She Received a Jacket Worth $1000 as A Gift, but A Few Days Later, She Was Accused of Theft

A woman recently asked if she should apologize to someone for stealing a jacket that she was actually given for free. Here’s what she had to say.

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The woman and her aunt have always been very close. In fact, her parents asked her aunt to take care of her when she was just five years old. She’s been living with her ever since. 

However, everything changed when her aunt married David three years ago. 

The couple met at work and the aunt is a nurse, and David is a doctor. After meeting, they quickly started dating. 

“Eventually, they got married. David is very wealthy and enjoys an extravagant lifestyle. When he found out that I was still dependent on my aunt, who was supporting me through college, he wasn’t too pleased.” 

Not long after her aunt and David got together, the young woman was offered an apartment near her college, so she moved out of her aunt’s place.

She’s very grateful for what David and her aunt have done for her, but she feels like David doesn’t like her and doesn’t want her to be close to her aunt. 

“I can’t help but feel like David doesn’t accept me and wants to drive a wedge between my aunt and me,” she said. 

As a result, the woman and David do not get along very well, and judging by how things have been recently, she started to get nervous that she’ll never get close to her aunt again. 

About a month ago, the woman found out that her aunt and David were moving to another part of the country. 

“The only reason I found out was that David wanted to sell me some of his designer clothes that he didn’t want to take with him. Even though I was upset, I declined the offer and tried to be happy for my aunt.” 

The week after, the young woman went to her aunt’s house to help her pack and pick up the rest. 

To her surprise, the aunt gave her a Gucci jacket. It belonged to David and was quite an expensive piece of clothing, but the aunt said that he had tried to sell it but couldn’t find a buyer. 

So the aunt wanted the niece to have it.

But then the problems started.

“Unfortunately, I believed my aunt and David had discussed this beforehand. But the next day, David started calling me a thief and threatening to press charges against me,” she said. 

The woman says she doesn’t mind returning the jacket, but David is expecting an apology from her, and surprisingly, her aunt agrees. 

The woman is baffled because she doesn’t think she has anything to apologize for. The aunt gave her the jacket as a gift, and she didn’t know that David wasn’t aware. 

So the woman asked the Reddit community if she should apologize and return the jacket. 

All the commenters supported her and agreed that she was not wrong. 

One user said, “Your aunt specifically said David was trying to sell it and couldn’t find a buyer for it, so give it to you. How in anyone’s mind is that stealing? If she asked for it back and said it was a mistake, then okay, fair enough. But now she asks for an apology too?” 

Another reader said, “NTA, if your aunt gave you the jacket, then you can take it, chuck it in her face and tell her to apologize to you for the mess she created or own up to her partner. If she refuses, it might be worth just walking away minus the jacket, as it’s better not to have such relatives.”

Overall, it appears that the Reddit community agrees with the OP, and as one user said, 

“What is going on here? Why didn’t your aunt tell you they were moving – why did you hear it from David? Based on what you wrote, she clearly gave you the jacket, and no, she says you owe him an apology. No. Don’t apologize. The only one who should be apologizing is your aunt.” 

What do you think the woman should do? Give back the jacket and apologize? 

Source: Reddit