“US Patriots Know the Election Was Rigged”: Amazon’s Alexa Says the 2020 Presidential Election Was ‘stolen by A Massive Amount of Election Fraud’

Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, has recently made controversial claims about the 2020 U.S. presidential election, stating that it was in fact rigged.

Alexa’s response

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According to the Washington Post, when probed about the 2020 U.S. presidential election, Alexa responded it was “stolen by a massive amount of election fraud,” referencing the conservative-favored platform Rumble.

Trump Emerged Victorious

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Further elaborating, Alexa noted that the 2020 contests were “notorious for many incidents of irregularities and indications pointing to electoral fraud,” citing Substack, another platform. Alexa even asserted that Trump emerged victorious in Pennsylvania, based on “an Alexa Answers contributor.”

Concerns about misinformation

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Despite thorough investigations discrediting any large-scale election fraud in 2020, such statements by Alexa have raised concerns. Even as Amazon presents Alexa as a trusted election news tool to its vast user base, these controversial declarations have cast a shadow. Amazon’s stance on why Alexa relied on such unverified sources remains unclear.

Amazon speaks out

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Addressing the situation, Amazon spokesperson Lauren Raemhild stated, “These responses were errors that were delivered a small number of times, and quickly fixed when brought to our attention.”

Credible Sources

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Emphasizing their commitment to accurate information, Raemhild mentioned that Alexa collaborates with “credible sources” like Reuters during election periods. Notably, after the issue was highlighted by The Washington Post, Alexa’s responses were altered.

This is ‘alarming’

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Reflecting on this, Jacob Glick from the Jan. 6 committee referred to Alexa’s claims as “alarming.” Highlighting the gravity of the situation, he commented, “If major corporations are helping to give life to the ‘big lie’ years after the fact… They should be doing everything they can to stop the ‘big lie’ in its tracks, lest we see history repeat itself.”

A large number of Americans Agree

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One Trump supporter noted, “I don’t need Alexa to tell me the election was rigged, I saw Biden stay hidden in his basement all Fall, plus there was no way 81 million people voted for this guy.”

It was illegal

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Another person agreed, stating, “America stood by and watched as Democrats illegally changed election rules, blocked observers, and discovered boxes of votes in overnight counting. Trump got more votes than any previous candidate…somehow Biden got more.”

Fraud is the only explanation

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Some people said it was obvious that the election had been rigged: “Anyone who stayed up till 4 AM (CST) the morning after the election knows there was massive fraud.  You cannot explain away the sudden and simultaneous cessation of vote tallying across four states.  Fraud is the only plausible explanation.”

Democrats lie

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“And we all knew it. But the Dems have to continue with the lie. That way the can keep Trump tied up in court off the campaign trail. The Dems are lowest class people in the world.”

Some disagreed

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One commenter asked to see evidence of Alexa’s claims, writing “Will someone please produce evidence, the election was rigged. Please just one piece of paper, This sounds like a […] sore loser. I bet he wants to make that statement about the voting machines.”

People doubted the facts

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Another person agreed with the aforementioned comment, stating, “Alexa is like a lot of Trump Republicans – spouts nonsense. At least Alexa changes its assertion after being given facts – most Trumpers don’t.”

Questions about the results

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“My biggest question about the election was the strange way all the TV up-dating results suddenly went off the air, and Trump had a big lead. That’s unusual. When they finally came back up hours later, things were suddenly diifferent.”

It’s a cover-up

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A reader noted that it was funny how far the Democrats would go to cover up the truth: “First, they adjust the information so Alexa says there is no fraud. Then they follow the dems route of inputting info about court cases and “confirmed details.” Manipulate info to get the answer you want, how un-American.”

Concerns about the upcoming election

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Another person was worried about the 2024 race, saying, “Well, the election was clearly stolen. Now we have another one coming up and I hope voters have taken note of how badly our country has declined under Biden and democratic leadership. So come November, let’s put this nightmare to rest, have a fair election, and vote Trump 2024.”

It doesn’t make sense

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Someone else noted how odd it was that Joe Biden received more votes than Obama: “Joe Biden, the man America rejected twice when he ran for a Presidential Candidate, received more votes than the first black President. Either the 2020 Election was stolen by a massive amount of election fraud or Americans are more ons.”

No one will admit it

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Another person simply stated, “So now even Alexa knows the truth.  The left and the activists in the media posing as journalists still refuse to admit it.  THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS.”

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