No Offense, Millennials: Here’s 20 Things Boomers Do Way Better

Generational differences continue to be a topic of fascination. While millennials have introduced numerous innovative ideas, there are certain areas where Baby Boomers still excel. Here are 20 strengths that are unique to the Boomer generation.

Navigational Skills Beyond GPS

Navigating Without GPS
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Long before smartphones and GPS devices, people relied on maps and their innate sense of direction to navigate. Baby Boomers honed the skill of finding their way, even without constant digital assistance.

Privacy Preservation


Growing up without the ubiquity of social media, previous generations learned to cherish their privacy and remain cautious about sharing personal information online.

In contrast, many millennials have become accustomed to documenting every aspect of their lives on social media platforms.

Financial Savviness and Saving Habits

Saving Money
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When it comes to saving money, Baby Boomers typically have a commendable track record. They were raised in an era where frugality was the norm and learned to budget expenses and save for the future.

The Art of Check Writing

Writing Checks
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While digital payments dominate today, Baby Boomers still find comfort in using checks for various transactions. They possess the know-how to balance a checkbook and effortlessly manage their finances.

The Art of Cursive Writing

Writing in Cursive
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Once a school staple, cursive writing evokes a sense of pride in Baby Boomers, who boast beautiful, elegant penmanship. Meanwhile, many millennials find themselves struggling to master this fading art in the age of digital communication.

Clothing Repair and Mending Skills

Mending and Repairing Clothes
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Baby Boomers possess practical skills to mend and repair clothes, extending the lifespan of their garments and reducing waste. From sewing on buttons to patching up holes, they embrace the art of sustainable fashion.

The Appreciation of Vinyl Records

Appreciating Vinyl Records
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The warm and authentic sound of vinyl records resonates with Baby Boomers, who still get immense pleasure from owning and playing them. Millennials, however, may not fully experience and appreciate the analog audio journey.

The Virtue of Patience

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Growing up in an era before the internet and instant gratification, Baby Boomers mastered the art of patience. They understand the value of waiting and possess a greater appreciation for the passage of time.

Face-to-Face Communication Skills

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In a world that predates texting and instant messaging, Baby Boomers are often more comfortable with face-to-face communication. They effortlessly grasp the importance of eye contact, body language, and active listening.

Upholding Tradition

Respecting Tradition
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Baby Boomers harbor a deep respect for tradition and are more likely to honor time-honored customs and practices. They hold steadfast to established norms while today’s youth are known for challenging conventions and advocating for progress.

Long-Term Commitment

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Whether in the context of a job or a relationship, Baby Boomers exhibit a greater propensity for long-term commitment. They prioritize stability and loyalty, in contrast to the more transient mindset often associated with millennials.

The Appreciation of AM/FM Radio

Listening to AM/FM Radio
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Having grown up with AM/FM radio, Baby Boomers often find comfort in its familiarity. Younger generations, immersed in podcasts and music streaming services, may encounter challenges when navigating the realm of terrestrial radio.

Handyman and Practical Skills

The Idea That Our Entire Lives Should Revolve Around Work
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Practical skills, such as fixing household appliances and performing basic car maintenance, are areas where younger generations may struggle. Baby Boomers, having honed these abilities over a lifetime, possess a distinct advantage in everyday life.

The Mastery of Cooking from Scratch

Cooking From Scratch
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While millennials may lean toward dining out or ordering takeout, Baby Boomers excel at cooking meals from scratch. Their upbringing in an era when delivery options were less prevalent forced many to master the art of home cooking.

Comfort with Landline Phones

Corded Landline Phones
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Baby Boomers, having grown up in a time before smartphones, often find comfort in using landline phones. They maintain home phone lines and appreciate the familiarity and reliability they provide.

Embracing Traditional Newspaper Reading

Reading Newspapers
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Many Baby Boomers relish the ritual of reading a physical newspaper, savoring the tactile experience and in-depth reporting it offers. Meanwhile, millennials often rely on digital sources for news, bypassing this classic tradition.

Green Thumbs and Home Gardening Skills

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Baby Boomers frequently exhibit a talent for gardening, nurturing their green thumb. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, they effortlessly cultivate beautiful flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Cherishing Pen Pal Relationships

Pen Pals
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In an era before email and instant messaging, Baby Boomers often developed meaningful connections through pen pals, forging friendships nurtured through handwritten letters. This practice cultivated a love for the written word and fostered long-distance relationships.

Embracing Classic Board Games

Board Games
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Baby Boomers have a special fondness for classic board games, which were a popular form of entertainment during their youth. From Monopoly to Scrabble, they spent countless hours engaged in these timeless pursuits.

Dressing for the Occasion

Dressing Up for Special Occasions
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Baby Boomers possess a keen sense of occasion, often donning formal attire for events like weddings and parties. They understand the importance of looking their best and displaying respect for the hosts.


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