22 Unspoken Rules We All Know But Keep Ignoring

We all think that everyone knows how to act in public and in social situations, but sometimes, that’s just not the case. Someone recently asked, “What are some unspoken rules that everyone should know?” Here are the 22 best responses.

Don’t Block The Elevator Doors

Don_t Block The Elevator Doors
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“If you’re getting in, don’t stand right in front of the doors. It’s so thoughtless and rude, especially in hospitals!”

“I’m always surprised how many people don’t know this. But my mom worked in a hospital, so she taught me as soon as I could learn. People need to come out!”

“Better yet, let people out of the elevator before proceeding to hop in.”

Don’t Have A Conversation In A Hallway

Don_t Have A Conversation In A Hallway
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“It’s mind-blowing how some people are so unaware.”

“This is true, and also goes for any narrow passageway like supermarket aisles.”

Don’t Point Out Someone’s Flaws

Don_t Point Out Someone_s Flaws
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“Don’t point out if someone has acne. Believe me, they know already.”

“This extends to basically everything that has to do with someone’s body. People live in their own bodies. They are much more familiar with what it looks like than you. Anything you notice, they see constantly. Acne, fat, scars, birthmarks, asymmetry, deformities, balding, gray hair, etc. Trust me, they know.”

Don’t Talk Constantly

Don_t Talk Constantly
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“If you have been talking for two minutes straight, then you need to stop to give others a chance. If they continue on with your topic, then feel free to rejoin once they have finished. If they change the topic, then take the hint and let the conversation move on.”

“My father will literally talk on the phone for 45 minutes straight if you don’t interrupt. I put down my phone for 5-10 minutes and left the room before; he didn’t notice.”

When The Host Stands Up For You To Leave, Leave

When The Host Stands Up For You To Leave, Leave
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“If you’re at a party and the host slaps their knees and stands up… it’s time to go home.”

“Add standing around for 20 minutes while ever so slightly moving towards the door, and you’ve got a Midwestern goodbye.”

Don’t Show Up Empty Handed

Don_t Show Up Empty Handed
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“At least twice in the past five years, I’ve had people show up empty-handed, drink three bottles of my wine, and leave. Savages.”

“As a guest, I ask if there’s anything I can bring. I’ll often take beer I plan to drink.”

Respect The Rules Of The Country You’re In

Respect The Rules Of The Country You_re In
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“When traveling, don’t expect the country to cater to you. Expect the culture and people to be different from what you’re used to. You’re a guest in that country; act as such.”

“Try to pick up a bit of the local language, too.”

Don’t Have Your Phone Out On A Date

Don_t Have Your Phone Out On A Date
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“That’s what they really mean when they tell you to keep it in your pants.”

“I agree, although there’s a valid exception to that rule: the ‘He doesn’t appear to be an ax murderer’ text to your best friend on a blind date.”

Don’t Vandalise Loaned Books

Don_t Vandalise Loaned Books
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“That means no dog-earing the pages, no highlighting/underlining/circling phrases, and no writing notes in the margins. If you want to do that, get your own copy.”

“Don’t lick your fingers to turn my pages.”

Stand To The Side On Moving Walkways

Stand To The Side On Moving Walkways - emre topdemir _ Shutterstock.com
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“If you’re not going to walk, stand to the right. Other people may be in a rush.”

“And at airports, don’t build a beaver dam of luggage across the whole thing.”

If They Can’t Fix It In 10 Seconds, Don’t Mention It

If They Can_t Fix It In 10 Seconds, Don_t Mention It
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“If an irregularity with their appearance isn’t a quick fix (something stuck in their teeth, a flyaway hair, underwear showing, shoelaces untied), then you don’t bring it up.”

“If it’s something they can’t change fast (their weight, a disfigurement, a speech impediment, acne, ugly clothes), you don’t bring it up.”

Always Join In A Child’s Make Believe, If You Can

Always Join In A Child_s Make Believe, If You Can
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“If a young child says you have a call and hands you a banana, you answer it.”

“On top of that, I have a full one-sided conversation on the banana, then eventually make it sound like the person on the other end is asking for the kid so I can say, “Yeah, they are right here” and hand it back to them, telling them it’s for them.”

Don’t Use The Urinal Next To Another Man

Don_t Use The Urinal Next To Another Man
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“You must not cross the streams! Or offer a handshake!”

“I got to watch guy code in action this weekend. At a truck stop, four other strangers went in at the same time. No one else was in there. Everyone skipped a urinal, and the last guy took the stall. Brilliant work.”

Don’t Smoke In Confined Spaces

Don_t Smoke In Confined Spaces
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“Obviously, not in an elevator. Be aware of the space you are in if you smoke.”

“I’m curious about where you live that permits smoking in an elevator. Smoking anywhere in a public building has been outlawed for decades in my country.”

Cover Your Mouth When Coughing

Cover Your Mouth When Coughing
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“And if you’re going to be shaking hands, cough or sneeze into the crook of your arm.”

“Do it into your elbow anyway. You’ll probably be touching common items with your hand at some point. I think that’s actually a written rule now.”

Don’t Distract Assistance Dogs

Don_t Distract Assistance Dogs
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“If you see someone using a service animal, do not inquire about that person’s disability, and don’t try to get the dog’s attention. Assistance dogs are medical tools, and distractions can cause harm to the people that rely on them.”

“Yes. And if a service animal ever comes up to you alone, follow it. Its owner might need help.”

Don’t Wear Too Much Scent

Don_t Wear Too Much Scent
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“Remember that hat people who don’t want to smell shouldn’t HAVE to smell your cologne or perfume, but they may be forced to if you create a cloud wherever you go.”

“So much this! I have migraines triggered by strong smells like perfumes. These people are literally poisoning the environment that a lot of people are sensitive to.”

Don’t Bother Someone Wearing Earphones

Bother Someone Wearing Earphones
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“There are days I’m all for engaging with people. But if I’m wearing visible earbuds and just rocking out, leave me alone. It’s not one of those days.”

“Most of the time, they ask something like, “When’s the bus coming?” If I don’t know, they act like I’m rude for not having the information they didn’t have.”

Always Pay For The Gas You Use

Always Pay For The Gas You Use
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“If someone’s let you borrow their car, you fill the tank up; don’t bring it back empty.”

“I don’t want to hear, “I filled your tank back up with hopes & dreams. Have a blessed day.” I need gas.”

Don’t Use Speakerphone In Public

Don_t Use Speakerphone In Public
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“Or if you do, make it loud enough so that I can hear the rest of the conversation. If you’re going to entertain me against my will, really entertain me.”

“Actually, anywhere near people. This lady would sit under my apartment window and have a loud speakerphone conversation every single day at a random hour. Multiple times a day. Sometimes I’d wake up to it. Sometimes I’d be trying to take a nap.”

If A Strange Woman Pretends To Know You, Play Along

If A Strange Woman Pretends To Know You, Play Along
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“If she quietly asks you to act as if you know her, guess what? You just ran into your best friend and just had to catch up with her!”

“The only semi-wholesome comment in this thread. Take my upvote!”

Always Share Spare Sanitary Products

Always Share Spare Sanitary Products
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“Unwritten Rule #1 of Girl Code: if a sister in need asks if you have a pad/tampon and you have any, you give it to her, no questions asked. Even if they are a total stranger.”

“I always carry extra pads. Even if I’m not on my period. I was dubbed the mom friend in college because I always carried a little bag with extras.”


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