This Dad Was Furious After Finding out His Daughter Didn’t Want Her Stepmom to Be in The Wedding and Only Included Her Real Mom

A woman recently got into a heated argument with her dad after choosing to exclude his wife as ‘the mother of the bride’. The woman wanted her real mom to take on the role, but the dad think’s she’s wrong. Here’s what she had to say:

Her Parents Divorced a Long Time Ago

Their Bad Relationship
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She said, “My parents divorced when I was 5. I don’t actually remember them together. My dad met my stepmom when I was 6. My stepmom tried to fill a second mom role, and my dad always tried to facilitate that.”

They Hijacked Mother’s Day

your parents love you
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At times, this meant that the daughter had to give up spending time with her mom in order to go on outings with her stepmom and dad.

In certain situations, she was required to celebrate Mother’s Day with her stepmother instead of her own mom.

Her Mother Never Said Anything

Showing Kindness and, in Turn, Being Treated Like a Stepping Stone for Someone_s Ego
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Even though her mom never moaned, her daughter knew she wasn’t happy about the situation.

The woman admitted, “I know it hurt her, the thought of sharing her role as my mom. She never said anything and never discouraged me. But there are ways to tell how someone feels if you know them well enough and pay enough attention.”

She Didn’t Consider the Stepmom as Her Mom

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Even though the bride-to-be likes her stepmom, the thought of what her mom was going through silently made her keep a distance from her, and she never considered her a second mom. 

She felt her mom had been disadvantaged for so long and wanted to make things right. 

She Wanted to Include Her Mother

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So, when the woman got engaged, she felt it was the perfect opportunity to make her mom feel special.

“For my wedding planning and dress appointments, I wanted to make it small and something for just me and my mom. I wanted to give her something she doesn’t have to share with my stepmom,” the woman explained.

Her Family Didn’t Understand

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The bride-to-be didn’t think this would be an issue until she saw a comment made by her family members on the internet.

“Two of my dad’s relatives called my stepmom’ mother of the bride’ on Facebook, and they all said that it would be a great experience for her to see me pick a dress,” the bride-to-be said.

She Spoke To Her Stepmom

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The woman decided to have a chat with her stepmom after seeing the comment, and she told her that she didn’t want her to be the “mom of the bride.” 

This meant that she wouldn’t do the traditional mom and bride things like picking the wedding dress and fittings. She offered to involve her in other tasks, like picking flowers for the event.

The Stepmom Was Hurt

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However, her stepmom wasn’t satisfied with this diminished role.

“She was sad and asked me why I didn’t want her as the second mom of the bride, and I told her I wanted only my mom to handle the role,” the bride-to-be recounted.

Her dad wasn’t impressed either and said that her real mom wouldn’t mind sharing the role with her stepmother.

The Daughter Disagreed

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His daughter told him that her mom only ever agreed to share the role because she felt it was the right thing to do, but it still hurt her.

Her dad found this information shocking and wondered how she figured it out. He always thought of her mom as a perfect parent and never imagined that she would ever feel jealous and left out.

Her Mom Wasn’t Perfect

They Say Nice Things About Others Behind Their Backs
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The woman continued, “My dad said he divorced my mom because he couldn’t handle her perfection and was envious of her. I told him that nobody is perfect, and it’s unfair to expect her to be.”

The conversation left her dad and stepmom with rough feelings. Her stepmom was upset that, after all these years, she wasn’t getting the love and respect she felt she deserved.

Her Mom Was Selfless

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When the woman spoke to her mom about the situation, she still didn’t admit anything. The older woman told her daughter that she just wanted her to be happy. 

However, her mom’s best friend confirmed that her mom had been hurt by having to share her role for all these years.

Was She Wrong To Stay Firm?

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The bride-to-be stood by her decision and left her stepmom out of the picture. However, she wondered if it was fair and started having doubts.

She went online to ask whether she was right to concentrate on her mom’s feelings, no matter how happy her mom claimed to be with the stepmom’s role in her life.

People Responded

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One user said, “Your mother is alive, so I think it’s extremely narcissistic for your father and stepmom to think that she is going to serve in the role of your mother for your wedding preparations.”

Another commenter wrote, “You did the right thing. She is not your mom. It’s your wedding, and they are trying to make it about her.”


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