20 Things People Act Like They Enjoy But Really Don’t

We all have our own preferences, but some things people claim to like seem too crazy to be true. Someone recently asked, “What’s something that you think people are only pretending to like?” Here are the top 20 answers.


All Girls Dream Of Their Wedding Day
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“I feel like weddings are only fun if you actually like the couple or are close to one of them (if not both). This could just be my own opinion, though.”

“This!! I hate weddings. I don’t even want to have one for me, I’d rather just go to the courthouse.”

Other people’s kids

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“Last night, a friend’s 4-year-old intentionally kicked me in the shin because she decided it would be fun to see if she could hurt me. It still hurts today quite a bit. I was told it was “cute.” I disagree.”

“I obviously understand it when it’s your own kid, it’s a human life that you brought into the world and you are responsible for everything this child will become. But BY GOODNESS, keep that slimy screaming goblin away from me!”

Their job

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“It’s exactly this. “I love my job” is usually just code for ‘for something I have to do to sustain myself, it’s not bad.’ I also don’t mind my job, some days I even like it – but if I won the lottery tomorrow? I would quit and never look back.”

The gym

Lifting Weights
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“Yeah same, and when people say, ‘Working out gives you energy, you just have to do it for a while.” I’ve been doing it for ten years I hate every second and it zaps my energy.'”

“I’m currently in this predicament. And my partner doesn’t help with the ‘you need to set goals! You need to shift your attitude! it’s your own fault you don’t like it.’ I never like going, I don’t think I ever will and I think everyone is lying at this point about how ‘you’ll learn to love it! You feel so much better!’”


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“Not fashion as a whole- but most trends people definitely just pretend to like.”

“Fashion is 100% based on societal pressure and FOMO.”

Sparkling water

Chugging a Big Glass of Water
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“100%. No idea how anyone drinks it.”

“It tastes like TV static.”

Meat substitutes

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“It’s all in how you approach it, in my opinion. If you always think of it as a replacement for what you could have ordered, you’re always going to be disappointed.”

“I’m very much an omnivore. I love meat and fish, but I’ll also gladly tuck into tofu, tempeh, seitan, mycoprotein, or any number of meat substitutes. Some pre-packaged stuff can be awful, but it’s not hard to inject some flavor if you love to cook.”

Small talk

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“I feel like most people do it because they think that other people will think they’re rude if they don’t, and not because they actually want to. Completely agree that no one likes it.”

“It’s a necessary evil you’ve got to contend with to make new friends you can talk about stuff you actually care about with.”

Bloody Marys

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“Cold vodka tomato soup? Come on.”

“Try a Bloody Caesar, where Canadians take a Bloody Mary and add clam juice to it.”

Social media

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“If you ever watch people after they post in real-time, some look depressed as if it’s something they have to do. The switch between posing for pics and going back to normal shows it’s not as fun as it seems.”

“ It’s a habit/spiral we’re all locked into.”

Gucci clothing

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“Gucci. I had a friend who had a hoodie… and it was super scratchy and uncomfy.”

“I wanted to buy Gucci sunglasses, and my husband said they’re trash. He worked at Sunglass Hut in his undergrad, so he got pretty educated on what’s worth the money and what’s not. He said they break and scratch very easily.”


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“This should be at the top of the list because some folks are truly ugly on the inside and use that insecurity to hurt people.”

La Croix drinks

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“It tastes like someone forgot to put the rest of the flavor in it. Here’s some carbonated water that tastes bitter, but it’s okay because we put 0.000001 drops of flavor in it!”

“That’s how I feel about like White Claws and all the seltzer drinks that have been coming out too. It tastes like a tonic with a faint hint of flavor. It would be better flavorless. The stuff tastes like it’s watered down. I will never understand the appeal.”


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“Accidentally bought one the other day. I drank it because I didn’t want to waste the money but I hated every lousy minute of it.”

“It’s love/hate depending on the flavor but it wonders for gut health.”

Alcoholic drinks

Buying Booze and Beer on Sundays
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“Watching the faces people make when they take shots only really confirms it.”

“I don’t like the taste of alcohol. I don’t mind when it’s mixed to the point of not being very prominent. I’m sure I’d like it more without the alcohol in it, but then I wouldn’t get the particular benefits of the alcohol.”

Sped-up sounds on Tiktok

TikTok Trends
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“ I totally agree. When I’m watching anything and the sound is sped up, I can feel my heart beating faster and adrenaline being released like I’m being chased by spent huge chipmunk-voiced freak.”

“They just absolutely ruin songs. Who actually needs a bunch of chipmunks singing a sad song in the background while watching a video of some person’s dead cat?”

Clubs and clubbing

Night Clubs
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“If you don’t get drunk is boring. If you don’t get a hook-up, then it’s boring. Everyone pretends to like it but I’m convinced they hate it.”

“When I was younger, I thought going to a club would be so cool. Once I got to the age where I could go, I saw that it was just a stuffed room where people act like they’re millionaires and will attempt flirting only for it to be a major fail.”

Pale Ale (APIs)

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“I didn’t care for them, but now I’ve grown some discontent with them because some places only sell IPAs. Some local restaurants have some great food and only serve IPAs, which annoys me so much.”

“What bothers me too is that IPA is like the main craft brewery style. There are dozens of types of beers, so why is IPA the go-to? Would love to see more Hefe and Bock-style beers.”

Being a streamer

Donating To Twitch Popular Streamers
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“I have a friend who started streaming a while back on rocket league. I told her I thought it was stupid but to go for it if she wanted to. She’s very bubbly, funny, and cute, so she’s doing okay, I guess. When I play with her when she just wants to chill, I have to remind her that it’s just me. It’s a different her and it’s weird. She says she’ll only do it for a little longer because it is taxing.”

Being an influencer

Social Media Influencers
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“You’d have to have pretty thick skin to dismiss the overwhelming tide of folks who perceive you to be a self-obsessed egomaniac.”

“Youtuber (full time) here! I run two channels. I only need to be “on” when making certain videos, and then it’s just scripting and editing. I have been doing this for five years now and still love it. The trick is not to get into streaming or something you hate or fake your personality online.”


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