“Not Constitutional”: Trump No Longer Allowed To Make Public Attacks As Gag Order Goes Back Into Effect

Social media was alight after the gag order against ex-President Donald Trump was reinstated on Sunday. U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan had previously provided a temporary reprieve to Trump’s defense, suspending the gag order as they pursued an appeal.

The gag order

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However, this Sunday, Judge Chutkan issued an opinion which effectively resumed the gag order. This directive restricts Trump from making any public statements about potential witnesses or making derogatory remarks about the prosecutors.

Protecting the trial

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The request for this gag order came from the federal special counsel Jack Smith’s team. Their intent was to “protect the integrity of the trial and the jury pool” from possible influences due to Trump’s comments on the case, which is filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Trump spoke out

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While Trump’s legal representatives remained silent on the issue, the former president took to his platform, Truth Social, stating: “The Corrupt Biden Administration just took away my First Amendment Right To Free Speech. NOT CONSTITUTIONAL! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…”

Trump still allowed to make some claims

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Trump has often claimed, without any corroborative evidence, that such cases against him are strategies by President Joe Biden to hinder his possible return as the 2024 Republican presidential candidate. Judge Chutkan clarified that Trump can maintain this stance, as it doesn’t fall under the gag order’s purview.

People online were quick to react

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As the news of the gag order started appearing on social media, the American public quickly found it’s voice. One person noted, “There is (sadly) no such thing as an effective Trump gag order. Well, there could be, but even then he’d find a way to bloviate from the beyond.”

Other’s disagreed

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Another person questioned the order, stating, “What are you afraid of? if he’s just an idiot and a fool then why do you feel the need to tackle him to the ground and duct tape his mouth shut? Why are you so terrified of what he might say if it’s all Jibberish as you say?”

He’s getting special treatment

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Someone else felt that Trump was getting preferential treatment: “Anyone of us who threatened witnesses, judges, and prosecutors would already be in custody.  Think I’m going to file to run for President and commit some crimes!”

He’ll never have to pay

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A person agreed with the aforementioned statement, writing, “As I have said numerous times before, the American judicial system does not know how to treat a past president, and so, Trump receives indictments, fraud charges, and gag orders without penalty. The latter gag orders have fines imposed, but of course, Trump will not pay them. Jail is the answer and that is where he belongs, one day!!”

Zero consequences

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More shared this sentiment, saying, “Meanwhile, he’ll do exactly that endlessly and continue to face zero consequences. Any of us would have been tossed in jail with the key thrown away long ago.”

He’s not man enough

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Others were fed up With Trumps constant outbursts, noting, “He can’t help acting like a whiny six year old who is always the victim. He isn’t man enough to stay quiet.”

He’s no different to any other criminal

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Some people questioned why Trump was allowed to publicly attacks individuals in the first place, saying, “Why should Trump be given the chances he is for disregarding the gag order. It doesn’t matter who he was or is, he is still a criminal.”

He should go to prison

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Another person felt that the judge was being too lenient, stating, “My hope is that she revokes his bail and lets him sit in lockup for 24-48 hours pending a new bail hearing in which he’s marched into the courtroom in jailhouse garb and asked if he’s sorry for violating the gag order and willing to follow it now? Or does he want to go back to jail until the trial starts? I have no expectation that that’s what’s going to happen, but one can dream…”

Others agreed with harsher punishments

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One commenter said, “I want to see the court take all his cell phones away from him. Because we all just know he has more than three or four. Minimum, I think he’s got at least six cell phones on him at all times. I’m sure they make him fell important.”

Comparison to Andrew Tate

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Another reader was quick to compare Trump to Tate: “Just like Andrew Tate, he will tweet from prison, send selfies of him behind bars, and his rubes will fork their money over to rescue him. The US constitution in its grandness does not preclude a potential criminal to run for President from jail and so he will. It’s a show of the highest order.”

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