What Really Turns Men Off: 17 Traits Men Think Make Women Less Attractive

Dating and relationships can be tricky, and knowing what to avoid is helpful in avoiding putting potential partners off. Let’s explore 18 less-than-desirable behaviors, habits, and traits that many men don’t find appealing in women.

Excessive Gossiping

Talk Bad About Her Friends
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While gossip might seem harmless on the surface, indulging in excessive or malicious talk can make a woman appear shallow, mean, and nosy.

It’s not just about the gossip itself, gossiping reflects traits like a readiness for drama and a lack of consideration for others’ feelings. Genuine and polite interest in people is far more attractive.

Making Comparisons

Pack Mentality
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Comparing your current partner to past relationships is never a good idea. It can make a man feel inadequate and resentful, particularly if he’s being unfavorably compared to someone seemingly perfect.

Emphasize direct communication about your needs and appreciate your partner’s unique qualities.

Poor Personal Hygiene

Bad Hygiene
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Personal hygiene is a basic expectation for both men and women in a relationship. While nobody expects perfection, simple things like regular showers, brushing teeth, and taking pride in appearance show self-respect and consideration for the other person.

Social Media Obsession

Online Flirting – It’s Become Boring
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Being excessively absorbed in social media can be a turn-off, especially when it intrudes on quality time together.

Constantly checking the phone, taking selfies, or updating statuses during intimate moments can make a man feel overlooked and unimportant. Giving undivided attention to your partner is vital.

Overly Critical Attitude

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Being overly critical about minor details is never pleasant, but it becomes even more challenging in a romantic relationship, especially when living together.

Men often feel like they can’t meet the woman’s expectations, making them question if it’s worth trying at all. Instead, opt for positive reinforcement and constructive criticism to foster a more positive connection.


Don’t Depend On Others For Your Happiness
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Men generally prefer a partner who is independent and self-confident rather than clingy. While relationships involve mutual support, one partner shouldn’t become a constant burden to the other.

Having individual interests and hobbies fosters a healthy and balanced connection.


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A little jealousy is natural, but irrational possessiveness erodes trust and makes a man feel suffocated. Men value their autonomy and don’t want their partner controlling their every move or interactions with the opposite sex. Confidence and trust are far more attractive.

Playing Hard To Get

One-Sided Conversations
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While some hesitation can be genuine, consistently playing hard to get can confuse and frustrate a man. Building a genuine connection becomes difficult, and he may lose interest.

Authenticity is key, and you won’t need to play games if it’s the right match.


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Consistently focusing only on oneself comes across as self-centered and lacking empathy. Showing genuine interest in your partner’s life and opinions strengthens the bond and fosters a more attractive relationship based on mutual respect.

Overly Provocative Clothing

They Dress For Their Men
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Dressing well and accentuating your best features is appreciated, but overly provocative clothing can be inappropriate in certain settings. It may send the wrong message about seeking attention or lacking social awareness.

Being Too Demanding

Refuses to Address Relationship Issues
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While it’s essential to communicate needs clearly, being constantly demanding can strain the relationship. Balance and understanding are crucial to keeping each other happy.

Excessive Flirting

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Flirting with others, even innocently, can be disrespectful to your partner and harm the relationship. Maintaining exclusivity and respect strengthens the bond.


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Showing genuine interest in your partner’s life is vital in any relationship. To foster deeper connections, avoid walking away or getting distracted when your partner is speaking.

Bad Language

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Excessive use of foul language can be a major turn-off. It’s about showing respect and consideration, especially in certain situations or around certain people.


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Appreciation goes a long way in any relationship. Being ungrateful makes a woman less appealing and leaves her partner feeling undervalued.

Drinking Heavily

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While a drink or two can be enjoyable, excessive drinking raises concerns about alcohol dependency and safety, which can be a turn-off for potential long-term partners.

Doing Everything Together

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Allowing each other personal space and time to pursue individual interests is essential. Being too present in every aspect of your partner’s life can lead to feelings of suffocation.


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While everyone experiences tough times, constant negativity can be unattractive and damaging to a relationship. A pessimistic outlook can drain joy and energy from your life together.


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