18 Untrue Things About the US That Americans Are Sick of Hearing About

Americans get a hard time for many things that just aren’t true. A recent online survey asked people from all over the US, “What are some American misconceptions that really annoy you?” Here are the top 18 answers.

All American chocolate is bad

American _Chocolate
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“That all of our chocolate is the same quality as Hershey’s.”

“As an American, I find Cadbury nasty, but I enjoy Hershey’s, Ritter Sport, and Kinder chocolate.”

That we’re all lazy

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“I look at other countries’ work schedules, and it’s mind-boggling to me. I, and almost everyone I know, work 50-70 hour weeks. And if they’re lucky, that’s at one job. Most people I know have 2-3 part-time jobs, so no health insurance, dental insurance, 401k, etc.”

“Yeah, never understood this. Were the only country where you have to work 40 hours a week for years while buying almost nothing to afford college.”

The US is only great if you are rich

Being Rich
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“Then again, just about everything except healthcare is cheaper in America than Europe, plus lower taxes.”

“If you go to California/New York, probably about the same, but everywhere else? Definitely cheaper, especially when it comes to places to live. In most places in America, you get way more for your money than you would get in a lot of Europe.”

That our patriotism is a bad thing

We_re Weirdly Patriotic
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“In its original form, the pledge was ‘I pledge allegiance to my flag, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’ It was a proclamation against divided loyalties that could lead to another civil war.”

“The blind nationalism after 9/11 was pretty horrific. We rightly deserve to get stick for that. The whole ‘with us or against us’ rhetoric is why we got legislation like the Patriot Acts, invaded a country based on lies, and the fact that there is still a sizeable chunk of the populace who thinks torture is ok.”

Everybody loves guns and carries them everywhere

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“Not all Americans carry guns around everywhere we go. I live in the North East and rarely see a gun in person.”

“To be fair, there are an absolute ton of people in the US who own guns, at least in the Southeast. Nearly everyone I know owns at least one, myself included (I own four).”

That all Americans are ignorant of the world

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“When I meet people, I always ask them where they are from and what it’s like there. I want to hear about your provincial German town. But you hear I’m from America, assume I’m from Texas, have never heard of North Carolina, and have no desire to, yet I’m the insensitive, ignorant one.”

“A big part of how I know this is the lack of examination of why so many Americans don’t know or care about what’s going on in the rest of the world. It’s actually very rarely based on willful ignorance. Most Americans will never have the option to see another country.”

We all have offensive views

“That we are ignorant and uncultured brutes. Then they proceed to make ignorant insults about the US.”

“That we are all nasty people, just not always overtly.”

That we eat hamburgers every day

We Eat Hamburgers Daily
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“’I’m an American expat who lives in Japan. I get, “Guns! Bang bang!” and “Hamburgers, you eat hamburgers every day, right?” all the time. It is annoying, but our media is to blame for that.”

Everyone is overweight

We_re All Obese
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“That we’re all fat. Then again, I live in the northwest and have never been in any southern states.”

“The South isn’t all fat, either. Believing our own stereotypes, I think!”

That Americans can’t make beer

Not All American Beer Tastes Like Water
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“The idea that American beer is bad. Sure, the mass-market beer isn’t great, but there are so many excellent microbreweries these days that have their products even in gas stations and regular grocery stores.”

“Our mass market beer is best when consumed with full knowledge that it is cheap beer and not intended to be anything fancy.”

Everyone from Texas rides a horse

Texans Ride Horses Everywhere
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“Everyone from Texas knows how to ride a horse and drives a pickup truck. This is just not true. I don’t own a horse, and I sold my truck three years ago when we decided to have a baby. I was actually living in Virginia at the time.”

“Yeah can confirm as a Texan. I went to Massachusetts to visit an uncle, met another cousin, and told him my family got a new Mercedes. He was baffled by how we didn’t ride horses everywhere.”

That we have no culture

There Is No American Culture
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“I hate it when visiting Europeans, and generally those of French British origin, claim that the U.S. has no culture. I’m sorry you thought you were going to understand the culture of 300+ million people by visiting Tampa Bay’s tourist areas.”

“Actually, I found the opposite to be true. Most Americans I meet/ have met insist that the US has no history or Culture of its own. I find it to be quite a mad statement and insist they do.”

All Americans are all loud and obnoxious

Americans Are Loud _ Obnoxious
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“That’s because many Americans act like this during their vacations. I don’t know why, but I haven’t really encountered this in America. When I encounter an American in Europe, however…”

“The loudest Americans are also the most ignorant. Don’t judge us all by them.”

That our political leaders represent all of us

We Support Congress
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“That would be true if America were Democratic, but in function, we’re a Capitalist Republic. Politicians are often funded by family money, parties funded by lobbyists, and the 1%, and with the Electoral College in place, they’re essentially elected by the same people.”

“For some reason, it’s hard for people (not just Americans, just people in general) to understand that everyone is their separate person. Just because you’re a Republican doesn’t mean you agree with everything the Republican politicians do and say. And vice versa.”

We are all bad at world geography

Americans Don_t Know About Geography
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“Not to generalize, but I have a funny story about this. When I was around eight, we were in Florida for Disney land (from the UK) when the waitress at the diner asked where we were from and my dad said, “The UK” She replied, “Did you drive?”

Everyone in the US speaks with a Southern accent

We All Have Southern Accents
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“That everyone automatically speaks with a southern accent. We’re not all from Texas.”

“As a Southerner, I feel the need to correct you in saying that a Texas accent is not, in fact, a Southern accent. Texans speak with Texan accents. I can usually tell the difference if someone is from Georgia or South Carolina and another is from Texas.”

That Canadians are nicer than us

We_re Not As Nice As Canadians
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“As with most stereotypes, it is exaggerated, but there is a kernel of truth. Canadians I have met on several trips across the border generally do seem nicer than Americans. The culture just seems less aggressively competitive and more cooperative all around.”

That we are all the same

America Lacks Cultural Diversity
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“Generally, the entirety of the country is very different, but once you get to a state level, you find much juicier stereotypes.”

“I don’t like being generalized as an American. We’re a very diverse population in just about every metric. It annoys me anytime someone tries to characterize us as a homogeneous group.”


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