18 Lies We Hear Every Day That Have Us All Duped

It’s surprising some of the lies people either willingly believe or keep telling themselves. An online survey recently asked, “What lie do people need to stop believing?” and the internet responded, Here are the top 18 answers.

Your call is important to us, please stay on the line

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“Due to the fact, we fired most of our workforce during COVID and haven’t re-employed any ..”

“Golden answer here.”

That animals don’t have feelings

Befriending A Wild Animal
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“This belief is very harmful in the pet trade due to misinformation including the idea that they don’t benefit from any enrichment/stimuli and do best in a tiny empty box given the bare minimum or borderline neglectful care.”

“As someone who works in a pet store, yes. Usually, I have customers that do their best and listen. But the worst is fish. I still educate people almost every day that no, goldfish can’t go in a bowl.”

That resealable packaging actually works

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“Reminds me of a certain brand of frozen vegetables we always buy. They always say ‘resealable,’ but 90% of the time, they have nothing on the bag to reseal it with.”

“Seriously, what is up with resealable packages? Did the patent on Zip-locs finally run out, so now everyone is out there making terrible versions of it?”

Flushable wipes won’t block your pipes

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“Most things are flushable. Might not be a good idea to flush 99.9% of things, but they flush.”

“The hospital I worked at had to pay a $10,000 fine because the city line kept clogging up due to wipes that said ‘flushable’ in huge letters that most patients received. They put big signs in every bathroom saying not to flush the wipes, but it would still happen.”

That easy open packaging is easy to open

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“Bite here to make a tiny slit that rips the bag in half, then eat off the floor.”

“We have a running joke in our house where if something is impossible, we call it ‘easy open.’ It’s not just food packaging anymore. If there is a package that we need a knife or scissors for, we yell, ‘It’s easy-open, can you bring me something!’”

Everyone gets a happy ending

Everyone Gets A Happy Ending
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“You’ve got to pay extra for that.”

“This works for both a dodgy happy ending and life in general.”

Life is fair

Unfair Treatment
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“No amount of being nice, being good/humane, and following the rules, etc., will guarantee that life will repay you in kind.”

“You can do absolutely everything right and still lose.”

That we only use ten percent of our brains

We Use Only 10% Of Our Brain
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“Except that we use 90-95% of our brains at all times. The 10% thing is entirely false.”

“Nah, I’m convinced most use less than 10%. The number of people who buy into conspiracy theories is way too high!”

Pimples are only for teenagers

High Schoolers in The US Do Have Pimples
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“Dude, breakouts and fine lines AT THE SAME TIME.”

“Mines stress related. You can literally measure my overall stress by how many red spots are on my face.”

Going up a tax bracket means paying much more tax

Only The Part Of Your Income That Exceeds A Tax Bracket Is Taxed At The Higher Rate
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“Getting a raise that puts you into the next tax bracket does not mean all your income is taxed at the higher rate, only the small piece over the threshold.”

“I have argued with people so much over this.”

People pleasing makes people respect you

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“As a recovering people pleaser, I totally agree. My new framework is that the people I love the most deserve the honest truth, not a fabrication of myself. Helps me speak up when I’m upset by something. They deserve the chance to make it right.”

“Also note that some people are trying to use you. For them, you are and will only ever be what you can do for them. And it will never be enough.”

You have to wait 24 hours to report someone missing

Waiting 24 Hours To File A Missing Person_s Report
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“Yes. Those first hours are the most critical in the search for a missing person.”

“There’s a quite famous case in the UK (of Ricky Reel) where his mother reported him missing within 24 hours, and the police basically obstructed her efforts to find him.”

That you eat spiders in your sleep

You Eat 8 Spiders In Your Sleep Over The Course Of A Lifetime
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“Wasn’t it a lie spread purposely to see how far lies spread because they’re so easily believed? Like a scientific study of sorts whose origin can be pinpointed, so someone saying, this is a lie, I told it, and now it’s everywhere, but it’s absolutely not true at all. Spiders try to stay away from predators’ mouth holes.”

“So I found out last year that it’s not eight a night like I thought. I was knowingly going to bed every night expecting to eat eight spiders and not questioning it. I’m 35.”

People have actually read the terms and conditions

Terms of Service_ Didn_t Read for Those Too Lazy to Read The TOS
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“The argument of ‘but you agreed to it in the terms and conditions!’ always bothers me for some reason. Because it’s pretty clearly a bad-faith argument to assume that the person has actually read and affirmatively consented to the Terms and Conditions, never mind the fact that they probably don’t have a realistic option to not do so.”

Attractive women are close by and want to chat

Attractive Women Close To Your Location Want To Chat
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“That’s a lie?! Well, there go my weekend plans …”

“I’d argue it’s actually true most of the time, it’s just not going to be found through clicking that advert.”

We value you as an employee

We Value You As An Employee
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“They may value you as an employee, but do they value you as a human… probably not.”

“They DO value me as an employee, in so much as I bring revenue to the company in excess of my salary.”

I’ll fix all my bad habits tomorrow

I'll Stop Doing That Tomorrow
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“Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.”

“Maybe next year I’ll start acting my age. Turn a new leaf over my wicked ways. Get a real job and start pulling my weight. Only 365 more days til I change my ways. Song by Corey Smith.”

Number 14 will SHOCK you!

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“As a rule, ignore any article or link that tells you how you feel, how you will feel, or how you should feel.”

“I used to click on those just to comment what ‘#14’ actually was.”


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