Her Mother-In-Law Called Her a ‘Used Woman’ Because She Had a Child from A Previous Marriage and Doesn’t Think She’s Good Enough for Her Son

A woman refused to let her future mother-in-law come to her wedding after she called her a ‘used woman’ because she had a child from a previous relationship. Here’s what she had to say.

The couple is set to get married soon

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She had a daughter from a previous marriage, and her fiance has a son called Riley. They met because their children became best friends after attending the same swimming class. Due to this, they wanted to incorporate their children into the wedding in roles that would be easy for them and age-appropriate.

Her fiance’s mother hated her

Karen Stereotypes
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“She thinks I’m gross for having been a teen mom, and she believes her son deserves someone better (i.e., a virgin),” she explained. His mother has always been sexist; she thought the woman was unchaste and would ruin her son.

She found this view amusing and annoying

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She thought his mother’s views were quite ironic, as the woman was married to the father of her daughter when she was conceived, and he left during the pregnancy. Yet her fiance had a shotgun wedding with the mother of his son when she was two months pregnant.

They planned their wedding

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She was at her fiance’s house, and they were discussing potential roles his son could have in the wedding when his mother entered the room. 

His mother was nice at first

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Her fiance’s mother asked what they were discussing, so he explained that they were trying to find a role for his son and that the woman’s daughter would be a flower girl.

His mother made a nasty comment

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“She responded by saying my daughter should be kept away from the ceremony because otherwise, everyone will know he’s marrying a ‘used woman.’ She said it in a different language, but I still understood,” she said.

The woman was furious

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She saw red and started shouting at her fiance’s mother, explaining that she had tried for years to be respectful and had finally had enough. The woman told her she was banned from her wedding, and her fiance kicked his mother out of his house.

His mother tried to defend herself

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Since then, the woman and her fiance have been bombarded with texts and calls telling them they were wrong for banning her. He has supported her choice, so the woman has been harassed because he won’t change his mind until she does. 

The mother tried to guilt-trip her

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“They keep saying that watching your child get married is a beautiful thing, and I’m depriving her of that because his first wedding was a mess,” she said.

Did she do the right thing?

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Due to the harassment, she has been thinking about unbanning her future mother-in-law, so she asked Reddit for advice.

People responded

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One person replied, “I’m getting a ‘doesn’t stand up to strong women’ vibe from your partner.”

Someone else said, “It’s your wedding. If she can’t respect her son’s wife, she doesn’t have a place in the wedding.”


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