This Couple Refused to Invite the Best Man’s Girlfriend to The Wedding so Now He’s Stepped Down and They’re Fuming

A guy recently ticked off his cousin and his cousin’s soon-to-be wife by saying no to being the best man at their wedding because his girlfriend of four years didn’t get an invite. Here’s the story from the 25-year-old man himself.

The Girlfriend Liked His Cousin

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The man had been dating his girlfriend for about four years when he first introduced her to his cousin, Dan. He was delighted to see that she and Dan had a similar sense of humor and shared common interests. 

The Man Was Also Close To His Cousin

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The man fondly remembered, “Seeing my girlfriend challenge him to a shots competition and get him drunk on tequila was the highlight of our first New Year’s together. It made me really happy to see them become friends since Dan and I are very close as well.”

His Cousin Was Getting Married

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Dan started dating Joana a year and a half ago, and they got engaged last December. One day, Dan called the man and asked if he wanted to be the best man at his wedding. Naturally, he was excited and accepted the offer. 

The Wedding Was Very Small

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During their conversation, he mentioned how thrilled his girlfriend was for Dan and Joana and their upcoming wedding. That’s when Dan went silent.

The man asked Dan if something was wrong, and Dan revealed that he and Joana had decided to have a small wedding with only family and close friends. 

No Girlfriends Or Boyfriends Were Allowed

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Dan explained that no partners would be allowed unless they were married or engaged. This angered the man; he asked how they could make such a rule without considering his relationship with his girlfriend. 

Dan explained that while he wanted the man’s girlfriend to be there, making an exception for them would lead to others expecting the same, so there was nothing he could do.

The Engaged Couple Were Insistent

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The man continued, “When I told my girlfriend, she was visibly hurt. So two days ago, I texted Joana and asked her if she and Dan discussed the ‘situation.’ 

She said that she doesn’t want a stranger at their wedding and that she doesn’t consider her family, regardless of how serious our relationship is.”

The Man Snapped

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At that point, the boyfriend snapped and told Joana that most of Dan’s family (and therefore his own) saw his girlfriend as more of a family member than they saw Joana since she hadn’t bothered to build relationships with anyone other than Dan’s parents.

The Boyfriend Refused To Attend

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Joana, infuriated by this exchange, told her husband-to-be; Dan then called his cousin a jerk and demanded an apology, threatening to replace him as best man if he didn’t comply. 

In response, the boyfriend told Dan to go ahead and replace him, as he wouldn’t be attending the wedding if his girlfriend wasn’t invited. 

They’re Not Speaking

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Since then, Dan hadn’t spoken to the man, and his girlfriend kept urging him to apologize, not wanting to be the reason for the rift between her boyfriend and his much-liked cousin. 

Unsure what to do, the man shared his dilemma online to ask whether or not he was right to be so uncompromising on his girlfriend’s behalf.

People Responded

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One user fully supported the man, saying, “You’re definitely not the jerk for standing up for your girlfriend.”

Another suggested, “It would be amazing if you proposed to your girl. Then there’s no reason why both of you can’t go to the wedding.”

Source: Reddit