21 Well Paid Jobs People ACTUALLY Love

Most people have to work for a living, but only some people actually enjoy it. Someone recently asked, “People that don’t hate your jobs and make a decent wage, what do you do?” Here are the top 21 answers.

National Park Ranger

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“I currently work for the federal government, and it’s an ongoing joke between me and my supervisor that she knows I’d leave in an instant for a job with the National Park Service.”

“Once you get a permanent position and start working up both the step levels and the pay grade, you do ok and have pretty good federal employee benefits. Nobody’s getting rich, but it’s decent.”

Working in a pathology lab

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“I work in the pathology lab at a hospital. I process blood and biopsy samples onto microscope slides for the pathologists to read. I love it! I feel like I’m helping people, even though I never meet them, and they have no idea who I am.”

“I did something similar, I did phlebotomy and specimen processing. One job I had included cleaning and restocking a pathology room where they prepped biopsy specimens. I liked having a job that was important to people. I felt like I was contributing to helping people get the care they needed.”

Pet store assistant

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“I work at a pet store (only supplies, no animal sales) and make $18 CAD/hr. That might not sound ‘decent’, but it’s better than minimum wage with no meaningful increase in responsibility (aka stress) compared to any other retail worker.”

“ I used to work at Petvalu when it was in the US, and even though it wasn’t my primary job, I looked forward to going in because I loved my coworkers and (most) of my customers.”

Working as a statistician

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“I’m a statistician and work with a government agency. I particularly really enjoy not having to interact with too many people.”

“I am a statistician as well, and I work at a local hospital. I love the work, and the pay is fine. I’ ‘m the only statistician in the hospital, so no one really gets what I do, and they’re all really thankful when I help them with research. It’s been very rewarding.”

IT person for a family-owned business

Computer Programmer
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“I am the only IT guy for a family-owned business. They know nothing about computers so as long as everything is running smoothly, they leave me alone. I only put in about 45 minutes of actual work every week.”

“I got into a position like this fairly recently, and the toughest part was coming to terms with not working hard every second after years of working hard every second.”

Working as an Electrician

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“It’s hard work most days, but satisfying seeing it all lit up and functioning properly. Knowing my work will still be in service many years from now feels good, and seeing customers marvel at their new light fixtures looking great is a good feeling.”

Being an accountant for a bank

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“I’m an accountant for a bank. Good salary, great benefits, tons of paid time off, and all holidays off. It’s not particularly exciting, rewarding, or fulfilling, but it gives me the security and freedom to make my life as exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling as possible.”

“I’m an accountant for a private company. Great pay, lots of paid time off, tons of holidays, great benefits, and more company perks than I can list. My plan is to retire from this place many years from now.”

Payroll manager for a non-profit

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“I’m a payroll manager for a non-profit. Work is really easy, and I work from home. I’ve done the operations accounting/financial reporting side of the profession, but in my sunset years (I’m low 60s), the slow pace really suits me. If this ends up not working out, I can always go back to consulting… Ugh!”

Working in a log yard

Working in a Log Yard
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“I work in a log yard in South Oregon. Log trucks come in and are unloaded. The load is rolled out on the ground, and I scale the logs. I measure the lengths and diameters, calculate the gross volume in board feet, and make deductions based on defects such as frost seams, insect damage, burn scars, lightning strikes, etc. I work outside, so it can be rough in the winter/summer, but it keeps me moving, and it’s an interesting gig. I’ve been doing it for about six years now.”

Paralegal at an attorney’s office

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“I’m a paralegal at an attorney’s office. I essentially do all the writing and research for cases and assemble the files and information an attorney needs for trial… I decided that throwing down six figures on law school and not even having a job guaranteed at the end is too big of a risk, and instead got a paralegal certificate for a fraction of that price and have been doing paralegal work for ten years now. It’s not crazy money by any means, but $40k+ a year supports me and my family, and that’s fine by us.”

Massage therapist

Massage Therapist
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“I’m a massage therapist. I get $70/hr and work 2.5 days a week, bringing home $950 a month. I am in an incredibly supportive environment, clients are great, and I love my coworkers.”

“I was a massage therapist for ten years and miss it so much! It was the least stressful job, and I got away with only working four 5-hour shifts a week. The physical part of it eventually ended my ability to keep massaging, and now I have a stressful office job on management.”

Work as a colorist

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“I’m a colorist. It’s like Photoshop for movies. I love it. But I feel very lucky to have this job and to be successful in the industry.”

“I’m also a colorist. Peaceful job, but I always wanted to change careers when I turned 40 and become a teacher, and all my friends were warning me the last thing I wanted to do was become a teacher. I’m not sure how to feel about that because I’m getting that itch to switch careers. But I do love admiring my work, I will miss that.”

DevOps software engineering

DevOps Engineer
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“Same. I’ve been in DevOps for the past eight years and mostly enjoy it. Finding a fully remote position has been awesome. I came from a background in infrastructure and systems. Paid well and lots of opportunities.”

“I’m a DevOps engineer in a firm that has nonexistent DevOps practices. I like my job regardless.”

Working as a carpenter

Photo Credit: tong patong/Shutterstock.
Photo Credit: tong patong/Shutterstock.

“I’m a carpenter who started in 2004, and I love every aspect of my career.”

“Taking a carpentry class in high school right now and never thought I’d have such a passion for it! I’d be very lucky to get a job relating to it.”

State worker

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“I am a NY state worker. My job mostly consists of paperwork and database work helping to prevent people who have harmed children in the past from getting employment now in environments that involve children. Also decent pay with tons of benefits and a strong union.”

“I also do paperwork and database work for a state government, just in a very different field (environment). It’s probably one of the more boring jobs out there, but it pays the bills and then some, there’s benefits, and it’s never ever overtime and very rarely stressful.”

Being a hospice nurse

Hospice Nurse
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“I’m a hospice nurse. My whole job is just to try to make people comfortable and relieve their pain.”

“I’ve worked for a hospice in my state for 25 years now. I love it. I was a social worker in the beginning and am now a senior leader. Awesome job and super people.”

Working as a lighting designer

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“Not for everybody, but I am a lighting designer. Days are long, but there’s something amazing about finishing out a day by making a musician’s show look as incredible as they sound.”

“My son works in the same industry and keeps me very entertained with stories about the tours/gigs he goes out on. I didn’t use to give much thought to everything that goes behind putting on a concert/show, and find all of it totally fascinating…”

Advertising work

Graphic Designer
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“I’m an Art Director (graphic design, advertising, etc.) My goals are clear, a project manager manages my tasks, I have a generally healthy work-life balance, and I work from home. I live in the NYC area, make  a low six figures, and live comfortably.”

“I work as a photo retoucher for a cosmetics company. There are total crunch periods, but it’s mostly chill and straightforward work, and I like being in a creative industry. I don’t cross over into six figures, but I got lucky enough to land a work-from-home job. I live six hours outside of NYC so my pay goes really far where I am. The advertising industry is a decent way for creatives to still get paid well.”

Cybersecurity professional

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“I keep secrets safe, and those who don’t have my education/certifications think I’m a wizard. It’s a pretty chill job until a security incident happens, but if you do your job right, you can mitigate those incidents and just attend meetings every once and a while. Pay is pretty darn good too.”

“I love it. Most of the time, it’s just answering questions, but for four months out of the year (audit season), it’s the worst job I’ve ever had.”


Retail pharmacist
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“Retail pharmacy sucked, but once I got out of that and into hospital pharmacy, it’s pretty chill. I work the second shift, so I’m the only pharmacist on when I’m here. Running my own show, plus being paid pretty darn well, isn’t a bad gig. Having been at the same hospital a while (8 yrs) and being competent makes the job pretty easy.”


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