This Bride Charged Her Guests for the Wedding Dinner: Woman Responds by Requesting McDonald’s Instead

A woman recently asked whether she was being unreasonable for wanting to leave a wedding in order to grab a meal at a nearby McDonald’s. Here’s her account of the situation:

She Was Invited to A Wedding

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The woman, who is 25, was recently invited to a wedding by her colleague from work, who is 31. She was both really excited and really happy for her colleague.

She Wanted to Know if She Needed to Bring Money

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The woman asked her friend if there would be any guest fees at the ceremony, just in case she needed to bring cash. In response, the woman was told she would not need to pay anything on the day.

The wedding went well until it reached dinner time, and everybody in attendance was at the reception.

She Was Horrified

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“To my shock, I was presented with a wedding menu with prices on it,” the woman said.

“For example, the steak was 50 dollars. Everything was ridiculously expensive, including the vegetarian options.”

She Didn’t Know What to Do

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The woman felt, at first, that she wanted to ask her colleague about the prices seeing as she had expressly told her that she would not have to pay for anything on the day.

And She Didn’t Want to Annoy Her Friend

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She decided, however, that she did not want to spoil her friend’s day, her wedding day no less, by embarrassing her in front of everybody in attendance.

The only other option for the woman, though, was to not eat at the ceremony as she didn’t bring enough money to cover a ride back home from the wedding AND a meal.

But She Was Hungry

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To make matters worse, the woman skipped lunch earlier in the day to “save space” for the delicious wedding meal she thought she would be having.

She was starving!

Suddenly, the woman remembered seeing a McDonald’s about five minutes from the hotel where she was staying.

So She Made a Cheeky Request

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Ensuring she was as discreet as possible, the woman asked the bride if she could make a quick stop at McDonald’s as she did not have enough money for the reception meal.

She emphasized that she would be back in time for the cake and gift ceremony.

But the Bride Was Furious

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“I thought she’d agree, but to my horror – she got really upset,” she said.

“She said that she put in so much effort to get this “Michelin-star restaurant service and that I was trying to bring her down by saying that I’d rather eat McDonald’s,” the woman said.

“Alarmed, I said that I didn’t mean it that way – I just didn’t have the cash for it. The bride then scoffed, saying – “Who’s fault is that?”

Though the Woman Was Trying to Remain Calm, Those Words Really Angered Her

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In response, the woman told the bride that she was the one who lied by telling her that she would not need to pay anything.

Her colleague was annoyed and explained that she had meant there would be no attendance fee.

The Bride Called Her Cheap

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The bride seemed shocked at the fact that the woman expected a five-course dinner to be free, saying, “You are cheaper than I thought.”

With a glare on her face, the woman’s colleague asked her to leave her wedding, which she did, feeling rather hurt.

The Woman Went Home but Her Boyfriend Didn’t Agree with Her Actions

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When the woman returned home, she told her boyfriend what had happened and asked if she was wrong for wanting a Mcdonald’s.

He Said She Was Wrong

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Though her boyfriend thought it was a funny story, he said he thought yes, she was wrong, noting that she could have always paid her friend back later.

He said it was the wrong time to be stingy, something that also her friends agreed with, and they have said it was not tactful of her to leave a wedding to get a McDonalds.

Even Her Friends Thought She Was Wrong

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They thought that although she was lied to, the woman should have just brushed it off rather than upset her colleague.

As such, the woman reached out to the internet and asked whether she was wrong, as she feels guilty and embarrassed about the whole thing.

Part of her, however, still feels her actions were justifiable as her colleague lied to her and humiliated her in public.

People Responds

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Fortunately for the woman, most of the commenters were on her side.

“I’m planning my wedding right now with my fiancé, and feeding our guests is the only thing we are insistent on,” said one person.

“This was ridiculous. If she hadn’t told you a lie about it, it wouldn’t have been as big a deal, but it is still bizarre.”


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