24 Trends That Were Ruined When Everyone Hopped On

Sometimes a hobby or place is only good because not many other people know about it. A recent online survey asked women, “What was ruined because too many people started doing it?” Here are the top 24 answers.

Natural swimming holes

Natural Swimming Holes
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“In my area, it’s always been a ‘locals know’ thing until Reddit and Facebook. These beautiful natural spots suddenly were overrun by people, trash everywhere. The town started forcing people to buy passes, and then someone died being unsafe (really tragic, but it was completely avoidable). Now our favorite swimming places have barbed wire fences, security guards, etc.”


Thrift Shopping
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“Seriously, I couldn’t find any type of Pyrex for less than $25 anywhere near me. I went on vacation to the coast and got two for $12. I thrift because I’m broke, and I like old stuff. The people who do it to resell at a higher value have ruined it!”

“Yes. All the thrift stores where I live now sell clothes for the same price that I can get them at the shops because so many people were buying good quality clothes for $2-$5 and selling them for a ton more on Facebook.”


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“It’s mostly due to the toxic social media rat race where you are considered ‘boring’ or ‘uncultured’ if you haven’t taken photos of yourself at various places around the world or on top of a mountain.”

“What’s ironic is that those same social media rat race people always act holier than thou for daring to travel the world as if they are more at one with nature and open-minded than everyone else. They don’t care about their actual impact. They just want to look enlightened.”


You Should Check Out This Podcast
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“On one hand, it’s pretty cool that almost anyone can try their hand at a podcast and let popularity sort it out. But most of them are unlistenable. 95% of podcasts I’ve tried, I can’t even get through one episode.”

“Honestly, celebrity podcasts are the ones that suck the most. A lot of tv show podcasts hosted by the show’s cast suck. It’s just them rambling about whatever they want when they should be covering the episode that the podcast episode is named after.”

Superhero content

The Ex-Cop_FBI Agent That Comes Out of Retirement Because the Entire Government Can_t Catch a Criminal
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“I’m getting tired of more obscure characters being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Comic fans have nothing except Captain Carrot, and that’s a DC character.”

“I’m annoyed that I can’t go to the movies and enjoy a superhero movie without knowing the 500 previous movie’s back story.”

Social media

Social Media Jirapong Manustrong _ Shutterstock.com
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“Facebook, in its heyday, was strictly for students to connect and keep in touch. Now that our parents and grandparents are on it, it’s trash.”

“Agreed. And then I find myself as a 33-year-old encroaching on younger generation platforms like TikTok. I just stay anonymous, silent, and scroll – I’m not trying to be the old millennial ruining spaces.”

Pet breeding

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Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

“Thanks to all the backyard breeders and puppy mills, and all the people who buy dogs from them, we have an overpopulation crisis that leads to millions of dogs being euthanized in animal shelters every year.”

“And cat breeding! It’s super new compared to dog breeding. You can’t believe the number of people who want a specific cat breed (which doesn’t really have too much of an impact on temperament, really just looks) and yet ignore the thousands of cats in the shelter who are just as good if not better…”


Airbnb – Greedy Owners AlesiaKan _ Shutterstock.com
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“Yesss! It costs an arm and a leg now, with ‘cleaning’ fees, etc. Some of these Airbnb hosts have their heads in the sand. I’ve heard way too many horror stories of nightmare hosts. Makes me not even want to try it again.”

“And they have added immensely to the housing crisis. Almost all of those Airbnbs remove housing stock.”

Going for brunch

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“Going to brunch – it’s too hard to get a table now.”

“Any place that serves alcohol and brunch in my area is absolutely slammed by 10 a.m. For normal people who can actually sleep in on Saturdays, that would be annoying.”


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“A lot of people got into the hobby for the wrong reasons (showing off) and don’t care if their rare ‘wishlist’ plant was poached or not. They just want what nobody else has, and as soon as that plant is somewhat accessible, they lose interest and move on to the next thing, like locusts.”

“And don’t even get me started on the ‘cuttings’ crowd. All too often, I see people break off bits and pieces of plants in shops and outside so that they can multiply them at home.”

Garage sales

Garage Sales
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“Garage sales used to be awesome. It was a great way to get rid of your old things without being totally wasteful. Now everyone wants to treat it like an overpriced thrift store.”

“Some people seem to have it ingrained into their minds that you MUST haggle at garage sales. It’s incredibly irritating.”

Giving your children unique names

Giving Kids ‘Unique’ Names
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“Some are genuinely nice names, just not currently popular, but others just make me feel bad for the poor kid who has to introduce themself for the next few decades.”

“Yeah, that really only works if you’re a celebrity’s kid. Then it’s advantageous to have an ‘interesting’ name as you’ll automatically have brand recognition.”

Crochet small businesses

Crochet Small Businesses
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“Maybe this is petty, but it annoys me to see the same girls that bullied me for having a granny hobby suddenly selling lopsided tote bags.”

“Ugh, I hear that. I try to make original stuff with my own patterns, but it’s so saturated. Saw an old bully of mine from high school at a craft fair, too, and it enraged me.”


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“Too many people go to college when they’re really not college material, take out loans they can’t pay back, and complain about debt. Then we have people with useless degrees demanding high pay at low-skilled jobs and so on.”

“Not to mention all of the scammy, barely accredited colleges that have popped up that accept anyone who can get loans.”

Hiking trails

Building Hiking Trails
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“So tramped down, wide, and rooty. It doesn’t help that there are so many fallen trees, and the province doesn’t take better care of this provincial park.”

“Sometimes the trails here are so busy on hot days you have nowhere to park to even enjoy them. It’s insane. I have resorted to hiking some places only on weekdays because I know there will be fewer people.”


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“Annoying how JUUL, by targeting kids and teens, has ruined it for the rest of us.”

“My dad owns two vape shops and complains about the same thing. He works with the state and tobacco companies to help people quit smoking in a healthier way and built his whole business and brand around that. JUUL and companies like that have ruined the reputation of a credible practice that puts food on our table and helped my mom and dad and hundreds of others quit smoking.”

Going to amusement parks

Going To Amusement Parks – Those Lines Are Insane…
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“The lines are too long these days.”

“Sorry to sound snobby. But I pay for VIP tickets. Because I HATE waiting in line.”

Climbing Mount Everest

Climbing Mt. Everest
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“Everest is the mountain you climb to brag to your friends at home.”

“But it literally is being ruined by people because they leave behind tons and tons of trash that nobody is really taking out.”

Buying a house in 2022

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“I remember reading articles in the spring of 2020 that predicted Canada’s housing bubble would pop in the pandemic. Oh boy, were they wrong…”

“My husband and I bought our house in November of 2020. The house across the street was a foreclosure and bought at the same time. It was then listed six months later and sold for 60K more than we bought our house for. The houses are almost identical. It’s insane.”


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“So many Tiktokers and influencers getting into the music industry and making mediocre music.”

“Music piracy and music streaming via youtube did this LONG before any of that.”

Investing in real estate

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“Houses/investing in property is the poor man’s only shot at making money through the world of investing. People are able to make a chunk but at the cost of the entire housing market/housing security. It sucks. Out of control consumption at its finest.”

Shopping at ALDI

Shopping At Aldi – Ransacked! photocritical _ Shutterstock.com
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“YES! I love ALDI, but lately, everyone in the universe comes and ransacks the shelves, so there’s nothing good left.”

Starting a small business

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“I wish there wasn’t such a push to make every hobby profitable. Nothing makes me hate a hobby quicker than trying to sell something I made. Not everything is a ‘side hustle’ or ‘investment.’ Let it just be fun! Give what you make as gifts!”

“I agree that there are too many small businesses. It might be a result of our individualistic society. I think it’s great if you can contribute with a skill that you have, but I just don’t think there’s that much demand for tumblers., for example.”

Visiting Machu Picchu

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“It’s an old Incan city in Peru that has seen a lot of damage due to careless tourists behaving like they’re starring in an Indiana Jones movie. I’ve wanted to visit since I learned about it in grade three. Now that I can actually afford to go, I won’t because I don’t want to be part of the problem.”

“They have actually had to close it a few times.”


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