“She kept asking us to pay”: Woman Is Fuming After Her Boyfriend’s Little Sister Wouldn’t Help Pay for Any Expenses on Their Roadtrip

A young lady recently took a road trip with her boyfriend and his sister. The pair had agreed to chip in for the sister’s costs, but it quickly became evident that she had no intentions of contributing financially to the trip.

The Couple

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“I am 22 and have been with my boyfriend for four years. I have a well-paid job, and so does my boyfriend. He has a younger sister, Cassie, who is 19. Cassie works part-time and is in college. My boyfriend, Cassie, and I planned a road trip to Florida for Cassie’s spring break,” she began.

They Sorted out The Finances

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Cassie had managed to save almost $1,000 for the trip, and the couple had also agreed to help her with some of the expenses. They had committed to covering the entire hotel stay and to chip in for other activities if needed.

The Roadtrip

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The trio began their journey, stopping for fast food along the way, which Cassie paid for herself. Upon arriving in Florida, they dined at a nice restaurant, where the couple split Cassie’s bill with her, paying half of it. 

Cassie Started Asking

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They also visited a beach where they rented jet skis and participated in other activities. Cassie asked the couple to pay for her jet ski rental, and the boyfriend obliged.

They Ended up Paying for Most Things

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The girlfriend said, “basically, long story short, she had asked us to pay for the majority of activities we went to on the first two days. She pretty much only spent her money on shopping. Yesterday came along, and she continued this behavior.”

The Woman Had Enough

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On the third day, after accumulating a hefty restaurant bill and asking the couple to pay, the woman finally asked Cassie why she wasn’t spending the money she had saved for the trip. 

She Got Upset

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Cassie became upset, claiming they had agreed to help pay for her expenses and that her savings were for her personal shopping only. 

The woman responded, “I told her no, that isn’t how it works and that we only agreed to pay towards some expenses, and that she was being greedy.”

Cassie Was Angry

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Cassie paid the bill herself but later complained to her brother, who defended his girlfriend, leading to another argument. 

Cassie then texted her mother, who got angry and accused her son and his girlfriend of going back on their word and even sabotaging Cassie’s trip, given that she was only 19.

It Ruined the Trip

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The rest of the trip was awkward, with only one more day remaining. Cassie was in a bad mood, but the woman felt that, as an adult, Cassie should understand they couldn’t pay for everything for her.

Was She Wrong for Not Paying for Cassie?

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The girlfriend went online to ask whether she was justified in giving Cassie a reality check and refusing to pay for all the younger woman’s activities and restaurant food.

People Responded

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One user said, “NTA. Sounds like there should have been a pre-drive discussion about who pays for what precisely, but you seemed pretty clear about only helping with some things.”

Another posted, “NTA. She saved the money for shopping, not for the actual trip, which is not what you had agreed on. It sounds like she should have used her money until things became tight, and then she would get help from you guys if you wanted to do something out of her budget.”


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