She Won’t Allow Her Daughter’s Self-Obsessed Friend to Join the Birthday Trip, and the Girl’s Mom Is Furious

A woman was recently threatened with a harassment complaint after she flatly refused to allow her daughter’s unlikeable friend to accompany them to Disneyland for a birthday weekend. Here’s what the mother had to say:

Her Daughter Was Charming

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The mother had a lovely 14-year-old daughter, Kyra, who was extremely outgoing and friendly. Consequently, she was very popular and won people’s hearts easily. 

This natural charm was a great source of pride for her mother, who claimed, “She’s very universally liked wherever she goes, and I love that about her.”

She Started a New School

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When Kyra was about to enter 7th grade, they moved to a new town. The school’s guidance office decided to pair Kyra with another new girl, Emma, so they could navigate their new surroundings together. 

The mother initially loved this idea, thinking it would be great for her daughter to have a friend in the same boat.

Emma Was Codependent

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However, she soon realized that Emma wasn’t the best influence and questioned the equity of the relationship. As Kyra tried to make new friends and branch out, Emma became clingy, trying to limit Kyra’s interactions with others. 

Emma also often depended heavily on Kyra for emotional support, treating her like a free therapist without ever reciprocating. 

She Was Self-Obsessed

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The mother related, “When Kyra was admitted to the hospital, Emma showed up to tell her how she ‘couldn’t survive at school without her,’ and she had to come back as soon as possible. Not one question or care about how she was doing.”

The mother’s foster daughter, who was in the same grade, confirmed Kyra was the only student kind and patient enough to tolerate Emma’s selfish behavior.

Kyra Tried To Get Some Distance

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The woman lamented, “I feel bad for Emma, as I was a socially awkward kid too, but I think she’s taking it way too far. Kyra has started trying to slowly drift away, but it’s hard because she follows her everywhere. Emma even tried out for the volleyball club that Kyra goes to.”

Kyra’s kind nature meant that Emma continued to stick close to her no matter what.

They Planned a Birthday Trip

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The woman planned a special weekend trip to Disneyland for Kyra’s upcoming birthday, allowing her daughter to invite three friends. Kyra chose her foster sister, a close friend from her volleyball club, and another good school friend. 

Wanting to avoid hurt feelings, the mother advised Kyra to keep the trip a secret from those not invited, including Emma.

Emma Found Out

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Unfortunately, Emma found out about the trip by constantly badgering Kyra in an interrogation-like fashion. Having mentally prepared for this, the mother told Kyra that she could blame her to avoid any bad feelings between the girls.

When Emma’s mother called, fuming with anger, she calmly explained that she only allowed three friends, and Kyra had chosen those she had known for a longer time. 

Emma’s Mom Was Livid

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When Emma’s mother argued that Emma and Kyra were “best friends” and that she had no right to control Kyra’s friendships, the mother pointed out that Emma’s behavior towards Kyra had been observed, and their family found it unsettling.

The other mother didn’t take this well, accusing the woman of bullying her child. 

She Threatened Official Action

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Emma’s mother even threatened to file a HIB (Harassment Intimidation Bullying) report at the school, asserting that her job in school meant she knew just how to get a child expelled.

She then offered to pay for Emma’s trip herself or a bigger room to accommodate everyone, but feeling somewhat bullied herself, Kyra’s mom firmly declined and hung up.

Was She Too Harsh?

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In the aftermath, the mother found herself wracked with guilt and worried she might have ruined Kyra and Emma’s friendship by being too honest. Her daughter was also furious with her, and she couldn’t help but feel that she might have been too harsh. 

Left with lingering doubts, she sought the advice of the online community in deciding whether she was reasonable and what she should do next for the best.

The Internet Responded

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One user suggested, “Talk to Kyra about having an additional celebration and invite Emma and others. I suspect Kyra is upset with you because she does not want the drama.”

Another person posted, “It’s not safe to maintain any sort of friendship now that the mom is making threats. When someone makes threats, that’s a confirmation you need to sever ties, not placate the person.”


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