27 Secret Signs That Reveal a Person’s True Character

Understanding someone completely is tough, but there are clues and signs that can give you insight into their character. In this article, we’ll explore 27 things that can tell you a lot about a person.

How They Talk

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Slow talkers seem more intellectual, while fast talkers can come across as erratic and overly eager.

The Way They Dress

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Do they have their own style? Are they neat or sloppy? Well-dressed people are often seen as ambitious.

Their Body Language

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Pay attention to how they carry themselves. Do they seem closed off or open? It tells you a lot about them.

Do They Show Initiative

They_re Helpful Without Bragging About It
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Look for signs of initiative, like taking charge on a date or picking up trash without being asked. Leaders act, while followers don’t.

How They Treat Service Workers

Treats People With No Power With Dignity and Respect
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Watch how they treat strangers, waiters, and service workers when you’re out for dinner. It says a lot about their character.

How They Make Eye Contact

Increased Eye Contact
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People who maintain eye contact for longer periods are usually more confident. Those who avoid eye contact may be shy or self-conscious.

How They Argue

The Person Who Argues With Your Insurance Company That You Need the Procedure Your Doctor Ordered
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Do they lose their temper easily, or do they argue logically? The way they handle arguments reveals a lot about their temperament and how they might communicate when upset or angry.

How They Act If They Don’t Win

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Watch how they react when they lose. Do they get upset or congratulate the winner? Losing may show their true character.

How They Tip

You're a Terrible Tipper
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When you go out to eat, notice how much they tip. Do they leave a generous amount or just a few coins? Their treatment of service staff says a lot about them.

What Types of Jokes They Make

Laughs at Your Jokes
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Shared humor is important in relationships. Pay attention to what makes them laugh and whether it aligns with your sense of humor.

How You Feel About Yourself When You’re Around Them

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If they bring negativity or bad energy, you’ll start feeling bad too. Their presence affects your well-being.

Their Taste in Music

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Their music preferences can tell you a lot about their personality and character. If music is important to you, it’s also good to know whether you share musical preferences or can share your differing musical tastes respectfully.

How They Keep Their Commitments

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Do they keep their word and show up on time? Or are they always late? Whether someone makes the effort to be on time or not shows how much they respect others’ time.

How They Act With People They Want Something From

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Do they act differently when they want something from someone? Are they fake or genuinely kind to everyone? This can be a telltale sign of a person’s true character.

Signature Size

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It’s often said that people with large signatures think highly of themselves. What size is their signature? Does it reflect their sense of self-importance?

The Shopping Cart Theory

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Returning a shopping cart shows consideration for others. It’s an excellent test of someone’s character.

How They Talk About Their Friends Behind Their Backs

Only Ever Talking Badly About Other People
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Listen to how they speak about their friends when they’re not around. Gossiping indicates insecurity and jealousy.

How They Respond When They Don’t Get What They Want

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Do they throw a fit or handle disappointments gracefully? Reacting in this way when things don’t go according to plan reveals a lot about a person’s character.

How They Apologize

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Pay attention to their apologies. Are they sincere and remorseful? Or do they try to manipulate the situation? Being able to apologize properly is important for any relationship to thrive.

How They Respond to Changes in Plans

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Life is full of surprises. Do they adapt or get angry and hostile? Their response shows their flexibility.

Neatness and Cleanliness

Cleaning The House
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People who appear neat and clean are usually considered organized. Organizational skills are especially important when planning on living with or sharing responsibilities with another person.

Their Handshake

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A firm handshake indicates confidence, while a soft handshake may indicate sensitivity. Use their handshake as a clue to their true character.

How They Respond to Peer Pressure

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How they handle peer pressure reflects a person’s self-confidence and sense of self. Many people fall prey to peer pressure, but those who don’t are likely more sure of themselves and more genuine.

How They Act When They Make A Mistake

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Do they own up to their mistakes and try to fix them? Taking responsibility is important in a relationship. Passing the blame onto someone else is not a good sign of character and can cause conflict.

How They Act When You Make A Mistake

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How someone reacts when you make a mistake says a lot. Do they embarrass you or provide support? Their behavior reveals their true character.

How Their Real-Life Compares to Social Media Life

Social Media Flexing_Clout Chasing
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If they only show the good on social media, they may rely on external validation for their self-worth. They may also have low self-esteem or be in denial about what their life is really like.

How Their Car Looks

The Type Of Car We Drove
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If their car is clean and organized, it may reflect how they keep their personal space. This can be an important indicator of how they treat their belongings and home.

How Children Respond to Them

Parents Exploiting Kids’ Privacy –
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Children can sense genuineness through facial expressions, body language, and openness. They see through fakeness.


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