“She doesn’t need it, look at her the little porker”: Woman is Furious With Her Brother for Belittling His Own Daughter and Now He Doesn’t Want Her at His Wedding

A woman recently claimed that her brother had caused his daughter to develop an eating disorder, and as a result, the brother uninvited her from his wedding. Here’s what she had to say about the situation.

The woman made a buffet for her brother’s birthday

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The woman recently hosted a birthday party for her older brother at their mother’s house. Her brother, his wife, and their three children attended the party. 

The woman had prepared an extravagant buffet, as they didn’t see each other as often as she would like, so she went all out for the special occasion.

Her brother criticized his oldest daughter

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Everyone enjoyed the food, but the brother persistently criticized his eldest daughter, who was nine. 

He kept making disapproving comments, telling her to slow down and questioning her if she was going back for more food. 

He called his own daughter names

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When she picked up a second cupcake, he said, “Put that back, little piggy.”

“She put it down and looked like she was going to cry. She then went and sat in the corner away from everyone and wouldn’t engage in anything after that, despite me trying to get her to join in,” the woman explained.

The woman tried to make her niece feel better

Gentle Parenting
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The brother and his other two children ate multiple cupcakes without any comment, which bothered the woman. 

After the meal, when the woman was packing leftovers for the family, she told the eleven-year-old that she had packed an extra cupcake for her. 

Her brother insulted his daughter again

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The brother said, “She doesn’t need it. Look at her, the little porker.”

The girl had gained some weight recently, but in a way that children often do before experiencing a growth spurt. 

She called her brother out

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The woman confronted her brother, warning him that his comments could give the girl a complex or even an eating disorder. 

He dismissed her concerns, stating that he was looking out for his children and that she, not being a parent herself, wouldn’t understand the need to teach them to be healthy. 

The siblings argued

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The woman argued that a bit of indulgence wasn’t a bad thing as long as there was balance.

Attempting to lighten the mood, the brother said, “Well, at least she’d be skinny.” 

This annoyed the woman, who had struggled with an eating disorder since she was twelve, so she replied, “Yeah, maybe she’ll be so skinny she’ll be dead.” 

The room fell silent, except for the two youngest children playing under the table. 

Her brother and his family left

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Her brother collected their leftovers and left the party with his family. 

Later that day, the brother sent the woman an angry text about her handling of the situation. In the same text, he debated whether she should be invited to his wedding. 

Was she wrong?

gut feeling
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The woman didn’t reply to her brother because she wasn’t sure if she had overreacted.

Their mother thought the woman was wrong to say what she said despite her heart being in the right place. 

Unsure about what to do, she turned to the internet for advice.

People responded

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One person said, “He is abusing her. Calling her Piggy is verbal abuse. Why does everyone seem to be okay with this in your family?”

Someone else said, “If he keeps going like this, his kid is going to have some heavy mental problems regarding weight and eating if that hasn’t happened already. You don’t call your own kid Piggy.”


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