She Was Going on Holiday with Her Husband but Was Shocked to Find Her Mother-In-Law Waiting at Their Airport Ready to Go

A woman in her 30s recently turned to the internet for help dealing with her tough mother-in-law who insisted on joining her and her husband on their vacation. The woman refused, which really ticked off the mother-in-law.

She Needed a Break

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One day the woman decided that it was time for her and her husband to take some much-deserved time off from work. She began saving for a two-week holiday and, when the time came, asked her husband to book the tickets.

The Mother In Law

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When her mother-in-law found out about the trip, she immediately exclaimed that she wanted to go too!

The woman, who doesn’t have a great relationship with her husband’s mom, said no, and then, all hell broke loose.

She Was Furious

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The mother-in-law threw a massive tantrum, began texting and calling the woman endlessly, and sent people to talk to her to convince her to bring her on the trip.

She Even Made Threats

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But that wasn’t all. The mother-in-law even threatened to call the police and make a fake complaint so the couple would be forced to stay if she couldn’t go on the trip.

The Husband

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So what did the husband say? Well, unfortunately, he wasn’t much help. He didn’t see why his mother couldn’t come along and told his wife they should bring her.

He Took His Mother’s Side

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In fact, the husband felt so strongly about it that he gave the woman an ultimatum: “Bring my mother, or I won’t go either.”

The Woman Would Not Back Down

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The woman called his bluff, and he backed down, saying: “FINE! I will tell her to stop it because we won’t take her”.

And then, it got quiet. Suspiciously quiet. The woman couldn’t believe her luck as she heard nothing more from the mother-in-law about the holiday.

The Holiday

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Cut to a few weeks later, and it’s the day of the trip. The couple arrived at the airport, and the woman immediately realized something was off. Her husband begins walking ahead of her as if looking for someone. She tries to get his attention, but he blanks her.

She Couldn’t Believe It

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And it was at that moment that she noticed his mother standing in the waiting area with her luggage!

The woman froze, “I felt a cold wave washing over me, and I was fuming inside,” she said.

She could not believe what her husband had done!

The Husband Was Happy to See His Mom

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The husband walked over to the mother and gave her a big hug, and the woman decided enough was enough. She walked towards the exit with her husband following her asking to stop.

The woman was furious, but the husband told her she was overreacting and shouldn’t mess up the trip.

She Refused to Go on The Trip

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She told her husband that he could go on the trip alone with her mother but that she was not going. The woman went home alone, crying, and couldn’t believe that her husband had booked his mother a ticket without her knowing.

The Husband Thought She Ruined Everything

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An hour later, he walks through the door, yelling and raging about how she had ruined the trip last minute. He even called her family, telling them that the trip was canceled because of her.

The woman was heartbroken, but even some of her own family members felt she should have gone on the trip.

People Responded

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“I’m sorry you are going through this, but I’m also so very, very, very proud of you. You are standing up for yourself. Putting yourself first. Looking into the future and making sure it will be what you want it to be. I wish you the best of luck.”

“Proud of you OP for standing your ground and not backing off even faced with being blame. Your soon to be ex is a piece of work and you deserve way better than being with a golden boy of mommy dearest. Maybe use those vacation funds you didn’t get to use and treat yourself!”


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