She ‘Abandonded’ Her Boyfriend at The Airport and Left with Her Friends After He Forgot His Passport

A woman recently asked if she was wrong for leaving her boyfriend at the airport when he forgot his passport. Here’s what she shared about the incident.

They’d been together for a while

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The boyfriend wasn’t even a recent boyfriend, and they had already been together for over three years. They had even been living together for like six months. So, how could she just leave him standing there while she got on a plane to go on a trip with her friends? A trip they had planned together.

He was absent-minded

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After being together for quite a while, this girl realized that her boyfriend, Paul, was a seriously forgetful kind of person. This was especially true when it came to bringing important documents along with him.

She kept his things

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He said you didn’t need to carry printed versions. The girl knew that digital versions weren’t always accepted, but Paul stubbornly stuck to his belief. After four occasions where they didn’t have Paul’s documents, the girl decided to keep them in her purse.

He can’t find them

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Then she gets a call at work one day. It’s Paul asking her if she knows where his ID document is because the place he was at doesn’t accept the digital version.

He was annoyed

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When the girl said that she had the documents Paul got really cross. He told her the documents should always be at home and that she shouldn’t have control over his documents anyway.

She gave him back his documents

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The girl was a little hurt and annoyed because she thought she was helping him by having the documents with her. Later, she handed him his documents back and told him she would no longer be responsible for them or remind him when he might need them.

They planned a trip

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A few months later, the couple planned with friends to go away for a New Year’s break. It was a big trip to a different continent, so they would obviously need their passports.

The airport wasn’t close

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The airport was two hours away from where they lived, so they stayed at a friend’s house closer to the airport the night before the flight.

He didn’t bring his passport

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Four hours before the flight, just as they were about to leave for the airport, the girl checked her purse as usual for her passport. Paul looked on as she did this and asked where his passport was. The girl just looked at him and said, “You have it.”

He panicked

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Paul went into an instant panic. He didn’t have his passport and said the girl always brought the passports with her. Muttering under his breath, he decided he could just make it home to get his passport and return to the airport just before take-off. He was wrong.

She left without him

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When she realized that Paul wouldn’t make it, she turned off her phone, got on the plane with her friends, and took the 12-hour flight. The friends say that it’s Paul’s fault and that the passport wasn’t her responsibility, especially after what Paul said about not keeping his documents.

The woman asked for advice

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One user said, “He wanted his documents back. You gave him his documents back. He forgot his documents.”

Another wrote, “He’s an adult and is solely responsible for himself. The fact that he expected you to just miss the trip due to his incompetence is ludicrous. NTA. Reconsider this relationship OP. This won’t change.”


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