15 Things Americans Are Absolutely Fed up With Hearing Over and Over Again

Every day, we rely on news outlets and the people around us to stay informed about current events. However, at times, we find ourselves repeatedly hearing the same boring or false information. Recently, an internet survey asked, “Americans, what are you tired of hearing? Here are the 18 best responses:

That Something Big Is Going to Happen in The Coming Day or Weeks, or A Few Months, in The Next Couple of Years

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“If something big is coming, let’s get on with it.”

“I was in college when some billionaire announced the next big invention that would completely change how we design cities and live our lives. One of my professors was excited to learn what it was and kept hyping the upcoming announcement, and it turned out to be the Segway. Huge disappointment.”

The Kardashians

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“Everything I’ve learned about the Kardashians, I’ve learned involuntarily.”

“Every other country is just as sick and tired of hearing about Trump and Kardashians as Americans are.”

Ringing in My Ears

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“If I don’t have a fan next to my bed, then I can’t sleep because of the ringing.”

“Assuming this is about tinnitus, I’m convinced an epidemic of hearing damage is happening. People are too used to being around 100 dB for extended periods in social gatherings; they must have damage and can’t notice anymore.”

Politicians Lying

Politicians care about you
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“I am tired of this, too. I am tired of hearing the retirement age is being raised again. I am tired of hearing the government needs more money because they last managed the budget years ago. I am tired of inflation after big corporations reported record profits. I am tired of being the little person getting railroaded by the government. When you have some breathing room, they raise the price of everything a commoner needs. We, as Americans, pay tax after tax in this country and then pay for our health insurance and still have ridiculous co-pays for necessary procedures.”

“That’s true for the whole world.”

My Car’s Extended Warranty

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“Hey, at least you guys have the option of buying a legit lifetime warranty with solid 3rd party options. Here in Canada, the 3rd party warranty companies barely cover anything, or it’s like pulling teeth to get them to cover anything, and the rest are scams. Then the dealerships try to scare people into buying them. Do you want to buy a warranty from “insert sketchy warranty place?”

Donald Trump 

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“If you want him to go away, stop reporting on him every 5 minutes.”

“Gets them clicks and views; they’re just businessmen doing business.”

For the Safety of the Children

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“Ban TikTok because it’s bad when China monitors us, but not when the US Government and non-Chinese companies monitor us.”

Your Phone when I’m on The Train

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“Put on some headphones; I don’t want to hear your music/game/TV show or whatever else you have on there.”

Downplaying Our Food

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“Sure, all of it might not be authentic, but we have food from pretty much every culture in the US.”

“Bbq food is incredible and just the whole southern soul food cuisine. These should be considered more. Buffalo wings.”

That We’re All Overweight and Inactive

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“It is mostly true, but not just in the USA, and it goes for most of the world.”

“I’m 2.5 miles from the nearest retail outlet, and that’s a gas station, even though I live in a city of 250,000. The nearest grocery store is 3 miles away, and the nearest place to buy socks is 4-5 miles away. Yes. I’m driving. The car-centered culture sucks, but it’s not my fault, and I can’t work around it.”

That We Know Nothing About Geography

films confused
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“Yeah, many people are dumb and don’t know anything but saying the entire country is quite annoying.”

“Those random sidewalk interviews are the worst.”

That We Lack Diversity

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“We don’t have a distinct culture or language. It’s the melting pot. I’ve never had a friend group with more than two people with the same cultural background. You got a crash course as a kid when you spent the night at a friend’s house.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say the US lacks diversity (I’m from the UK). It seems like an extremely diverse place.”

Everything We Do Is the Worst

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“I was shocked when I started reading English newspapers that their kids aren’t guaranteed a spot in their local schools. I mentioned this in one of the articles, and the person I was talking to asked what we did when a school got too full. I explained the pod classrooms. It is basically like a trailer but a classroom. Then when there are too many pods, they build a new school, but if you move into a neighborhood, you are guaranteed a spot in the local school.”

“My South African family and acquaintances are completely dumbfounded when I explain that I don’t pay anything out of pocket for my child’s elementary school and don’t have to hope he gets a spot in the local neighborhood school. Their jaws drop to the floor when I tell them that all the 6th graders are given a Chromebook, and they use that for school work daily. And wait to get started on the school bus system. A completely foreign concept to them.”

Nobody Wants to Work Anymore

gf no money
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“More like nobody wants to work for bad wages only to be an emotional punching bag for rude customers.”

“This is exactly my situation. I make a little above minimum wage, but I have scumbag bosses that make work miserable for everyone. And I want out so bad, but the job market in my small town is horrendous.”

Our Nonexistent Obsession with The Pledge of Allegiance

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“Seriously, I had forgotten I used to say it in school until I happened upon it in threads asking what other countries are baffled by in America. It was so unimportant and made zero impact in my life.”

“They act like it’s some legally binding agreement, and it’s the most inconsequential thing ever in elementary school.”

“Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone

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“Great song. Hear it in too many places.”

About how Great and How Much Better Everywhere Else Is

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“Other places might have better policies in other areas, but something needs to be fixed. Believe me, this isn’t from someone who has just sat around and done nothing but complain on the internet; I’ve been around the world several times and spent a few years living abroad. America isn’t perfect, but it’s better than many places.”

“It’s not the unhinged warzone that the rest of the world seems to believe. We’re not all brandishing guns at every colored person to walk across our path, we’re not all rabid Karens suing over too many sesame seeds, and we certainly don’t have the monopoly on bad government.”

The Drug and Pharmaceutical Commercials

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“I work in a nursing home, so the TVs are on and loud all day. I hear medication commercials a few hundred times a day. Medicare supplement plans, life insurance plans, “If you’ve been injured call …”, and Car Shield. Hundreds of times a day.”


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A tired airplane passenger recently shared his experience of a mother requesting him to vacate an empty seat next to him. Why? She wanted the man seated next to her to shift so that her baby could have a full heart:

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“If you leave, you are fired”: His Company Wouldn’t Let Him Have Time Off to Care for His Family, so He Quit, and They Lost All Their Clients

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A man recently left his job because his boss wouldn’t let him go home to take care of his kids. Not too long after, the company started having big problems:

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If Parents Ask for Money, They Want You To Leave
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A man is wondering if he’s done something wrong by taking money left to him in a will, especially because the person who left the money didn’t leave anything to their own kid:

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Her Brother Remarried His Ex-Wife so She Could Get Health Insurance, but Now She’s Getting Married and Won’t Let Them Sit Next to Each Other

Europeans Are Rude
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A bride-to-be recently refused to sit her brother next to his ex-wife because she didn’t want people to gossip about it on her wedding day:

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She Gave Her Sister $25,000, but Now She Wants Her to Pay for Her Kids to Go to Disneyland

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A woman is being called out by her sister because the Christmas gifts she got for her brother’s children cost more than the ones she bought for her sister’s kids, even though she had already received $25,000:

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