18 Sneaky Scams We’ve All Just Accepted in Our Daily Life

Some unexpected costs and employer expectations hardly seem fair. A recent online survey asked, “What’s a modern-day scam that’s become so normalized, we don’t even realize it’s a scam anymore?” Here are the top 18 answers.

Employers insisting employees don’t talk about their salaries

Talking About Salary
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“I know in the US this is straight up illegal, you can’t do that, and so many people don’t realize this, to the point companies just go ahead and tell you not to and even try to penalize people for doing so, because people don’t realize they can push back on that.”

“This is because they are hiring people at wages higher than their veteran employees make but don’t want the secret getting out.”

Job listings not posting salaries

Job Listings Not Posting Salaries
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Gosh, I hate the not posting salary thing. Like no, I definitely need to know the pay range.”

“My girlfriend’s company STRONGLY discourages that employees discuss salaries because it’s ‘unprofessional.’ It turns out all the women in the department were making 20k less for the same role and number of years.”

Hidden fees

Admin Fees_ for Completely Automated Servicesq
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Recent legislation called the No Surprises Act attempts to remedy this at least a little bit. Hospitals are now required to post their charges for common services online, among many other things.”

“My $360 a night Vrbo just cost me $1659 for three nights.”

Supermarkets listing their prices excluding tax

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What is that all about? Just list the actual price. This was so weird to me when I visited Canada.”

“I think that has to do with state tax. But I still agree!”

Resort fees at hotels

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I often book rooms in Orlando online. The resort fees always pop up later and are expensive. The $88 room ends up being $120—every time. Find one for $69 – it will be $120 in the end, every time. If it isn’t the resort fee, it’s a $20 parking fee. Or both.”

“I got out of resort fees at a hotel in Vegas. I didn’t know what they were and made a fuss about it at the front desk when checking out. They said it was for the pools and such, and I told them I never used the pools. They waived the fees.”

Monthly subscriptions

Sneaky Small Monthly Subscriptions
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This is getting ridiculous. Having a one-time payment for an app or game used to be fine. Now you keep paying. Terrible for the consumer.”

“I’ve ordered my life so that I pay literally no subscriptions. I refuse to let them into my life.”

Transaction fees when using online banking

Transaction Fees When Using Online Banking
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I do all the work filling out the form so a bank employee doesn’t have to, yet I get charged the same.”

“It’s illegal in Europe and the UK. I can make free transfers all day long here. The whole system is automated and digital, so there are no fees, and I believe there haven’t been for decades (I’m an American in the UK and have never paid a domestic transfer fee in the two decades I’ve lived here.)”

Paying tolls on top of taxes

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The fact that you pay tolls to use the roads, even though you also pay taxes. That’s the whole scam.”

“The fact we have tolls in for first place is a scam. Why is our government not funding these roads and relying on non-public resources, which ultimately costs the public?”

Raising prices just before a sale

Raise the Price of a Product a Day Before They Go on Sale
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Now that’s actually been illegal in Germany for a few weeks. The compared price must be the lowest of the last 30 days.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s even illegal in the US, but it’s just too easy to workaround, so companies can effectively ignore it. Most egregious are stores perpetually ‘on sale,’ where they have to rotate prices or rotate things in and out of stock so they can still claim to be ‘on sale’ from a full price that never actually is.”

Health insurance plans

Health Insurance
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Health insurance plans that charge 500-1000 a month just to be insured, then don’t start covering your bills until you’ve paid another 2000-10,000 out of pocket….and even THEN will still make you pay a $45 copay.”

“Ah yes, America, the land of freedom…The freedom to become homeless if you break your arm.”

Medical insurance not covering dental or vision

Dental Care
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Like, it’s all connected, guys. If you have a badly abscessed tooth, you’re likely going to need medical care, even if you have dental that covers the extraction or root canal or whatever.”

“My dental insurance is worthless. When I was younger, I had my front tooth knocked out, and the dentist was able to put it back in, but it would only last for about 18 years. Fast forward 18 years, the tooth split and got infected. From there, I had to make a decision between a flipper or a permanent tooth. The dentist told me if I did not get the permanent tooth, my bones would retreat due to not having a tooth to form around, which would result in more tooth loss. So I went with the permanent tooth, and insurance denied coverage claiming it was cosmetic. Preventing future tooth loss was deemed COSMETIC. $3k out of pocket.”

The cost of razor blades

Razor Blades
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Specifically Gillette. Nearly £30 for 6 of the new ones.”

“Thankfully, they’ve got so expensive smaller businesses have sprouted up to undercut them and still make a profit.”

Ticketmaster fees

Ticketmaster Fees
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My wife the other day purchased tickets from Ticketmaster for a concert she wanted to go to. She paid and received a confirmation email etc. It turns out in that email it states that if you don’t go 48 hours before to pick up your tickets, then they are canceled and resold without a refund.”

“I cannot stand Ticketmaster. Fees aside, just absolutely awful practices.”


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Diamonds are fascinating. They’re kept artificially scarce by the people who own the diamond mines, and they’ve managed to somehow ensure that there’s no market for reselling them. Diabolical!”

“And on top of that, they’ve convinced everyone that diamonds are the only worthwhile stone and that only ‘natural’ mined diamonds are worthwhile, not ‘fake’ lab-grown (real) diamonds.”

Hustle culture

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Working 90-hour weeks and having no life outside of work is not healthy, nor is it sustainable.”

“I hate talking with people who are all about this because they seem to want me to turn every single hobby into a business endeavor.”

College Board

College Board
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It costs money to send my scores to a school.”

“And who sells the study guides to help you pass those tests? You guessed it- the college board.”

College Dorms

Dorm Rooms are Not Palatial Sized
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$300 a month to live in a closet. It’s unbelievable.”

“$1100 a month for a small bachelor suite with a warden for the foreign students here.”

Weddings and funerals

All Girls Dream Of Their Wedding Day
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Weddings and every business tied to weddings. $30,000 for one day? Screw that.”

“I’ll be the first one in my extended family to be cremated when I kick off just because of this. I don’t need any expensive coffin for this body that’s gonna rot away anyhow.”


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