This Woman Declines Her Terminally Ill Sister-In-Law’s Visit Due To Past Bullying – Should She Forgive and Forget?

A woman is considering excluding her terminally ill sister-in-law from her 9-year-old daughter’s birthday party. Although it may seem severe, there is a complicated history within this family. Here’s what she had to say:

She’s Got a Blended Family

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“My husband and I have been married for 11 years. I have two daughters, and he has a son, 19, from a previous relationship. We added two more to the blended family,” shared the woman. “My sister-in-law told my husband he shouldn’t be supporting my daughters, and he should leave me.”

The Woman Doesn’t Speak to Her Sister-In-Law

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As you can imagine, that caused a lot of tension. Eventually, the woman and her husband cut all contact with the sister-in-law.

But the three were forced to re-establish it after the husband’s mother was rushed into hospital following a heart attack. 

It Was Not a Happy Reunion

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“My sister-in-law showed up at the hospital hours after my mother-in-law was out of surgery and started arguing with my husband. Calling him hateful and selfish, he left,” shared the woman.

Her Husband’s Mom Got Ill

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There was a similar incident a few weeks later. The husband’s mom had a stroke, and while he was visiting her at the hospital, the sister-in-law showed up again.

Things didn’t go any smoother this time.

They Cut All Ties with The Sister-In-Law

Ability To Walk Away
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“Sister-in-law came to the hospital,” said the woman, “Husband got up to leave, and sister-in-law started in on him.”

The husband stormed out, promising to cut all contact with his sister.

And he did. Until he received a phone around a month later.

The Sister-In-Law Was Ill

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It was the sister-in-law. She told her brother she was sick. In fact, she was really sick. The doctors said her heart and kidney were failing. They gave her less than a year.

The husband was devastated. He decided to do the right thing and make amends with his dying sister.

But that Created Some Big Problems Between Him and His Wife

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The sister-in-law found out about her niece’s upcoming 9th birthday and wants to come. The husband asked his wife if this was OK.

She Didn’t Want the Sister-In-Law to Come

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She said no. He reminded her that his sister was terminally ill; she might not see another one of her niece’s birthdays.

“I reminded him of all the mean things she’s done throughout our marriage and how she has continued even after we cut ties,” said the woman. “I told him he could take a weekend trip to see his sister and take our two kids.”

The Husband Is Begging for Peace

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But he’s not happy with that. Instead, he thinks his wife should be the bigger person and let his sister come to the party.

So far, she hasn’t budged. Her position is clear: the sister is not welcome.

She Doesn’t Want to Deal with Her Any More

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“I do not want the drama, as every time we’re around her, she is so negative and cruel,” said the woman. “Plus, she has never apologized for her behavior.”

But Is She Wrong?

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But she’s clearly starting to have doubts, so she asked the internet if she was being too harsh on the sister-in-law.

People Responded

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“Why do you even believe she’s dying?” asked one person. “She sounds like the kind of sketchy snake who would say that to slither back into your lives.”

“Keep her away,” advised another. “You have to protect your daughters. Not only just physically, but also emotionally.” 


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