23 Things That Are Worth Every Penny and you Won’t Regret Buying

We all sometimes spend money on things we don’t use, but there are items that are really worth buying. A recent internet survey asked, “What are some of your best quality-of-life purchases?” Here are the top 23 answers.

A Good Bed

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“A good bed will absolutely change your life.”

“This is my answer. And get new pillows every few years.”

Pet Dog / Cat

Dog and Cat
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“A dog! Nothing improves life like a dog. Just be sure you train it.”

“My dog. He’s a constant companion, home protector, hiking buddy, and best friend.”

A Sharp Knife.

Cooking Knife
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“I second this. It makes everything easy. Food prep takes half the time.”

Visual Art for the Home

Pictures on Wall
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“It helps me feel more at ease, as opposed to blank walls.”

A New Shower Head.

Shower Head
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“You don’t have to spend a ton for it to change your day.”

“These are game changers. I have two little girls with long hair, and this has been remarkable. I feel like I am finally getting all the suds out of my 8-year-old thick hair.”

Wool Socks.

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“Wool socks…..My diabetic feet have never been happier. Dumbledore was right… a good pair of socks is amazing.”

CPAP Machine

CPAP Machine
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“No more loud snoring.”

“This is the one. It changed my life”

“Yes, yes, and yes. I get deep sleep and dreams and overall feel better and like myself again. If you loudly snore, you need to seriously consider getting yourself a CPAP machine and improve your life.”

Electric Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush
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“A good electric toothbrush is definitely life-changing. Agreed.”

“I take much better care of my teeth now because it’s so easy”

House Cleaner Services

House Cleaner
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“+1 on the monthly cleaners. It’s not so often that it feels over-indulgent, but it’s enough to help keep the house truly clean and relieves a lot of stress.”

“I get a house cleaner every two weeks. Took care of most of the strife in my marriage. A cleaning lady is cheaper than a marriage counselor.”

Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker
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“Showers are way much better with my favorite music or podcasts.”

“I love my little shower speaker!”

Philips Wake-up Light

Wakeup light
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“Best invention ever.”

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones
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“Noise-cancelling headphones are a godsend.”

Plug in Cup Warmer

Cup Warmer
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“My tea and coffee are always the right temperatures even if it’s been sitting a while.”

A Year’s Worth of Physiotherapy

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“I have no pains in my body anymore, and I’m strong. I can not recommend investing more in your health. Having a professional that monitors your progress is fantastic.”

Lasik Eye Surgery

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“My contacts were -10.5 on each eye. I could not see without glasses, and the lenses were insanely expensive. I spent less for the surgery than I would have for contacts and lenses the rest of my life.”

“Same here! I had surgery 12 years ago, and I’m still 20/20.”

Good Mattresses and Pillows

Mattress and Pillow
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“ I sleep so much better now, and I don’t feel like I got worked over with a mallet when I wake up. Worth every penny.”

Air Purifier

Air Purifier
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“I’m allergic to my partner’s cat, and her getting a standing HEPA air purifier was an absolute game changer. No more sneezing, barely any eye itch, nothing. Makes day to day so much better”

A Curved Shower Curtain

Curved Shower Curtain
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“This one is great. Takes away the frustrations of battling with your shower curtain and gives you a lot more space”

Bidet Attachment

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“Changed my life!”

Towel Warmer for the Bathroom

Towel Warmer
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“Plugs into any wall outlet, and I use it every day. It’s awesome”

“Life is too short to go through with room temperature towels, my friend. Pull the trigger, and you will thank yourself every morning.”

Kitchen Tap Water Purifier

Water Purifier
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“ For less than $150, my whole year was so much better. I love it. Clean drinking water all the time. It’s great. Now I’m wondering what other relatively inexpensive things would be such an improvement.”

House Plants

House Plants
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“Lovely in the bleak winter months to have lush greenery inside.”

3D Printer

3D Printing
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“When I design something and print it, I feel like I have superpowers.”

“I absolutely agree… when I moved, two of these little plastic feet on my couch got lost, so I just busted out the calipers and whipped up a little model in fusion360. Within an hour, I had replacements that worked, as well as the originals. The wife was impressed (and impressing her is all I really want in life)”



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