The administration also cheaps out on the kinds of teaching staff they hire. They don’t hire as many tenure-track professors, who are better paid and can’t be fired without cause, because hiring them is more expensive.”

American pastors

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I worked at a large Baptist church in a southern state, and our head pastor made 100k+ a year, worked about 10-20 hours a week, drove a brand new Mustang, lived in a big, nice home in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in town, and generally coasted by in life. Don’t get me wrong, he was a good guy and meant well, but people are oblivious to how overpaid many pastors are.”

Sales account managers

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“My partner made approximately $500,000 a year. My sister-in-law, who is only 20, is on a $160,000 base rate before any commission in a similar role. Each is ‘work’ from home, meaning a few phone calls and emails. Meetings are held during expensive dinners, and conferences are held overseas at expensive all-expenses paid resorts. Meanwhile, I literally save lives and get a fraction of that.”

Human resources

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“Seriously, their pay for one of the most useless jobs is crazy. I don’t need any special program at work and you don’t need to evaluate my IQ to see if I’m fit for the job. You’ll see that in my three-month probation period. If I suck, you’ll find someone new. Most people would prefer fewer work hours and more free time instead of team-building and casual Fridays.”

Hair removal technicians

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“I do full body waxing as a licensed esthetician, with the main service I do being a Brazillian. I personally think it’s insane that I make anywhere between $30-$50 an hour for slapping on wax and ripping out hair. I was previously a General Manager for a restaurant while working the floor & only made $24 an hour and was stressed to the max, so it feels wrong to do so little work and make so much.”

“No, I think you absolutely deserve to be paid a lot. You had to train and get qualified and then you have to wax some pretty intimate areas. I’m more than happy for the girl who does my waxing to get $50 an hour. You are a blessing to us all.”

School administrators

Elementary School Administrator
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“I have seen amazing teachers become horrible admins purely because they wanted the raise. Pay admins exactly what you pay full-time teachers, and ensure they’re qualified managers. Classroom management and employee management are not the same skill.”

“Administration in the medical field and education.”


Ashlee Simpson (Pop Singer)
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“I love them but no one needs to get millions of dollars for one show. They can not have a show on their own. Their team that makes everything happen needs to get paid more. As someone who dances and wants to be a dancer, I might be biased, but seriously, it’s ridiculous how much the singer gets paid versus everyone else in their concert.”


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“Their job has literally no use for society at best. At worst, they’re increasing consumption and are therefore hurting the environment and increasing pollution. They just make people buy more stuff they don’t need.”


Management Consultant
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“They are like employees but get paid double, if not more. It kind of blows my mind how much the government and companies would rather pay double for someone just cause they want the ability to get rid of them at the drop of a hat and not have to pay them any benefits. I know some consultants who have worked the same full-time job for the same client for years on end.”


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