She Sent Her Friend Home from A Hiking Trip After She Found out She Had No Experience and Now They’ve Fallen Out

A woman recently asked the Reddit community if she was wrong for sending a friend back home from a hiking trip after she lied about her experience. Here’s what she had to say.

The Woman Had A Goal

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The woman, an experienced backpacker, set out to fulfill her dream of hiking the entire 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail. Sadly, the only two people she had ever shared this dream with, her friend and her grandmother, had passed away in the last two years.”

She Was Struggling Emotionally

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She said, “Before hiking the trail, I was having a hard time… it didn’t feel right doing this without them as part of my support system. I miss them dearly. So, when one of my best friends offered to hike the first three days with me, I gratefully agreed!”

Another Friend Asked To Join

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When the offer was made, another woman named Zoe was present, and as I accepted my friend’s offer, she also expressed interest in joining us. Zoe claimed to have backpacking experience, so I agreed.

Zoe Showed Some Worrying Signs

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As they prepared for the hike, the woman received a strange text from Zoe, expressing fear about bears at the Mexican border. The hiker considered this the first red flag, but Zoe quickly retracted her statement. 

When they picked Zoe up for the hike, she appeared with an enormous backpack, laughing it off and saying she might have overpacked.

The Woman Was Anxious

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“On the car ride to the trailhead, she mentions that she has actually NEVER been backpacking before. I’m a bit anxious hearing this because this is a huge goal of mine. I’ve been planning this hike for many months and have an awful feeling about what will happen,” the woman explained.

Zoe Had An Undisclosed Medical Problem

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Only five miles into the hike, Zoe was already in pain, revealing that she had a dead bone in her foot, which made long-distance hiking difficult. Despite this new information, she insisted on continuing.

Zoe Couldn’t Carry Her Bag

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Ten miles in, Zoe could no longer carry her pack, so the woman had to carry it for her. The woman and her friend divided the contents of Zoe’s pack between them. Among Zoe’s items were a giant tube of toothpaste, a big tube of lotion, two weeks’ worth of medication, seven drinking containers, two lanterns with tags still on, and six outfits, including cotton, when rain was forecasted.

The Woman Was Exasperated

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“At this point, I’m pretty fed up. I told her before leaving that I would have any gear she may need. She is an adult who told me she had been backpacking before. I am now carrying 60+ Ibs, well above what I had planned. After 7 miles with this weight, I tell her I am not willing to get injured on day 2 of my hike.”

The Hikers Hoped Zoe Would Leave

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As Zoe repeatedly apologized, she also claimed that she was doing the woman a favor by being there emotionally. Eventually, the woman told Zoe that they had reached the last spot where she could be picked up, suggesting that she should consider leaving if she couldn’t handle the hike.

Zoe Left

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In the end, Zoe did leave. Later, when the woman had cell service, she texted Zoe, expressing her frustration and wishing that Zoe had been honest from the beginning.

Zoe was mad

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In response, Zoe sent an eight-page Google document, accusing the woman of not considering her feelings. The woman admitted that she had not, but had she known the truth; she would have told Zoe not to come.

Should She Have Been Less Selfish?

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The hiker thought the eight-page response seemed excessive, but it did make her question her actions and whether or not she was in the wrong to focus on her own emotional journey and her personal experience of the hike.

She asked the internet for advice on the moral dilemma.

People Responded

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One internet user said, “NTA, I have no idea why someone would just think, “backpacking, no big deal!” let alone misrepresent their experience and ability. Especially someone who has a known impairment that could be a factor when hiking a long distance.”

Another wrote, “Zoe should not have said she had the experience when she didn’t. I’m not sure what she means by you not thinking of her. Did she mean you should have offered to keep carrying her stuff? ‘Cause that’s ridiculous. She claimed to be an experienced hiker, so you wouldn’t expect you’d need to think about her!”


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