Outrage as Tennessee Republican Proposes Ban on Pride Flags and All ‘Political’ Flags on Government Property

Tennessee Republican and Christian lawmaker Gino Bulso has proposed a bill to ban all “political” flags, including Pride flags and Black Lives Matter flags, on government property.

Photo Credit: Jacob Lund/Shutterstock.

Bulso’s proposed bill would mean that all flags promoting an “agenda” would no longer be permitted on government-owned Tennessee buildings such as schools, municipal buildings, and state courts.

Speaking to WKRN in Nashville, Bulso implied that symbols like the Pride flag promote an “immoral” agenda. “Certainly, you know, 50 years ago we had a consensus on what marriage is; we don’t have that anymore,” said the Republican.

“One hundred years ago, we had a consensus on sexual morality; I don’t think we have that anymore,” Bulso continued. “So the values that I think most parents want their children exposed to are the ones that were in existence at the time that our country was founded.”

Following this line of logic, Bulso argues that the only flags that belong in Tennessee schools are the United States and Tennessee flags.

The Christian lawmaker said he isn’t the only one concerned about the use of Pride flags in U.S. schools. “I had some complaints from Williamson County parents and a Williamson County School Board member, in particular, about Pride flags in some of our schools in Williamson County,” Bulso shared.

Expanding on his reasoning, Bulso stated, “The whole idea is that a school is a place where a child goes to learn, not a place where a child goes to be indoctrinated” in “transgender ideology and other similar issues.”

Bulso believes that Pride flags are used to represent several dangerous ideas, including “transgender ideology” and the 14th Amendment, which requires states to recognize same-sex marriage. “That’s one issue that I think that flag represents,” the Republican said. “This idea that, somehow, the 14th Amendment has an equal protection clause that extends this protection, which is obviously something I very much disagree with.”

According to Bulso, public support of transgender individuals poses a particularly dangerous threat to schoolchildren. “And I think — a lot of parents and I would be included in that group — really think that this transgender ideology is probably the most dangerous one that comes under that Pride flag,” he said.

However, LGBTQ+ flags are not the only symbols of support that would be targeted under Bulso’s new bill. Other “political” flags, such as the BLM flag, would also be banned from Tennessee’s government buildings.

The Tennessee Republican’s proposal has been widely criticized by many onlookers. The Tennessee Equality Project declared, “We live here; this is our home; this is our state; the capitol is as much our building as it is anyone else’s, and we’re not going anywhere.”

Last year, the American Civil Liberties Union released an open letter stating that policies attempting to ban Pride flags are “contrary to the First Amendment protections afforded to students within public schools.” Bulso’s proposal is set to spark further outrage as the debate continues.